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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi girls,
I rang my midwife about the pains I have been having yesterday and she told me to go to the GP and get tested for any Infections. Hopefully there is something that can be cleared away easily.Otherwise they might just tell me that its stretching and that would be bad as I really really want this to be something wrong rather that something I just have to put up with.

On the countdown till my scan 13days yay smile
Hi all

Sorry been so mia been a busy week. Will make this short though sorry but have posted in face book. Hope everyone is doing well.

Clare glad your ob appt went so well adn you got to hear bubs heartbead even if it was hard to find. Sounds like a healthy baby wriggling around in there smile Vaseline under the nose can help with nose bleeds.

lozwatts how are your pains now? Growing pains or something more? Hope things are ok. I've had a fair bit of growing pains and stretching especially in afternoons. Not that fun! Less than 2 weeks to go until scan time woohoo!!!

elizipeters that sucks your midwife wasn't that nice at your appt. My mw writes down feeling well in my book too even if I say I'm throwing up every day. To them it means things are good we are doing all the right stuff. Make a complaint about her hurting you, just because she may have been having a bad day doesn't mean she can take it out on you!!

Kelly glad to hear your scan went well and you are doing nice and healthy this pregnancy. Well done on losing some weight too I hope you are feeling good. You will handle three children when the time comes, but I do know how you feel but about coping with 2. I've been quite nervous about the idea of 2 babies... what to do with a newborn and a toddler. Will we ever leave the house on time hehe.

Savannah - have you tried pointing and pulling your foot towards your head when lying down with the leg cramps? Don't point your toes. It could be that you get over tired so be a nanna and go to sleep early (sucks I know) and whenever you can put your feet up if you are working or at home, and on the couch try elevating about your heart. More reasons to rest and relax. The leg cramps are normal because of the blood flow changing in your body and the extra weight. I know when I get tired my legs ache through pregnancy and it takes forever to sleep but heat packs can help. How are your pains now since your brother accidently kicked you?

Casey Hope your dd is feeling better and you are all getting the much needed rest you needa fter being in hospital. How is the severe morning sickness now? I really hope it eases for you soon and you don't suffer throghout your whole pregnancy. My thoughts are with you.

Have gotten bigger for me the belly seems to pop out a bit more every week and definitely feeling the weight coming on. Back is still extremely stuffed so going to doctor next week to organise a referral to chiro or something. Anything to fix it a little bit. I know it will get worse this pregnancy because carrying a 14kg toddler who wriggles to break free doesn't help! Right am exhausted so off to bed for me. At 8.15pm on a friday night. I have no life LOL.

hi ladies,

Well I have hit the 15 week mark today yay smile
Time seems to be going alot quicker for me now my son is at school
I walk him to school and walk back up in the avo as I dont drive and DH has the car and dosnt finish work till 3pm so Im walking twice a day 5 days a week thats going to be good for my labour lol as this is my third it might just fall out but one hopes it dosnt as I would like to make it to hospital.
Dropping kids off at MIL at lunch time for the night as DH is taking me out for dinner no where flash but its nice to go somewhere where you dont need to worry about dishes and its fun smile
Well must go DS#2 Is crawling around getting into everything and DS#1 is being a taddle tale lol

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Hi all,

Have not been on here much as both DS and I have been ill. I think i have had some kind of flu, high temp, normal head cold stuff, cough and to top it of 24 hrs of vomitting! Yucky!

My sister came and took DS for the morning than DH came home early and looked after him. Good that my tummy has settled down now.

Weight gain - Someone mentioned weight gain (can't remember who?), have but on around 5kg so far, not really eating that much crap, must be a genetic thing as I seem to put on weight very easily and find it hard to lose it, Oh well.

Scans - pleased to here they are going well. Need to book in my 20wk scan which I will have closer to 21wks as we are going away around that time.

mummy2jayden&hunter - it is really nice to go out without the kids, we enjoy it too, but don't get much chance. WE have no family around other than my sister who has 2 kids and 1 on the way, so have to hire baby sitter. Good to do exercise, I too am trying to walk more.


Hi ladies,
Sorry this is going to be a bit of a moan session for me sad
We went to pick our boys up from the MIL today and while we were there her partner decided to sit on jay and he was laughing which was ok but he started to get louder and louder so I asked the guy to get off him twice after giving me a funny look he got off him and then took a dig at me and of course MIL and DH didnt hear what was said to avoid an argument I got up and said I was ready to leave and then he took another dig and it turned into a full blown argument with 3 against me I felt like a loser. all afternoon I have been crying and now have stomach pains and a bad headache DH and I talked and both agreed the silly old man dosnt think before he speaks and I should ignore it but some things I just cant ignore as the same thing happend when I was preg last year. Sorry if you all think Im a bit nutty but I needed to vent :'(

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good morning ladies,
I am feeling so emotional like i just want to scream or cry for no reason most of the time. Its horrible sad

Mummy2Jayden&hunter don't feel silly about venting on here its part of what its for. I have issues wth my MIL all the time about how they treat DS and what I would not like them to do or give him, its causes problems all the time.

