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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

in regards to bottle feeding and breast feeding of course majority of us would love to breastfeed but some of us have come across problems that gave us not much choice to bottle feed for example my 3rd son just would not attatch at all and fought it all the way even the midwives at the hospital had trouble and called him lazy he would'nt open his mouth like the normal reflex that babies had!!
Anyway it's everyones choice and we would all love to breastfeed our babies but for zillions of reasons sometimes it's just for the best that they be put on formula. As long as our babies are healthy and putting on weight what does it matter to anyone else!

I will try and brestfeed my 4th and hope to god it works but if it doesn't well then they will have the bottle and i will NOT feel guilty for it.

Hi Kate

Thanks for sharing your opinions - but maybe your opinions are better based as a new thread where all mothers can express their thoughts on what their experiences have been like and not attacking one due date thread in particular. It's a bit rude and to be honest how did you think you wouldn't offend anyone especially when there are women out there who just cannot breastfeed because they cannot produce milk.

I breastfed exclusively and painfully for 3 weeks, I had amples of milk but extremely cracked nipples and I engorged really fast. My ds didn't stop feeding from the few days after he was born and his 2 week growth spurt never ended, and I then started running out of milk so my midwife suggested to do formula top ups. I never ONCE felt guilty about giving my ds anything that wasn't from me, it actually worked really well my dh would feed him and I got an earlier nights rest and they had their own bonding experience which my dh loved. I continued to breastfeed with formula feeds throughout the night and it worked completely fine with us.

And to clear things up, when people get stared at weird for breastfeeding in public it is the same for those who bottle feed too. Mothers aren't in any way failures because they don't breastfeed even if it is a mixture, as long as their baby is growing happily and healthily then what the hell is the matter whether it is by bottle or by breast? For all you know those that are bottle feeding in public are giving breast milk because THEY feel uncomfortable by biased people judging them and would rather take the flack of bottle feeding. I know plenty of women that bottle fed happily because they couldn't breastfeed at all. I stopped breastfeeding at 5 months because I ran out of milk and I felt great that I fed my baby for 5 months. I would have been happy for 1 day because at least I tried.

And no not all babies feed for a shorter amount of time on a bottle, some take an hour just like at the breast. Some can't latch on properly just like they can't latch onto a nipple.

And I LOVED that I could share feeding with my dh, because he went 9 months not knowing just exactly what I got to experience with my pregnancy, only able to hold my hand and encourage me through the most amazing thing of childbirth and then to watch as mother instincts took over once my baby was born. So giving him the option of bottle feeding, and getting up at 3am to see him holding ds fast asleep after a bottle and him just watching his son made every bottle absolutely worth it.

Sterilising takes a long time, even like sterilising your breast pumps. It takes preparation of boiling water then allowing to cool so that you can reheat safely for your baby to feed from at the right times, to make sure everything is so clean to minimise germs. Bottles are probably cleaner than our natural breastfeeding ways as we don't go washing our hands before and after.

Take a good hard think before you come and be "un-biased" to women who also haven't even had children yet and have enough to think about let alone thinking now that they will fail if they cannot breastfeed. And don't come in here again to upset the mothers who have had to bottle feed for any such reason. I take my hat off to all mothers who breast or bottle feed. Either way it's hard work and they are all doing an amazing job bringing up their children.

Sorry ladies I just get really ticked off by people shoving breastfeeding down others throats. I think RKA feels the same way.

Lozwatts I hope your scan went really well!! Is it definitely a boy?

Jei you summed it up - I also get really ticked off by people shoving breastfeeding down others throats.
All the "research" etc says that breastfed babies are "better" in pretty much every way but I ask you, as an adult, think of your friends, chances are half, or close to half, of them were bottle fed and can you tell the difference? No. I would be amazed if someone told me they could. My 3 year old daughter is no different to every other 3 year old child. Even at 3 months there was no difference.
So do what YOU want to do or have to do and not what someone else thinks you should do.
There are debates about everything - dummy or thumb, breast or bottle, cloth or disposable nappies, own cot or shared bed, natural or c-section... and the list goes on. There is no right or wrong answer it comes down to choice, personal choice, and thankfully we live in a society where we have the choice.
sorry for the ranting and raving but it really gets on my nerves!
I just popped in to check if Loz had posted about her scan today, will have to check tomorrow smile

I just got home from work an hour ago and I still not tired enough to sleep. Arrgh! And I am not having good sleeps either... Will be tired and grumpy tomorrow, and have to work again at 8am.

Has anyone read "the contented little baby book"? a friend told me it's really good, so I have ordered it online as I couldnt find it in any bookstores, but I am still waiting for it to come in the mail...

