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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Good morning ladies,
First to Lizzie i'm so sorry for your tragic loss, hopefully the gyno at the hospital can give you some answers as to what happend.

Welcome to the other teacher, sorry I didn't take notes and i'm currently in my staff room checking emails and whatnot. I am falling asleep by the end of the week and unfortunately friday is my only full 6on day sad

well I am feeling pretty good, happy to say that this preg i have the glow that previously i was denied lol. Hair is good, skin is good and i'm getting heaps of comments about how bright and happy I look yay smile

After a couple of days more people at work have been congratulatoing me, even got a few hugs so feeling much better than the beginning of the week.

Also Is anyone else feeling a lot of movement, or quickening as the midwifes like to put it this early. I am getting fluttering squichy movement two to five times a day mostly frist thing in the morning when i get up and i get to work. It really cool as i didn't feel anything at all with DS#1 till after 20 weeks.
My heart goes out to you. Praying for comfort and peace for you during this difficult time.


Hi everyone!!

Hoep you have had a good week and not to stressfull for you all.

Mine has been full on exausting lol, i have still got my cold, and the doctor said i cant have the anitboticics till at least friday, as he is precautious in giving me then as i have just past 14 weeks, so gotta deal with the horrible stuffy nose and sore throat till then.

Had the worse sleep ever to date! didint get to sleep till 4am which totally sucked, so i spent some of the morning trying to catch up on sleep.was awful.

Tongiht me and my partner have a pregnancy class info meeting to go to, i am so excited excpet ill be the one at the back at the class, sniffing away and trying to look like a normal person lol. The cold makes me look im so old and pale lol.
Dam my lil bro for giving me the cold before he went away on camp lol.

being doing heaps of cleaning, and tidying up which im starting to get some energy back, and actually want to keep going, except when i know i gotta slow down and take it easy at times lol, dont we all!!

Sorry Lizzie to hear you news during your difficult time!! Am thinking of you.

Hope everyone is well


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Hi ladies,
How is every one doing today?
I have had a nice day out with a friend today even though its been raining all day.

Woke with bad pains this morning but put it down to stretching pains because it had gone by lunch time.

The things we put our bodies through smile

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So sorry to hear of your loss Lizzie. I hope you recover phsycially and emotionally quickly from the d&c. xxx take care of yourself.

My mw appt was yesterday. Everything normal. Ds threw major tanty at end cause it was nearing his lunchtime. It's hard taking a toddler to an antenatal appointment! BP good and bubs heartbeat sounded nice, DS was a big shocked hearing this funny noise coming from my belly though lol.

Jenna hope you had a great night at the pregnancy class info. Get well soon.

Mummy2Jaydan&Hunter Glad the stretching pains have eased. I had some this morning too, they can be quite nasty. I agree, we definitely put ourselves through a lot to have a wee bub. But it's worth the end!

Sorry to keep this short, am so knackered and ds just fell asleep so am going to do the same! Hoping this afternoon we can go to the beach because the weather is just outstanding.

hey everyone, well I am craving chocolate milkshakes, first real craving. One pair of work pants officially no longer buttons up, so all these things starting to kick in are making it more and more real everyday.

Jei I took DS to my first antenatal app and he was pretty good untill the end and i ran out of fruit to keep him occupied with. Unfortunately I have to take him to the next one too, but the one after that is first thing in the morning and he will be at childcare.

So looking forward to my anatomy scan, can't wait - 20 day count down. (He he i'm obsessed_ smile
Firstly to Lizzie, so so sorry to hear of your terrible loss. What a total shock, sending you lots of positive thoughts for a speedy recovery, both physical and emotional.

Lozwatts I too am experiencing the quickening sensations already which has blown me away as I felt nothing with DD until approx 18 weeks and it was 20 weeks before I felt anything from the outside. Its so funny, as I was reading your post bub was giving me a little nudge letting me know they were there! I think perhaps we're feeling it this early on because its a second pregnancy and we now know what it feels like, or at least thats what I've been told anyway!! I just can't wait to actually feel a proper kick, that was such a blast feeling DD kick and it definately made it feel much more real for DH.

I think my energy levels are finally returning to normal now, vaccumed three rooms this morning without feeling like I needed a stiff drink and a lie down afterwards!! Plus I'm really looking forward to getting to the shops this arvo to get some plastic storage boxes to put all DD toy's away finally - am sick of the house looking like a toy shop that has had an explosion go off inside it!! God what an exciting life I'm leading, getting excited about storage boxe!!!

Hope everyone is well, speak soon.
Hi all

well i've been very slack on here but only because work has been quite insane this week! I am actually feeling good the last couple of mornings, feel a bit tired and crap when I get home from work but otherwise good!

Had major pregnancy brain this week, rang one company thinking it was another company and made for a very confusing phone call. Lucky for me they were very professional and hid their confusion but that meant it took me a while to figure out I'd stuffed up haha.

Belly still just looks fat I wish it would get bigger already lol. I know it will I'm just impatient. In some clothes no one can even tell yet even though some pants no longer actually fit me or just feel uncomfortably tight, and i've put on some weight so I'm definitely growing!

Hope everyone is doing well, Lozwatts now I want a milkshake smile


clare im with you on the preggy brain, last night i ordered fish n chips, my 3yr old ds and i went to pick them up, i paid for them and then hopped back in the car at which state my ds informed me i had forgotten dinner! i walked back in very embarrassed!

other an that the ms seems to have subsided, thank goddness as the doc informed me the other day that with twins it is known to hang around longer!

hope everyone else is doing well. Is there anyone who is still to have their first scan, or are we all done?

Hey everyone

Havent been up to much, jsut a bit busy and trying recover from my coughin fits lol. This cold really sucks and still cant take my antiboatics will i see the doctor again 5th time this month on Monday after lunch!!! Hate having all the phlegm too thats the worse in the morning.

Went to Midwife on thursday, was a differnt one to the lady i suppose to see. She was lovely and answered all the Questions that i had, and that was great.

Got to hear babys heartbeat, had a few tears in my eyes, so emotional lately, and gotta have my blood tests done for 2nd trimester the one that goeswith the downs syndrome etc, so that takes three weeks to get back so will be nervous waiting and waiting!!

go back and see the midwife in four weeks time, and my next scan in four weeks time, so so so excited lol.

Hope everyone enjoys there weekend.


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Hi all,

Jen - hope your cold gets better soon. Gee thats a long time to wait for your blood test results, I only had to wait 2 days. I feel for you.

My little boy is 1 yr old today!! Very exciting. Got very emotional last night when I put him to bed, he is growing up too fast! Just as well I have another bub on the way hehehe.

Been feeling a little light headed, hope everthing is ok with bub.

Hope all is well with everyone else.

sorry to hear your news liziie - rest in peace angel baby our thoughts are with you

paiges mum - i am like you and have been throwng out and packing up toys am getting sick of looking and tripping over them!!! have also been doing lots of things when prob should be resting but apart from bad skin and end of infection have more energy.
was sad at my baby growing up to she moved up a class in swimming and now goes in by herself and doesnt want my help dressing and putting shoes on any more:(

ppl have been commenting on how big i am already as can rest my hand on top of my belly think this baby sitting up higher than
last one. when had my scan the image was coming from jus besdie my belly button so think this one up and out for more room early!!!

hope everyone has a restful week with lots of energy and all sniffles vanish and skin starts glowing!!

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