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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Wow Liz i think I would go ballistic at my husband if he did that. You should find out what you are having and refuse to tell him lol.

I've given up on wardrobe denial, i actually spent a couple of hours on the weekend packing my winter and too small clothes into a vaccuum pack bag to be put away for a while and have hung my maternity clothes up in pride of place lol.

Man thank goodness its Friday I am SO over work this week!


hi all.
clare i cracked the poo poos with him and still havent spoken to him or cooked dinner for him(he works night shift so normallly leave in fridge)!!
otherwise scan went really well. have very healthy bubba who talks and screams alot!!!! was doing lots of waving and rolling around heart beat was good at 151bpm and is 95% for weight so have nice chubby baby!!!!! around 350grams he he!!!
although they said the same for dd and she only came out at 6pounds 71/2 ounces so not excatly huge!!
hope everyone is having nice weekend. was lovely here while i was at work and the rained then jus yuck but we still managed a walk today and i noticed my belly bouncing around alot!! couldnt stop giggling to myself swear the neighbours thnk im completely nuts!!!
chat soon liz
ps think going to do a clare and do wardrobe sick of rummaging through a bag to find stuff to fit!!!
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I'm on holidays for two weeks whoo hoo, and it couldn't have come at a better time because we are moving house in another week. So I can relax and pack and unpack at a slow pace lol.

I cant believe I am half way tomorrow. 20weeks already its crazy how fast this is flying by.
Hi Ladies,

I haven't posted since July but am due 20th Feb.

I will be using shared care between a midwife and OB this time. with my 2 dd's we used just an OB but he has moved away.

Will be having our next U/S on the 1st Oct and will be asking if it is a boy or girl. As we have 2 girls I am expecting another. At least we will be prepared clothes wise etc. Everyone is asking are we trying for a boy this time but I really don't mind. I would hate to be disappointed that the baby wasn't the sex I'd been hoping for, so that old 'long as its happy and healthy' really is true. But at same stage it would be nice to have a boy.

I have told my work I'm pregnant again and will need maternity leave for the 3rd time. Our centre manager has recently had his 2nd child so he's all family oriented so that went well. I think I'll leave around 30 weeks, as it'll be in the middle os summer and I'll have 2 toddlers to chase around (1st dd is currently 2y9mths, 2nd dd 14 months.

Well, good to read up on how everyone is going. Take care.

Hi everyone

I went to the midwife on Thursday. Got to listen to babys heartbeat again. Baby was making really good movements really quickly so very active and was very pleased. I get to see the obsitritiion that i wanted to see Owen Jennings, i hav had him before and he is really great! so still waiting for an appointment time to see him now insted of the other lady. I also got told i need to really think about the c section but i know that is what i want!!!

Been pretty busy this week, last week of course till thursday with 3 exams this week. I will also be going to christchurch on thursday for a few days with my partner, then come home that day and fly to invercargill to see my nana for a few days. I havent been to my birth place in 6 years so am really excited to be going back again. and also havent seen my nana in three years and she not doing well atm.

ive put on 7 kilos and only 19 weeks tomo. AI do need to cut out my sugary food and eat more healther as this is extra weight which i dont need.

Hope everyone is doing well.

tummy rubs to all


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YAY for us we are all nearly half way through the pregnancy or already are (Congrats for yesterday Lozwatts 20 weeks!!) Can't believe it's been this quick sharing the journey smile

Jen hope things go ok when you do see your ob and you go through what needs to happen. If the docs are still saying you should have a c-section and you've decided then that's good, if they are now suggesting you can do natural birth do weigh up the options with the ob, whatever it is that may mean you need a c-section sometimes they can give you iv antibiotics during labour... but that depends on what it is. 7 kg in 19 weeks is really good don't worry too much about it, as long as you have a healthy balanced diet with sugary food too because that is good for you (in moderation) you will lose the weight afterwards with exercise and keeping well. I gained 7kg in 16 weeks and really don't mind because I know the weight will shed. The extra weight isn't just growing the baby but you will be laying down fat stores for breastfeeding even if you don't breastfeed your body produces extra fat for preparation so really try not to stress about weight gain it's really important to gain weight during pregnancy.

I'm feeling fantastic most of the time, noo more zits and hardly throwing up just every few days now, or if I go way too long without eating or in teh afternoon if I've overdone it I'll be sick. Sleeping well except ds is now in the big bed and having a few teething problems there so we're getting used to waking in the night again...haven't done it since the beginning of the year and it's tiring! Reminds me about life with a newborn so guess it's good we are suffering now lol. Bump is growing heaps more and have lots of kicks not just taps and can feel when baby is stretching out. See the midwife on Wednesday for the monthly check up and will run past with her my ob appointment for beginning of November etc.

Hope everyone is keeping well and those bellies are growing well too xxx

hey everyone

i have my baby scan for the 19 week scan tomo. im so so so excited, i cant wait to meet our lil one again.

i have Chris's mum coming and my mum and Chris coming to the scan so they all excited too.

Im so hoping it will be a girl but be equally happy that it is a boy. As long as bubs is growing away happly and healthly as can be!!

