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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi everyone.

Hope everyone is well and healthy!!

Im off to the doctor again this afternoon to get my treatment, and no its got nothin to do with the baby, just now i might have to have c-section just so it will not get passed onto baby.Sad really as i wanted to have a natural birth, so now gotta gear my self up for a c-section insted a shame really.

Im still quite down bout the whole thing, wish i could lift my spirts really. I wish i culd tell yous whats wrong but i dont want anyone to judge me for it, as there is enough judgemental ppl out there already and it hurts

Hope to get happier


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Hi all,

just a quick post to let you know I had my ultrasound on Wed and we are having another little boy! Very exciting.
All looks good with bub!

Hope you are all well.


hello everyone,
flymum, congratulations on your healthy bub, wow another boy, will be cheaper. How are you feeling?

I am feeling so much movement, I actually got woken up last night by some really strong kicks and what feels like bubs is doing flip flops. SO looking forward to my scan 6days to go smile
hello everyone,
flymum, congratulations on your healthy bub, wow another boy, will be cheaper. How are you feeling?

I am feeling so much movement, I actually got woken up last night by some really strong kicks and what feels like bubs is doing flip flops. SO looking forward to my scan 6days to go smile
Congrats Flymum on another boy! smile Hope you are keeping well not long and you are at the half way mark!

Geez time is flying by right, some of us are nearly 20 weeks, I can't believe I'm 16 weeks on Monday. Where the heck did the time go? About 12 weeks ago I confirmed I was pregnant and was feeling nausea all day and night, now I'm feeling mostly great apart from a wee morning sickness still in the morning but that's just my body being stupidly weird.

Lozwatts woo not long to go until the big scan day! smile Can't wait to hear your news! That's great baby is kicking and rolling lots smile Woohoo

Well I'm feeling good lately, sore by late afternoon and really sore in the evenings. Think the baby is doing a lot of stretching because by the time ds goes to bed I flop on the couch and it starts doing somersaults and pushing itself into one side of my belly, dh is loving it he can feel the baby when it sticks itself out and it's made him a bit happier to be part of the pregnancy again LOL. The somersaults I forgot how weird they felt, does anyone else feeling them feel the weird thing your heart does - it seems like mine skips a beat and I breathe weird because it just feels so amazing. Got some strong taps last night dancing with ds I think the baby thought we were having a party.

Not just one but two of dh's best mates are over for the night tonight, both are ds's godfathers so ds is going to have a ball at dinner time and then running around nuddy after his bath. It takes us about 15 minutes to get him dressed most nights he basically refuses to and spends a lot of time squealing and racing between me and dh wanting us to chase him. I am very much looking forward to two littlies doing that at night smile Actually I'm very much looking forward to having a glass of wine after they both go to bed sometime next year LOL It's been since feb since I touched anything! How sad.

Savannah I hope you are doing ok. I will not judge, and I don't think anyone here will. I just hope you are ok and keep doing well. Look at the plus side to a c-section you are going to know your babys birthdate and build up for it, and you won't have to wake up every morning thinking is this the day!? It gets a bit obsurd walking around at 9 months praying to go into labour and being disappointed every day it doesn't happen. Sending you heaps of get well vibes and do take care of yourself. xxxx

Right I think I've finished work for the day, might go home and see my little man.

Hello...I am new to this thread! I am due Feb 24 and am currently 15.5 wks! As per my ticker - I have a little boy - nearly 18mths.

I have had terrible indigestions this time and night sickness - waking me all the time! And been absolutely exhausted!!!

I am just starting to feel a little better in the last week!

I, too, have been feeling movement already! Can't believe it...Last time I didn't feel anything until around 20 weeks - but the lady who did my ultrasound at 13 wks warned me and said not to worry as my placenta was in between bubs and my tummy - whereas this time it isn't! Could believe it when I feel movement about ten days ago!!!! Exciting though, isn't it!

I have had one OB appointment so far and my 12 week ultrasound...going back to OB in two weeks and 19 wks ultrasound in 3.5wks. Can't wait for that and to find out what we are having this time! Just want to see how bubs is doing.....