Hmmm, anyway I must try sleep. Bye all smile

Oh, and hello Jane grin

Wow Kate did you really think that posting that would not upset anyone? If you have been fortunate enough to breastfeed then more power to you, but unless you have been in the situation where you can't, then I'm not sure you can even comment breastfeeding being "better" if thats all you have done? I haven't even had my first child yet and even I can see the flaw in your thinking. I hope for your sake if you end up having to bottle feed your child, you dont get judged as you seem to be judging others.

I completely agree with everything Jei said, and actually I am glad I'm on this thread with ladies who are lovely and not as judgemental as some of the ladies on other threads appear to be!

I hope to be able to breastfeed, but even the midwives and the obstetrician at the hospital have said to keep an open mind and to see how it goes because they dont want me to be disappointed if I can't for any reason.

RKA I'm sorry you were upset by those comments and I completely understand how they would be upsetting :S

Anyway Loz where are you we are all wanting to hear about the scan!!! hehehehe

I have well and truly popped out more this week finally! Bought a pair of maternity jeans from Jeanswest and they are the most comfortable thing I have worn since I got pregnant!


Hi All,

Janynie - Yes I have the book and used it for my DS, found it excellent! But some people do find it 'too strict', but it saved us many sleepless nights. Will be using it again this time around. Can PM me if you want any advise etc, I am a big fan. Think it has something to do with my personality, I like structure.

Loz we are all waiting to here how the scan went. Long story but I have til the 24th for mine sad Will be 21 weeks by then.

Still only feeling a few little flutters, maybe my placenta is at the front?? Tummy has popped, although I still think I just look fat. Still eating heaps and of course putting on lots of weight, need to slow this down!

I am impressed by the number of mums who are going to the gym, good on you all! We try to go for a walk every day.

Hope all is well.


Hi All,

Just wanted to say as well that Im glad we have such lovely supportive ladies on this thread too wink

Have had a bit of a hard time lately as Ive developed a really bad itchy rash on the sides of my belly and upper thighs, I thought it was because of the chlorine from my aqua classes so I stopped for a week and nope - it has stuck around and is itchier than ever. was advised it could be PUPPPS ( Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy AKA toxemic rash) . try saying that a few times lol but apparantley ( sp? ) you dont usually get PUPPPS until around the end of pregnancy.. not sure but hope its nothing serious. HAs anyone else suffered from PUPPPS before? I have been using dermoveen at home which is a natural product with almond and oatmeal , it takes away the itching for a while but it always comes back. Seeing my doc tomorrow and Hopefully my doc will be able to help.

Exciting news , Me and DP are planning a "babymoon" or holiday before baby comes...we were actually planning to elope to Barbados a couple of days ago! hehe. when we got engaged we picked the 09/09/09 for our wedding day .. but when we found out bubs was on the way we decided we would wait til he or she was born. But we are still planning on going to the carribean for 2 weeks in the next month or so. I know its far, but we will be travelling in biz class as I work for an airline so I should be pretty comfy - and my midwife has okd it...we will do a couple of stopovers on the way tho to break it up smile Ive travelled so much during this pregnancy, my doc and midwife have both said its ok tho. I do wear the support stockings like a nana hehe and do the inflight excercises too.

Im gonna go have a look at these jeanswest jeans this weekend hehe everyone is talking about them! I got some from pumpkin patch .. they fit me ok in the shop but then when I wore them to work its like they got baggier and baggier as the day wore on! Too stretchy. Do the jeanswest ones have much stretch Clare?

Loz .. how did your scan go? I'll be stalking the thread til you come on, hehehehe. 26 days til my scan!!! OMG it seems like forever away! I cant believe we are nearly half way smile smile

Thats all from me girls, I hope everyone has a great weekend, supposed to be 30degrees in sydney this morning, Im gonna hit the beach with DH and try and get some sun on my tummy maybethat will help the itch !!! smile

Hi Tash, the jeanswest ones dont seem to get baggy at the end of the day, I know what you mean about the pumpkin patch ones I have a couple of pairs for work. Because its denim its not so bad, the denim actually sits under the bump, then there is a strechy panel to go over the tummy, they are so comfy!

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HI girls, scan went really well, bubs is growing according to dates and everything is working well. I have been told there was a penis and testicles so i'm having another boy.
Now its time for the serious business, thinking of names lol smile
Thats great news Loz, wow the test was right huh.

Maybe I might do intelligender!!! Youre the only person I know that has done it so far.

So long til my scan.. just over 3 weeks ! come on weeks !

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