I can't believe i'm in my 17th week already, this is crazy how fast time is flying, only 11 more days till my anatomy scan smile yay.
Hi everyone smile

How was your weekend, mine wasnt to bad, i had a full on day both days, saturday u spent the day cleaning, and sunday we went to Nelson for the day, as my brother had a rugby rep game unfortunaly in the rain and it was bucketing down poor boys.

Managed to some light shopping, and also had x2 accidents in that horrible town, stupid rain plays a contribution!!!

I have found a lump in the crease in my groin area, im not to sure if it was wher my brother kicked me when we were play fighting, so im getting it checked out tomo, rather scared about it so hopefully things will go ok.

Getting a filling done tomo, tomo is a rather busy busy day for me, geoing to dentist, drs, and a work experience interview also, so hopfully it all goes well. Belly is getting so much bigger now, still havent been bra shopping, some bras are at riductilas prices, so gonna wait till some sales, or maybe check back at the end of this week as am in need one one.
does anyone reccomend to keep going with underwire, or without? what are your thoughts.

whats everyone doing this week? u all busy?

hope all is well. tummy rubs to all


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Hi everyone smile

sorry about the write up in regards to the accidents in nelson, i meant i had almost 2 near misses.So close otherwisse it would have been two accidents, im over driving now, ive already been in two accidents before i got pregnant and it scares the crap outta me, both of them not being my fault, just shows so many people, should not be aloud to drive and be on the road!!!

Didnt need a filling today, thank goodness, but need fillings elsewhere, i get around to that sometime when i can afford it etc.

Got the doctor this arvo so will let everyone know how i get on with that, still really nervous. also been down bout a few other things that have come back to haunt me during this pregnancy and thats not so exciting at all. so hopefully the doctor gives me good news othewise ill stay in this moodyness for quite some time. does get u down.

Thanks for the tips on bra shopping, i mgiht go out and have alook today, lol while there still money in my bank lol, but not for long once u pay the bills lol.

Enjoy ur day.


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hi ladies, havent posted in awhile but i have been reading everyones posts.

Had my third scan on friday, they are still pretty sure its two boys we are expecting, they are both growing well measuring 10cms head to bottom.

Had my 2nd MW appointment this morning, it was the first time i got to hear my boy's heartbeats. Im measuring 20wks at 16wks 4days, there were a few other mums on here that were expecting twins, would be interested to know how big you are measuring?

Had been feeling a few movements like some of you ladies, cant wait till they become more frequent (could end up regretting that comment with two of them kicking me at night!!)

hope everyone else is keeping well.

Oh my goodness, I ahven't been on here for AGES!! Hope everyone has been keepng well. Sorry Ihaven't read all the post, I just kinda skimmed for a bit and then gave up, I think the last time I posted was somewhere back in the teens! eeek! I was interstae visiting family and then flew home with DD and then all hell broke loose, so many dramas, none with bubs though thankfully!

I had a scan about 2 weeks ago and OB said it looks like we're having another gilr!! Just what we wanted, he's going to double check again on thursday though when I have my 18 weeks scan. I have a lowered immunity to rubella, other then that so far everything has been pretty peachy! Fingers crossed it all stays that way! I have had some wicked headaches though, but there isn't much that can be done about them. With DD my headaches had stopped by now, no such luck this time though. Oh well.

Well I do hope everyone is well and things are good with your bubbas, I promise I'll try drop in more often and go back and catch up on everything that's been going on! gasp)
hey ladies,
where is everyone? Hope everything is going ok.

I actually am feeling some strong movements this week, not just featherlight squirming, its amazing smile

cant wait to find out the sex i'm soooooo excited 10days to go smile
Hi All

I am here and alive loz just been very slack on here. Having a bit of an off week to be honest! My sinuses are so blocked and have been painful. I've also had a bit of MS come back to visit a couple of times this week bleh.

Finally felt some movement the other night! It was very light and very strange and I think DH was jealous he couldnt feel it. Havent felt it again though so I cant wait till I'm feeling it every day.

Dont really have much else to report, bump is growing and getting more noticable!

Hope everyone is well smile

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