I am another schoolie - seems like there are lots of teachers here...

Last pregnancy I worked up to 37 weeks but this time I am stopping at 23 wks - only because it is better financially...I am doing a 3 week stint of full time to cover my partner and it works out better financially for me to leave then than work until the xmas it will be really strange!

I remember working those last two weeks (full time) last pregnancy were very difficult!

Will try to keep up to date with you all - as I currently work and have an 18mth old - get very busy - but will pop in when I can to keep in touch...

Hope all are feeling well this weekend...

Hi ladies,

Hows is everyones bumps doing?
Well I havn't felt my little one move since wednesday when my 10month old stood on my stomach I keep telling myself its normal not to feel movement everyday at this stage as I felt nothing at all with the other 2 and midwife said I will be fine because they are pretty protected in there so I am hoping I am worring about nothing smile
I so cant wait to feel movement all the time because that is always reassuring. Anyhow thats enough from me better get some washing done while the weather is still nice smile

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Welcome Mumtowillie smile

Mummy2Jayden&Hunter I am feeling movement about as often as you are which is to say not very often! So I think it's pretty normal smile. I am impatient to feel my little one moving every day too!


Hi All,

Welcome Mumtowillie, hope you enjoy sharing your experiences with us all.

Jenna - We are all here to support you and I for one will not judge you. Wish I knew what else to say. I agree that with a C section you will know that date in advance!

Flymum - Congrates a boy! Will be interesting to see what everyone else has. I think I am having a boy, will find out come Feb.

Saw midwife the other day and measuring 18 weeks, also got to hear heartbeat which made things very really. Have felt some movement but mothing to huge yet, DH recons he felt bub the other day.

DS is now fully weaned! He basically weaned himself, feel like he doesn't need me anymore:( until he cries for mummy smile

How many mummies are planing of Breastfeeding??

Was talking to sister (pregnant one) about this the other day, oh and found out the SIL is also pregnant, due march. Babies everywhere for our familes next year.

Hope all is well


hi all
hope all the daddies had a great fathers day today and for the nearly new daddies happy daddy to be day!!!!

we had better wekend with everyone getting healthy and improving lots!!
savannah - hope all is ok and it not to serious. dont be worried about telling us how you fell we are all very non judgemental of you especially at this time.
vary good to hear bout all the active babies!!!
mine gives be a good swift kick every now and then but at the moment my dd is the one doing most of the pushing of my belly from the outside - think baby to scared to move in case it gets pushed back!!!!
tina - i am planning on breastfeeding again with this baby. fodrdd i breastfeed exclusively for 5mths untill she got to hungry and started solid then i went on to morning/night feeds for about another 2months untill she stopped herself. i remember bawling my eyes out thinking that my baby didnt want or need her mumma anymore!! was very sad for me think will be ok this time around tho.

do most ppl chat on facebook more these days? has anybody heard anything from jaymie? well chat soon hope everyone keeps well

Hi All, thought I'd share this post with everyone as I was feeling pretty damn hormonal today and reading some of these made me laugh and cheered me up smile

[Edited on 06/09/2009]

good morning girls,
Had a pretty good fathers day, hope everyone else had a nice weekend.

I am so excited to be in my 18th week already, this bub will be here so much quicker than in my first pregnancy. I think has to do with me being so busy, working full time and then having to look after HD and run a household, not much time to actually think about being preg i guess.

But I am doing something for myself. I have started doing aqua-arobics. Its so much fun and i feel great in the water. Also every night i go to it (once a week) I sleep really really well.
Is anyone else doing any exercise to just take time out or for your pregnancy?

Liz- I breastfed DS till he was 8mths then it took 6 weeks to wean him off properly, then he had cows milk bottles till he was about 18mths before going to bed. Now he just has a cup during the day. I am planning on BF again this time, I actually enjoyed the connection it gave me with DS and am looking forward to this experience again.

Well Ultrasound in 4 days whoo hoo.
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