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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

hi girls, well i'm a teacher and today my students are being really feral. Does anyone work full time in a high stress environment? I'm worried how it may effect the pregnancy in the long run.
hi lozwatts. School teacher. Uh dear. I remember what delightful tricks and grief I gave all my school teachers - and feral aint' the name for it! LOL

I'm in a high stress job too but I refuse to work full-time because of that exact reason. (Can't handle preg hormone's, one 19 month DD, DH, house cleaning and the incompetent staff I have working underneath me that the big boss hires!)

I worked right up till the day I was admitted to hospital to have DD. (worked wed till 6pm (36 weeks gestation)- admitted to hosp 8pm - complications with preg - gave birth one week later)

Although I had complications with pregnancy and bub born at 37 weeks I'm dead sure it wasn't the stress and me working that caused all the problems. I did read in a pregnancy mag that high stress mum's equalls quiet reserved bub's - like the saying goes though if you believe all you read then you'll eat all you see!

Remember to make time for yourself,
Good luck with the feral's

M xxx
hey Casley931, thanks for the reply, i never take work home with me if i can help it. I leave everything at the car door as i get in to go home. I had my wedding anniversary yesterday and i got a facial at a day spa from DH so i'm saving it for the school holidays in three weeks. whoo hoo smile

At least i get two weeks off to relax, but being so early its good because i will still only be aroun 32 weeks when the school year comes to an end. yay I'm really excited about that because with DS#1 i was at work and uni right up untill 10days before he was born. This way i get some real quality time with DS before his little bro or sis comes along.

Is anyone going to find out the sex? I did with DS and i'm going to find out again this time i don't think i could help myself. I will be devastated if they say the babies legs are i or the way or something he he smile
Hi ladies,

Thought I would pop in and introduce myself. I'm Jayne, 27, DH and I have been TTC our first for 9 months (after a MC in August @ 11 weeks) and just got a BFP this morning! I am so happy and excited, but nervous too. Just going to stay positive grin

Not sure when we will tell our friends and family. I still cant believe it myself so def wont be telling anyone for at least a couple of weeks I think... Although it is so hard, I really wanna ring my sister and tell her.

I have worked out on the due date calculator the EDD is 8th Feb.
[Edited on 04/06/2009]

Thanks Leia I have been trying to stay positive and was doing pretty good until this morning when I got my first round of reults which said my HCG levels were only about 630 and I had the test done when I was exactly 5 weeks, but the doctor did sign off that they were normal. I had my second test today and should be getting the results this afternoon to see if they've risen appropriately. I was between 5-6 weeks when I miscarried so I am pretty anxious right now.

I was doing a little research on the net and came across some charts for what the HCG levels should roughly be and I do actually fall just within range, but the nurse who gave me the results this morning said I should be up in the 3000's at 5 weeks pregnant. I think she may have been thinking that I was 5 weeks pregnant as in 5 weeks from date of conception which would have been right for those levels, putting it in that context I would actaully be about 2-3 weeks pregnant which is what she said the levels indicated, if you know what I mean.

Don't mind me, I'm trying to reassure myself that everything will be fine. I can't wait for them to call with my second lot of results, the suspense is killing me.

Fingers crossed and lots of sticky thoughts! hehe gasp)
hey m2jia your levels are fine, mine were 365 and put me between 4-5 weeks as well, so don't stress k smile
Hi ladies,

I am finding it so hard not to worry. I am so worried that I might do something wrong/eat something bad. I am just trying be positive and tell myself that everthing is going to be fine and this one is gonna stick!

Lozwatts, what year do you teach? I hope they are nicer tomorrow smile

DH and I have already agreed that we will find out the sex. He is betting a girl and I am betting a boy (just cos I always thought our first would be a boy) - time will tell! What scan is it that you can find out the sex, how many weeks?

look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

hello ladies!

just found out today i am due on the 6th Feb too, one day before my b'day! wow so exciting but nerve racking, i am hoping everything goes well. baby #1. not sure what to expect.

i am extremely tired and feeling cold today and craving bacon & cheese too!!! pity i can't have soft poached eggs sad

will have to keep in touch over the next 8 months....


YAY I got my results back and the HCG has more then doubled up to 1400!!! Such a relief!! I'm really excited now and far more relaxed! I was worried about it being low because with the pregnancy that I lost before the levels were really low as well. Now the wait until the 17th for my first ultrasound!! I can't wait to see the little bubbas heartbeat, it's just a shame DP won't be there as I am intersate at the moment visiting family, it was exactly the same when I found out we were haivng DD!

We want to find out the sex of the baby too, we found out with DD and just couldn't wait till the end. We're hoping for another girl (although it's doesn't really matter as long as it's healthy) and have both been getting girl "vibes". We'll see what happens I guess.

Hope eveyone else is doing well. I'm sorry I can't remember who said they are worried they will eat or do something wrong, but try not to let it bother you too much and doesn't listen to other people when they say you shouldn't do this or eat that, listen to yourself and you doctor and just use common sense is the main thing I think. Everything will be ok! gasp)
hey m2ija yay i told you the levels were normal, thats really good news. I have my second blood test today (this arvo) but i have a feeling that my levels have jumped heaps this week as the last two days the preg symptoms like really sore boobs and a funny sick feeling in stomach, like stomach acid have started.

Today I have four lesson with my year 8's. I teach English and SOSE. My school does exams right through from year7-12 and the first lot for the year are next week so today we are doing practice exams then i'm gonna get themto discuss their answers and self mark in groups. So i don't have too much to do today.

Which is good because this morning my husband got fired, he got to work and they told him he could work the rest of the day but then thats it. He came home as i was getting ready for work. It makes me feel sick to think about it. Hopefully i will get home and he can tell me he found another job or at least has a trial or a job interview.
That's great news. My doctor didnt even order blood tests. I can't get in to my obstetrician til July 24th. I am having a scan on the 22nd June. We can all stay positive together.

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

That's no good about hubby. My dad was made redundant a few months back. It's hard.

I teach year 5, they are a shocking bunch. Today one brandished his compass at a couple of kids....nice.

Anyway, kick back and enjoy the long weekend.

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

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