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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Great news on the scan Loz, thats fantastic that your little man is going to have a little brother to play with. I have a friend who has two little boys and they are the best of mates, its adorable to watch. Its just a little over a week now until I have my scan, I'll be 19 weeks by then so they should definately be able to tell what sex it is. DH is secretly hoping its a boy as we already have a girl but I'm not fussed as long as its healthy. My gut feeling is telling me its a boy but I thought DD was a boy too and I was wrong there so who knows this time? I've had people tell me its a boy because I have a rounded tummy and people tell me its a girl for the same reason - talk about confusing!! But it is rather amusing to hear people's reasoning on why they think its one or the other!

I went looking at car booster seats today for DD, god didn't know there was so much choice out there!! And didn't know they were so expensive - well the ones that looked safe anyway!

Hope those of you in parts of Australia having good weather this weekend get out and make the most of it, going to be another miserable one here in WA, god roll on summer is all I can say!! Have a good weekend ladies, look after those bumps!
congrats loz on the news of your little boy, i have two boys 2 and half yrs apart and they are already good friends.

have been reading the posts re breastfeeding, i too am happy to be part of such a supportive group of ladies, i really struggled with both my boys and gave up at just 3wks with my 2nd son i had many sleepless nights and felt like i failed him, but at the end of the day it was the best thing i ever did as he was losing weight with me breastfeeding. im expecting twins this time and have already spoken with my midwife there isnt much chance of me breastfeeding this time great to know not everyone will me judging me.

so wish i was one the lucky ladies planning a babymoon, have a great time.

thanks for listening ladies.

Posted by: mareetina
Janynie - Yes I have the book and used it for my DS, found it excellent! But some people do find it 'too strict', but it saved us many sleepless nights. Will be using it again this time around. Can PM me if you want any advise etc, I am a big fan. Think it has something to do with my personality, I like structure.

Yes that's what my friend said too, that she didnt follow it to the letter because it was too strict, but it helped her to have her son sleeping through the night by the time he was 14 weeks.
I just think it will help to read it as I will have absolutely no idea what I am doing otherwise tongue

Yay congrats Loz on the news of a little boy smile Glad everything went well.

Hmmmm, have no idea what I am doing tonight... Was supposed to be going out to dinner with a girlfriend but her husband double booked her so now we are catching up tomorrow. The weather is absolutely CRAP (I am in WA too Paige's Mum) and makes me just want to curl up on the lounge watching dvd's or with a good book! - And some chocolate! LOL I am really craving for some the last few days. Mmmmm Tim Tams!! The worst thing is I dont ever buy chocolate or cookies as I cant help but eat them if I have them in the house! I only bring home boring healthy food.

My brother (the Virgin, Tasha lol) is flying in from Melb tonight and staying with me, so at least I will have some company, he wont be here til 9:30 though.

I havn't weighed myself in a couple of weeks cos I am too scared to see how much I might have put on sad Thinking of banning myself from the scales, but then I might be in for a nasty shock at my next OB apnt! I really been trying to go walking but with all this bloody rain it's been hard. And just my luck it always seems to be whenever we have a nice day I am stuck at work!

Hmmm I might go to the video store before everyone else gets there first!

Have a great weekend everyone!

hi all

congrats loz on another healthy boy!!!!!
jus a short note today am looking after 3 extra children this weekend form 2 to 5!!! busy weekend glad it going to be warm so can play outside!!!!

has been interesting rading on the breest v bottle debate and i am in aggreeing with is a choice an one that all mothers should feel free and comfortable in making and not being afraid of bad comments or harsh words! i hope that all makes sense am exhuasted!!!

will have more to say later on i'm sure off to bed for me
oh and loz are you going to share your name when you think of it or are you going to keep a surprise? just out of curiosity casue i no some of my friends kept there names a secret!! i cant wait to decide so can start calling the baby its name instead of baby!! any who scan nest fridy cant wait and really am going this time ha ha

