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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi everyone, been a while since i was last on. Hope evryone had a great weekend and week so far. I still am drained from my cold, and all the couging that i have been having. Its getting annoying, and last night i coughed and my whole stomach went so tight and hurt so much!! I tried not to think about so hopefully it wont happen again.

Havent been doing much except resting up and taking it easy, and getting ready to do study work again which im so over!!! so exausting and boring lol.

Counting down till my scan 4 weeks today yay!!! and 3 weeks till my midwife visit yay. Hopefully this time i will see my proper midwifes and finally meet the other one. Im getting annoyed at the system they use it is not good at all, even the dr thinks so too!!

Gonna do some baking today when i get home from course, so looking forward to making some yummy treats for my self lol.

I still cant find a position i like to sleep on. Lately i been sleeping on my bakc and half on my left side, this has come annoying cause i wake up to frequently trying to get comfy, but eventuallly i will get there, who else is having trouble sleeping??

Hope everyone is doing ok


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hi all,
welcome to nicohle and kumunky!!! very exciting time and i hope all is well with you both:)
tasha - 13wks is not to early to feel moving i think its great you can feel so early with #1 think i diidnt feel anything to about 20wks so congrats and enjoy it!!!!
rka - congrats on your enventual(sp?) glow and bubba moving enough for the fam to feel!! very jealous on both counts!! he he
jenna - sorry to hear you still have cold mine hung ariund for ever try vicks it helped with me.

my infection is hopefully all gone now - still have bouts of sickness every now and then. have discovered if i eat to much it all comes back up bit tmi i no but very uncomfortable!!
still having the acid reflux although the general opinion is that im to early!! well i wish someone would tell the baby that!!!! lol
i sympathise with the mummy (forget who sorry!!) who dd likes to "help" on the computer - mine is watching dora for some quiet time and so can shower in peace!!


Hi ladies havnt been on a while, not a lot to report gasp)

WELCOME to all the new ladies gasp) 'waves'

tasha that is great news about your sis and SIL gasp) will be nice for your bubs to have cousins of the same age, i had that with mine and we are all still close.

Liz great to hear your infection is all gone, im the same as you with the sickness if i eat to fast or too much it comes striaght up gasp( infact ive not held anything down in 12hours so now feeling faint ! LOL cant win.

Cant believe we are on the count down to the 20week scan ! gasp) YAY we should note it on our list whos founding out whos waiting etc so we can all see how many feb boys, feb girls, and surprises there will be.

Hi All

Welcome to the new ladies! So many babies due in Feb how awesome smile

Glad you are feeling better Liz being sick on top of morning sickness really sucks. I get heartburn if I eat too much or certain types of foods its really annoying.

tasha and to all the other ladies who have already felt movements I am so jealous! LOL I cant wait to feel my little one moving around. I have sat quietly to see if I can feel anything but I'm never sure if what I'm feeling is my imagination or gas LOL

rka also jealous of your glow smile I am feeling so much better but I dont really have the glow I've heard so much about .

jenna I hope you feel better soon having a cold when pregnant sucks sad Mmm baking could do with some freshly baked scones right now hehe. As for sleeping I'm pretty ok on either side though I used to lie on my back so its taken some getting used to. Sometimes putting a pillow between by knees helps.

Natalie my boobs are growing at a ridiculous rate too :S Its hard to figure out how much weight I've put on total, because i'm still a kilo or two less than before I got pregnant. But around week ten I got really sick with swine flu and that plus bad morning sickness made me lose about 5 kgs.

casley931 wow sounds like you've had a pretty rough time of it, hope things improve for you smile

Nichole wish my dr would prescribe me jelly beans LOL!

mummy2jayden&hunter good luck with your midwife visit today.

Ok I'm worn out lol sorry if I've missed anyone. Oh thats right someone was asking about a Bugaboo pram. One of the guys here at work reckons its the best investment he's ever made and says they are awesome. I sadly can't justify spending $1800 on a pram though my DH would flip out! We've actually been given quite a few things already including a near new pram so we're going to make do with that for now.


good morning
I have a question has anyone had pelvic dislpacia, or sciatica? Im getting a really bad pain in the front for my pelivis over the hip joints at the front if that makes sense. Its ok if I'm resting or just get up in the morning but as soon as I have been walking around for a while it starts, and by the end of every day i'm limping from the pain. It hurts even more if i'm carrying anything, like a backpack or my son.

Nat- Don't worry too much about that weight gain, i'm 16.3 weeks and have put on 5kilo.

Casley 931- I'm having wierd crvings as well, Mostly for fruit like pineapple and chocolate milkshakes.

Savannah 26 - I can't get comfortable either, tries a pillow but always end up sleeping on my back which I know is not going to be goo for the baby in another 10 weeks.

