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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Sorry havnt been on here for ages, just been slack, and on holiday the last week.

I got on the facebook group page last night and there are some belly pics on there, which has made me worry as my bump isnt anywhere near as big as the others... I am worrying that something is wrong now that may have lost bub or not growing enough or something. I have 3 more weeks to my next scan and I really, really hope I dont get any bad news. I am scared.

I felt some movement (taps) about a week ago, and havnt felt anything since... would be really nice to feel something today might reassure me a bit at least that bub is still there.

I am probably being stupid, but just cant help but worry after losing last bub. Sorry for the depressing post.

Hi everyone, i got bad news at the doctors and now gotta wait till friday for my results, seems i have a nasty infection, and that is also what has caused my lump in my glands down there. Im very worried as this could affect me for the rest of my life. I cried and cried when the doctor examined me. felt so bad, and now still very worried about the results.

I wish it would all go away!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi ladies,
savannah sorry about your bad news did the dr have any ideas of what it could be?

well I had my 10mnth old sitting on my knee facing me and decided to rty and stand and dug his foot into my stomach which caused a sharp pain at the time but seems fine now not sure what I should do I am pretty sure it was on opposite side to bub

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Janie I wouldnt worry too much, everyone is so different and I have known some people not show till about 20 weeks! My bump is still small and definitely noticable to me and my hubby but then someone at work this morning said he could hardly see anything. And knowing this guy he wasnt saying it to be nice lol.

Savannah what was wrong?? Is the baby ok?? I hope you're alright and hopefully it will turn out to be not as bad as you are thinking atm?


Hi all. Man it is hard to keep up with everything in the thread. I do read it all but have trouble finding the time to post. I hope everyone is well, hope you get good news Savannah. I am good - huge belly and only minimal weight gain which is good. I am still starving all the time. Have my scan on Monday. Can't wait to find out if bub is a boy or girl. I have no preference. Let you know how it goes.
Cheers Leia
Look after yourselves.

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

Thanks Clare, for your comment. I feel a bit better now, and the usual stretching pains have started which I have every night, so I guess I shouldnt be so worried as s/he is obviously still growing smile
I just find it impossible not to worry after losing last one. And I am so scared of doing something to harm the baby. I think I will worry right up until I have this baby in my arms!

Hope everything turns out ok with you savannah.

take care everyone

Hi can soene tell me what the facebok grouop is called. I a on thre mor often
good morning ladies,

Rjegan I'm not sure of the facebook forum, but i would be intersted in knowing as well.

My uterus is moving up behind my belly button and my bump is looking a lot flatter but i can feel all this squirmy movement up around it and it feels really funny, like bub is doing flips smile
The facebook forum is called Huggies Due Feb 2010, think there is about 20 of us or so on there now.

Jayne I was on facebook before but hadn't read huggies until after, I didn't realise how upset your belly size was making you. You are not at all being silly and having lost three babies myself I completely understand where you're coming from. I was a complete basket case when pregnant with DD, I was convinced I was losing her every time I didn't feel her move for an hour or so and the only time I was totally at ease was just after visiting the ob and seeing her on the screen or hearing her heartbeat. I thought I would be better this time around but the anxiety is always there and the more people I talk to the more I realise that it probably always will be for those of us that have lost previous pregnancies.

A really good friend of mine has two kids and in her second pregnancy she never looked pregnant until the last 10 weeks of her pregnancy, her little girl was born just fine and a very healthy weight of almost 8 pounds, think she must have just been camping out by her mum's spine or something because she certainly never popped out like most pregnant women do.

I hope I have helped you feel a little more at ease but please know you're not being silly - I completely understand how you feel x
Hi everyone

Bad news today fromt he doctor, i go back and see him tomo, for some treatment. It is what we thought it was, so now i may have to have a cesarian instead of natural birth. Im really upset and in the worst emotional mood ever. Is there anyone out there i can chat too. I feel so alone.

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Hi Savannah26, sorry to hear you have received bad news. Is everything ok with the baby? Sorry if I missed a post where you explained what the issue was, is it something like placenta praevia???
Anyway here if you need someone to talk to and sending you lots of positive vibes xxx
hi all
savannah hope all will be ok with you and your tests are all ok!!

we have had fun week (not!!)
started with dd double ear and throat infection on friday and my monday we ended up in hospital being upgraded to puenomia now we facing night in for dehydration cause she wont drink anything and to top all off i have more stuffy nose and cough also!!! and nothing is working for her grr!!!!
sorry to be grouchy ladies but on a positive got bag of mixed maternity clothes on eaby for only $30 so wardrobe has dbled!!!

any who must be off dd trying to write to hope everyone has healthy weekend!!!
chat soon i hope

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