Yay I am 17 weeks today hehe.
Hi ladies how are we all doing?
Well I spent 5 hours in hospital last night due to pains i was getting yesterday went to the dr and she was concerned I could have had a clot on my lung because it got to the point where it even hurt to breath, dr at the hospital took bloods and thankfully everything came back clear the one thing I wasnt happy about was the fact they didnt check on baby as the pain had started at the top on my uterus but everything seems to be fine today.
Have decided I am going to book my scan for the 23rd as I have my midwife appointment that day at 320 so might try see if I can have scan at 430pm but only because I cant wait to find out what I am having Im trying not to get my hopes up for a girl but would really like one as I have 2 boys but will be happy either way smile

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Lozwatts congrats on your scan so glad everything is working well and your baby boy is growing healthy too! Congrats on the boy hope you settle easily with a name smile

I'm quite excited now, my intelligender I did a few weeks ago said girl but I have no clue if I accidentally did an instruction too much or not enough LOL 19 days until the scan to find out for sure woohoo.

I still can't believe we are nearly halfway there! It's been great going through this journey with you all it's nice to be able to share the miserable morning sickness and the fun growing bumps andfirst kicks with people in the same gestation of pregnancy smile

Better go finish my work so I can go home. We have a 21st dinner tonight which I'm going to and I need to go home and ice the very naughty chocolate brownie. This particular brownie that I made the day before I went into labour and the last time I ate it was the last few slices when I was in labour with ds LOL Dh came home asking if I wanted the baby out already. I'll sure be making it again this time yummo.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Hi all. Had my scan on Monday. All good with bub - but couldn't give me a definite on boy or girl. Scan guy thought boy but couldn't be positive. As my mum works there he said I can go back in a month. Hope you are all well. I have asthma and no voice. I'm on steroids, hope it kicks in soon.
Cheers Leia

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

Hi ladies hoe everyone is well. Can't believe I am 18 weeks tomorrow! Wish I was feeling more movement but still really only feel something fluttery every now and then. Looking forward to the scan in two weeks that's for sure.

My poor DH is pretty sick atm with some kind of virus and was throwing up all night :S

Also my father in law rang up las. Night to tell us (again) that we should have gone private not public. *sigh*. He then went a step further and said if it was just a money thing he would pay for it. I tried not to get annoyed but Im so sick of people telling me what I should have done. The public hospital we have chosen is excellent and he needs to respect our decision. Yes he is a doctor (a skin cancer pathologist who works in a lab) and yes he has delivered babies before but it was in the seventies so I'm not sure why he's so set in his ways.

Anyway that's my rant for the day!

Hi ladies,
Well I think I have started getting braxton hicks already and they are quite uncomfy this time around. I was wondering if anyone else is getting them yet as I dont think I noticed them till further on with my other 2

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good morning ladies,
Thanks for all the nice congrats messages, Liz I am keeping my names a secret from all the family but i think i will share with you ladies smile So far we have three that we really like
- Myles
- Zander
- Rylan

What do you think?

mummy2jayden&hunter- I'm not sure on the braxton hicks but I didn't think they could start this early on, though i have heard of them from about 24weeks. Maybe you are just having some unusual stretching cramps?
hi ladies

wow loz i love all three names!!! maybe put in hat and pick one.
we trying to seetle on one atm and am leaning towards harry even tho there really arent that many girls called it but im almost positive it a boy any way.

mummy2jayden&hunter - i dont remeber gatting braxton hicks until the day before going into labour but as to wether it normal or not i.m not sure but you could always ring maternal health or mw to ask them.

very jealous of all those having strong kicks!!! mine are mstly inner bally ones and no one else can feel them jus yet although whenever dd cuddles up to belly at night i can feel baby kicking her. she been giving me lots of cuddles after daycare today veery very cute!!!
hope all is weel am glad my house is back to peaceful quietness
chat soon

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