Anyway hope everyone else is having a good day

Hi ladies,

Had first midwife appointment today and all went well I think I am really going to like her smile
Took a while to find heart beat but the she discovered bubs was sitting on my bladder and she said this will make for a quick labour with it sitting low like my other 2 did yay I want it to be quick but not too quick lol

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heya mummies
Well tonight we had out last two week pregnancy class. This information two week program was very helpful, and i learn t alot to do with nutrition, exercise, stretching, baby development and loads more, i strongly recommend it to other 1st time mums and other who want extra information if there is one available in your area!!!

Been getting a few cramps lately, also was concerned about my brother play fighting with me and kicked me in the upper groin and geting some pains there, it could be normal pains and ive had them all week ad also the nice both side stretching pains.

Ive also experience more and more irritable like restless leg when i am sitting down and trying to sleep, it is getting more frequent and am getting some concern over it, are they any other out there that have the same or similar experience of late??

This week seems to be dragging and am already sick of it lol. Havent been up to much, more study and doing a cat puzzle at the moment, seems to pass time. i really am a big cat lover, and we have three cats, and have had some time to think about us maybe giving away one or two cats before bubs arrives, two are almost one year old, and there mother cat is almost 4 or 5 human years lol. Will be very sad, and hard to persuade my DP that we should do it for the babys sake as we dont know how they will react etc. Has anyone else thought of this or had an experience they would like to share?

Hope everyone is well and babys doing well!!!

bellyrubs to all


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Hi all,

Sorry for the extreme lack of personals. I must remember to write things down next time. There would have to be at least a page of new posts every time I log in.

I am so drained as of late. Two kids are enough for me at the moment. Somedays I just dont know what I am going to do with a third. I am sure it will be smooth sailing when the baby is born.

Had my 12 week scan last week and all is well. My OB was very happy with the results so will see him in 4 weeks and book my 20 week scan after that. Oh and I lost 2kg since my last appointment 1 mth ago. Not a bad thing tough as I could probably loose weight all pregnancy and still have a healthy bub as I still have a bit to loose. Not dieting or anything just changed my eating style with a lot more fruit, salads, veges all the stuff that I should always be eating but get slack.

I opened my maternity bag the other day and tried to find some clothes that are more comfortable to wear but most of them were too big. I forgot how big I got with Chloe. No doubt they will fit me later on.

Anyway must go and do the million things I have to do today.

Hope everyone is feeling well.


hi all,

mummy2jayden - glad your mw app went well and that you like her and bubs is all fine!!!
savanah - i have similar to restless leg at night time but mine is mostly due to the large varicose vein i have running up my leg - support stocking on the affected leg can help but i find the best is to ly on couch and have my leg up on pillow on the arm and sometimes also dry body brushing can help me. good luck i hope you can find something to help i no how annoying it can be!!
molly&choles mum - i tried on my last maternity pants and they are to big for me cause i to forgot how big i was with charli!!!

had another mw app today and because i go to the public hospital midwife clinic it pot luck who you get - and my one today wasnt very nice!!! she was very clinical and hardly spoke. she asked how i had been and i told her and she wrote down feeling well - what the?!?! were you not listening. she took ages to find heartbeat to and pushed on my belly so hard it hurt!! hope i dont get her again! also try to tell me that the ultrasound mans new due date would be wrong cause they not very good at estimating!!! grr sorry to say but i think she an overworked nurse who needs holiday and to practice ppl skills bit more!!! thats enough of my rant for today!! better go check on dd as she napping on couch not feeling well. chat soon

Hi All

well i go to see the obstetrician this morning! I think its a compulsory that you see one at least once. I am in the public system too, so after this appointment it should be midwife visits each month. Hoping to hear bub's heartbeat today yay!

Thought I felt some movement earlier this morning but I'm really not sure if what i'm feeling is the baby, gas, or my imagination! LOL


Hey Ladies smile

What a lovely day today out there. Part from the wind its nice out, especiially with all the daffadills - being the day for it.

Having some nose bleeds at the moment, still doesnt help with my chest and the runny nose which should off left my system by now but hasnt, which is a shame, i hate blowing my nose, and there a lot of blood. Not the nicest thing to wake up too.

My belly getting bigger now and more noticable depending on tops i wear. I need to go bra shopping now as my bra starting to not fit now, which i knew was gna happen sum time soon.

off to Nelson on Sunday, cant wait, my brother has a rugby rep game so hopefully marlborough rep team will do well.

Still getting my restless leg, and im sick off it!!!! gotta keep moving all time, and strting to get really frustrating grr

Hoep everyone has a good weekend

Hugs to all


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Hi All

Well had my obstetrician appointment this morning, she was lovely. Checked babies heartbeat but the little tyke kept moving away every time she found it! It was my fault the first time cos i laughed lol. She says everything looks as it should, so I guess now I'm on the countdown for the four week scan woohoo!

Savannah I have had some nose bleeds too mostly due to my bad hayfever at the moment its so annoying.

Sorry I didnt take more notes, hope everyone else is well!

Have a great weekend


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