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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Posted by: Paige''s Mum
Oh Jayne I am SOOO jealous of you, Broome is WONDERFUL!!! We went there in May and it was the most relaxing week ever, it was the first time DD went on a plane and she was fantastic the whole week, she even continued having day naps while we were there and slept through every night so I had a wonderful relaxing holiday. The holiday was so wonderful and relaxing that we even conceived this one there lol!!! (sorry if that was tmi!) Have you ever been there before? We hadn't but will definately be going back again as soon as we can. We just couldn't get over how warm the weather was compared to Perth, must admit after yet another miserable day in Perth I'd love to be up there now!

Yeah I wish I was there now smile It is too cold where I am today!

I have been to Broome heaps. Lived there for a year when I was 16 and grandmother used to live there when we were kids, so we used to go see her quite a bit. Last time I was there was Nov last year for our honeymoon which was the first time DH had been. We started looking at real esate while we were there, haha. I just love Broome, and would love for me and DH to move there one day. It's the beautiful beaches, laid back lifestyle and Summer all year round that attracts me.

I want to go to Exmouth for our next holiday, I have never been there before and think it would be beautiful.
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Hi ladies,

Well I am off for my 12 week scan this avo and very nervous but cant wait to get it over with. Also have to go for bloods which I have to do every for weeks when I am preg coz I have an under active thyroid feel like a pin cushion at times lol.

It was really strange last night I woke about 2am starving I managed to make myself stay in bed though coz I dont want to get in the habit of getting up and eating in the middle of the night as I didnt with the other 2 hehe smile

Well I must go and get DS#1 ready for school will check in later and let you all know how I got on smile

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Morning All smile

Paige's Mum, you were asking about prams & toddler seats - I didn't get a toddler seat when I had DS2, & DS1 was just over 2yrs. But this time round I am going to look at the buggy boards that attach behind the pram. Personally I didn't like the toddler seat attach that could go with my pram & I was unsure how sturdy it would be, plus the drama of removing it everytime I wanted to fold the pram up. I found DS1 was old enough to hold my hand & walk beside the pram so it wasn't something we needed, if he didn't want to walk I simply used a trolley.

Mummy2Jayden&Hunter, good luck with your scan this afternoon!

Jei, hope your feeling better soon, pregnancy hormones certainly do play havoc with us.

Clare, I hope the renovations are coming along & you don't have to put up with the jackhammer to much, nothing worse.

To those getting headaches, are you drinking enough water??? I found with both my boys the only times I got headaches was when I was over tired or hadn't drunk enough water.

Well must be off, million things to do today & must get on top of the housework before it gets on top of me!
Have a good day all!

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hi girls,
The hospital app went well, my fundal height is just below my belly button and is quite noticable. The midwife was nice too, there is a team of about thirteen of them and one ob in the unit. I felt really comfortable and have my next two appointments booked in. I didn't want it to be during the last two weeks of school as i'm too busy so my next one is in 6weeks and the one after that Is another 4 weeks after that and i will be 28weeks then.

She gave me a referral for booking my 18-20 week scan, so i'm gonna ring and get that done today. It will hopefully be in four weeks but i'll post it when i find out.

Hi ladies,

Well went for my scan and all was good, I think I am going to have a poser on my hands. At one point it had its legs spread and up in the air but couldn't see anything probably too soon anyway but one can dream lol. If you havnt worked it out already I would really like to have a girl this time smile

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Hi smile

mummy2jayden&hunter- glad your scan went well, its such a relief to see everything is good hey. Did you get some pics?

Well I thought the MS was gone, but was throwing up this morning as soon as I got up. The last yucky day I had was last Thurs, so that is a week in between which is not too bad at least.

I went to the BigW sale yesterday arvo. Just got some clothes and bits and pieces. It is exciting though cos its the first things I have bought for bub. Dont think I will buy anymore clothes til we know the sex though... It is actually quite hard to buy unisex cos there is not a lot to chose from.
I cant wait to know what we are having grin

Hi jaynie,

Yeah it was great I was all worried because I hadnt had any morning sickness but I guess every pregnancy is different.

I didnt get pictures this time they put it all on disk for me but with my other 2 I got them on xray films but I think a disk is so much better smile

Its sad your morning sickness has come back I am sure it will go soon, with DS#2 I had it up to about 25weeks and working in childcare you could imagine how hard it was for me to deal with lol. But oh well I am an at home mum now and wouldnt change a thing smile

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Yeah, you're lucky not to have had any MS! smile But I know what you mean, I would have been worried if I didnt get any.

I wish I had got mine on a disk! I swear the Dr doing the scan picked the weirdest looking pics to give me! There were heaps cuter ones he coulda given me (like the one of bub holding his/her hands together) but the two I got are pretty weird looking. Haha, one looks satanic, and the other like an alien!
I still cherish them anyway smile They are in my little album.

I cant wait to be an at home mum. To be honest being a mum is the only thing that I ever knew I truly wanted. Everyone keeps asking me when/if I am going back to work after I have bubs, but there is no way it will be any time soon! I dont want to miss out on anything. And they are not young for long, so that time is soooo precious and you never get it back.