I will let you know tomo afternoon how the scan went.

We are off to Christchurch on Thursday and im off to Invercargill for two nights to see my nana and im really looking forward to that.

I have come down with a cold AGAIN. really annoyed i got it beofre my trips away. so hopefl;ly it will linger in my system too long.

Hows everyone going? what u all been up to?

Hope all is well, tummy rubs to all

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Hi all, just wanted to hop on and share the news of my scan today! All looked great with bubs, everything measuring exactly how it should and it all looked great. We've been told we're having another little girl which I'm very pleased about! At least I can re use all of Paige's things seeing as they will be born in the same season (I'm such a cheapskate lol!!) At least now we can finally start thinking of some names since DH refused to talk names until we had one sex off the table! BUT am at a total loss, its so much harder the second time around, I know so many more children than I did before and there are so many names that are off limits!! I don't envy you ladies who are having number 3 or 4!!! We're hoping to find another short name to go with Paige so if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!!! Hope everyone is feeling good x
hi all
jenna - wow ch-ch my original home stomping ground. enjoy your trip away hope it can be a little relaxing for you!!!
good luck on your scan hope all is well and bubba is growing beautifully for you!!
loz - so totally jealous that you on holidays now!! been tryin to convince dh to take time off to get away with dd before bubs arrives but unsuccesful so far. hope you are resting and enjoying your time off!
jei - congrats on the clear skin and feeling greatness!!! i have also benn feeling a bit more human for the last about 5 days now touch wood!!!

still havent got around to the wardrobe redo but working up to it. struggled to bend over today am that huge already!! if some one asks if im sure there is only one in there again i think im going to scream!! is anyone else having repeated questions that make you feel like strapping a sign to your neck?!?!?!
any who enough ranting for the moment
chat soon liz

Hi all,

Well by ob's appointment went well. I have my scan booked in a couple of weeks. I will be 19wk 1d when its done so will be interesting to see how big bub is.

I went and seen my GP today about non pregnancy related things and she is pregnant also. I would put money on the fact that my stomach is bigger than hers and she is 7 weekd ahead of me. I have developed a herina on my belly button. It was there with chloe's pregnancy also but dissappeared after she was born. This time it is much bigger and she has told me to keep a close eye on it as if it changes at all (hurts, gets hard etc) then that is straight to emergency for me and straight in for an op. Another great suggestion, try not to lift anything (yeah I have two kids thats not going to happen). Hopefully nothing comes of it but will have to wait and see.

Paige's mum - Yeah a girl. Chloe was my 'second hand rose' as my mother puts it. There is very little that she has been brought that was new for her. They grow so fast out of clothing that I found Molly's hand me down bearly looked worn and people would often ask where did you get that outfit. As for a name we had discussed Chloe when pregnant with Molly so it just fit and this time if we end up having a girl it will be Lucy (discussed when pregnant with Chloe). Girls no problem, boys well we still are undecided.

Jenna - my dads family are from NZ and we head over every 5ish years for a reunion. There is one actually next christmas so that will be good to show the children off as they seen molly last at 7 weeks and not many have met chloe let alone the new bub. A lovely place though. Hope the scan goes well.

Loz and the other teachers enjoy the school holidays.

Jei I wish my skin would clear up it did with the others but this time it is taking a while, prob should cut down on the choc intake and then it would.

liz - i too am struggling with the wardrobe. I cleared out all my clothes that just wont fit anymore but am struggling to hang up my maternity just yet. I am at the moment wearing my post baby clothing so should get a few more weeks out of it before I need to clean out again.

This is definately out last bub so looking forward to finding myself again when I have had bub. I miss being in shape and have all my old clothes in spacebags under my bed waiting for me to fit into them again.

Oh the house has finally started, they have dug the stump holes and the first level of bricks should be going up today. What a stress releif that is.

Hope everyone is doing well, I have probably missed so much so sorry.

Take care,

Hi ladies,

well I had my midwife appointment today and got the lecture that I need to slow down or I will be having this baby at 28 weeks instead of full term. How do you slow down when you have to kids and a house to run lol.
She is a bit worried about my measurements as I am only 18weeks 4days and I am measuring at 24 weeks, when I mentioned to her that when I had my date scan I got put back 3 weeks she said she hates scans coz the dates arnt always accurate so she will be keeping an eye on my size from now on and if I am still big for dates by the time I am due she will have to think about how far over my due date she will let me go if it happens so these next few months are going to be interesting, she weighed me and all I have put on so far this pregnancy is 1kg which is a huge shock for me coz I am eating alot lol.

congrats to the ladies who have had their scans, only 19 days till its my turn woohoo lol.

Anyhow must go my bed is calling me and I feel like I have gone on a bit smile

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Hi, just introducing myself: my name's Megan, I'm 20 and pregnant with my first. I'm due on Feb 18th, due to find out the sex next Tuesday, I'm so excited! I would really love a boy and have a big feeling that it will be. I'd be stoked with a girl too, of course, but always wanted to have a 'bigger brother' situation as I plan to have more soon after.

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