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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

oh yeah and the shopping thing for lauren - dont buy to many little clothes(0000 size)and try and get some of your higher price stuff second hand will save you a bucket load. dont scrimp on car seat tho and gratefully accept any hand me downs or family members wanting to buy things!!! and have fun!!!! good luck

Hi ladies,

Elizpeters I had the same prob at my mw wife appointment on wednesday I was 18wks 4days and was measuring at 24 weeks we arnt sure wether my scan date is wrong or what but I am hoping I dont have gestational dibeties as I asked my nana to check my blood sugar levels this morning as we have dibeties in the family and mine was 10.2 and that was before breakfast very high for me as I am normally 5.0 so I guess I will find out when I have to have the yucky drink in a few weeks although midwife may bring that forward when I tell her about that result I got this morning very scary sad

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Hi everyone! Well we had the 20 week scan today and everything is looking really good. She said bub is very healthy and moving around lots and had all the parts its meant to. Also, its a boy!! We're so happy that he is ok and doing well its such a relief to hear the sonographer say that. She checked twice and said its definitely no mistaking that its a boy hehe so my Mum who was in there with us decided to go shopping straight afterwards LOL.
Have my appointment with the GP on Saturday for him to 'officially' read the results but not expecting any bad news after reading it myself lolol. The pictures are on xray film so we will have to get some photos of them later and put them up.
Pretty cool that I had two dreams about having a boy and now it is!!
Sorry no personals but I hope everyone is well and happy smile

Hi ladies,
well I called a nurse about my sugar levels this morning and she has booked me in to get checked out by the dr tomorrow but she said by the sounds of things I have the start of diabetes sad I hope it isnt because the thought of it freaks me out I dont know why I would have it with this pregnancy as I was fine with the other 2

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Hi all,
Will I had my scan yesterday and loved every minute of it. We even got to see our baby yawn! As this is my first I am relying on everyones posts on here and the books that I am reading to reassure me that all is ok. So thanks to everyone.
I did find out yesterday that I have to have another scan at 33weeks to see if my placenta has moved up as it is really low at the moment and if it doesn't move it is highly likely that I will have to have a caesarean. Not sure how I feel about this but so long as the baby is healthy and okay I will do what I need to.

I am on school holidays so loving having this time to myself and as a result have done lots to the nursery. Can't help myself and trying to resist doing more as I will have nothing to do in there for the next 19 weeks before bubs is here. Oh yeah jumped on the scales today to find that I have gained 7 and half kg in 21weeks!!!! On my way to being a hippo I think LOL.

mummy2jayden&hunter - I hope you get report from the Dr with regards to sugar levels, wouldn't even know what gestational diabetes involves. I am thinking of you.

Before I sign off just want to wish everyone a good week.
Hi All,

Can't believe how much this bubs is moving around, DH has felt it kick heaps and it wakes me up some mornings. Don't think this happened with DS1? Also think it has had the hiccups.

Spent saturday afternoon in emergency with DS1, turns out he has tonsillitis (temp of 39.7). Is on the mend now and appears to be feeling better, poor little thing.

As for weight I have already put on 10kg, but can't stop eating!! Have always struggled with me weight and can normally keep a handle on things, must be the hormones! LOL

Anyone else started nesting?? I hate cleaning but have started cleaning out cupboards, just feel like I have too. Last preg it was baking, which didn't help with weight gain.

Hi to all the new mums!


Hi all

im having a rough week. Still got my cold. cant stop coughing and while i was on holiday i caught a nasty bug, and have been sick constantly and had the spout of diarharea. sorry if tmi. i went to the hosp yday after i flew home, i had three flights - invercargill to Christchurch chch to wely and welly to blenheim home- the whole time i was so sick and couldnt stop throwing up or been sick it was horrible!!!

so finally at home and good to be back.

tummy rubs to all

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Hi Girls,
Just thought I pop on and say a big hi to everyone that remembers me for the early days of this thread before we found out our due in Feb baby was ectopic. Just wanted to tell you have we had our 12 week scan on Monday and everything looks good. Bubs is low risk for downs, even lower then DD who I had 16 months ago. Bubs also measured bigger than DD did at the same stage so I'm betting on it being a boy! I have always thought we would have a girl then a boy, guess will have to wait another 28 weeks or so (we are not finding out the sex until he/she is born).

Anyways, I have read back to see that some of you have had your 18-20 scans and found out the favour of your bub.....very exciting smile

I hope everyone else has great scans and I will following up on how your births go in Feb smile

Take care everyone
mummy2paige - mel, so happy to hear your update. I thought about you lots when you lost bub, Im so glad that things are going well for you *hugs*

Hi all,

Well just popping in really quickly.

Hi to all the new mummies.

I finally took my paperwork to the hospital yesterday so I am booked in. They were quite nice. Different hospital again for this bub. The two private hospitals joined and womens and childrens got moved. So all my children will be born in different hospitals.

Felt baby move for the first time on Monday night. I know a bit late and to be honest have probably felt it move before but not taken any notice, but running around after 2 girls, building a house, running a business, etc....... when I sit down for 10 mins to rest I usually end up having someone else on my lap anyway so I wasn't expecting it any earlier.

Going for my scan on Monday. Not going to find out the sex, will wait for february for that one. My GP wants me to get the swine flu vaccination and have an appointment booked today so going to have a talk with her first. Still in two minds.

Anyways my first load of washing for the day is done so better go and hang it out.

Take care all,

hope everyone is feeling great.

Mummy2paige- so glad to hear that everythings going great and thanks for letting us know!

Well we went and had our scan this week everything is great bubs is powering along!! lol We also found out that we are having yet another BOY!!! Must be something with me and boys!!haha. I'll have to change my username to mummy to 4 boys!!

About the swine flu vaccine who of you are getting it?? i am leaning towards no have read some pretty horrible things on the another topic on swine flu vaccine here on huggies on it.

Everyone take care, untill next time

[Edited on 06/10/2009]

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