I think my ms is just about gone, just sneaks up on me every now and then. Like, "HA, YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONE, WAHAHAHA!"

Hi All

well had my first midwife appointment today which was a bit disappointing to be honest! LOL it was just a bunch of questions and answers. In two weeks I go back to see an obstetrician who will assess me then if everything is ok I will be having monthly appointments to see the midwives.

She didnt check the babies heartbeat or anything only really my blood pressure. I asked her and she said they didnt usually do that before 14 weeks and that all that would be done at my next appointment. Boo! Oh well I guess its only two weeks away.

She also said that I have to go back to my GP to get a referral for my 20 week scan. Bit annoyed at all the running around as I thought the hospital would be able to do this part :S

Though just talked to my sister who had a baby last year, she said last time the hospital did it and this time they told her to get a referral from the GP. Pain in the bum!

Oh well at least the ball is rolling now I guess. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend.


HI all,
wont be many personals today i'm afraid. had my first scan yesterday and everything all good have length of 11.8cms and hb 162 so everthing where it should be and all well got to look at the baby in 4d which was really cool but weird!!!
jonrah - after my scan they put my dates to 7 feb to which is my grandmas birthday!!! will change ticker one day
thanks for the pelvic floor reminder am doing some now!!!
hope everyone is well and any more scan to come are good. showed dd dvd of scen and she was facinated she cant wait to cuddle the baby so for the time being cuddles my belly and gives my bellbutton lots of kisses cause she said that where the baby is.
am starting to have energy for a change and driving my dh nuts cause my nesting is crazy!!
must go chat soon

Hello everyone
How are the bellies doing? Hope you are all managing to get rest and those that aren't at home with kids already (not like we get much rest mind you) are resting up lots this week.

Just a wee reminder, because I reminded myself, that the second trimester is crucial for getting tons of calcium, something like 1000mg of calcium per day for those bones that are developing...otherwise they'll start leaching it out of your bones and you've all heard it before probably...osteoperosis. I don't think I had 1000mg with ds pregnancy, but I did have lots of choccie milk. I'm slowly trying to remember to increase mine since I've stopped taking pre natal vitamins and having about 400ml of milk a day so almost half of what I need in mg. I'm still not interested at all in cheese just the thought makes me feel gross! But cream cheese and sour cream I can do LOL.

Mummy2Jayden&Hunter - YAY on your scan that is great baby is doing so well. You are just the lucky one with no ms whatsoever. And you deserve it after having it with both boys! I had ms for a long time with ds, though the throwing up stopped it was the nausea. Made me wonder why I am doing it again.

Jayne - That's great you know you want to stay at home. Don't feel bad if through your pregnancy you change your mind more than once though. When I was pg with ds my mind changed all the time from wanting to leave work to deciding I'd be back within 8 weeks after him being born. I was torn between having a social life and being a mum full time at home but when ds was born I knew I'd leave. I can't say it's easy cause I really miss adult contact at the best of times...but I guess I wouldn't change a thing and won't work more until this baby is 3 - 4 years old. Make sure you find a good support network of friends with and without children that you can see regularly, and to find something like music, play groups etc that you can set yourself up to doing when your baby gets older so you have a routine and a means to get out of the house everyday. smile Sorry to hear MS sneaks up on you LOL but at least you are seeing the bright side ofit!

Clare - Sucks your appointment was as fun with no heartbeat check. They will ask you lots and lots of questions through your pregnancy, it gets a bit boring actually just doing pee checks and blood pressure every month.

Liz - woo fantastic on your scan baby is nice and long! smile How cool! Glad I reminded you on the pelvic floor muscles LOL I always forget too! Glad to hear your dd is loving this baby so much it's very cute!

I wish I had even one scan pic! Mine is a dvd, and the baby just slept the whole time. DS I have heaps of pics they printed tons especially at my 20 week scan I got al the pics on cd too the guy was awesome.

Have been off the hunger binge for 2 weeks now THANK YOU GOD! I have taken to eating a jar of nutella a week on toast. Such an addict. Acne though is FINALLY clearing up and finding more energy. Can't believe it's the last week of the 1st trimester for me, and many of us! See my mw on Wednesday morning which I'm looking forward to.

Hope everyone keeps well enjoy the weekend.

Hi girls,

Hi jen: ive just turnd 29 on tuesday i really dont feel that age tho lol much younger smile
Its really nerve racking goin 4 those early scans ah!!
I have been very sick with allday ms,extreme tiredness and just genrly feeling yuck,but im glad to say it reached its peak and im feeling quite well now,apart from the sinus infection ive had this week and bloody migrains,havent been on here cos i couldnt read had real blurry eyes but thats nearly all gone now.
Do u work in blenheim??
Who have u got for ur midwife??

Hope ur well and hear from you soon smile

Im glad to see some awesome scans have been going on smile

Tracey XOXO

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