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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Hi ladies, How is everyone doing?
It has been so long since I posted on here I have been a bit slack lol.
Can't believe how quick time has gone it is quite sad really.
Not sure if I had mentioned this but when Britney was 2weeks old my oldest was diagnosed high functioning autistic so have had my hands full there but he goes to respite care now so thats really helpful.
Hubby is booked in to see nurse tomorrow about getting the snip I want him to do it but the same time I don't. I guess I just feel a little sad about the fact I can't have anymore but 3 is enough for me lol.
My little girl is now rolling around the floor and getting very vocal I might add hehe. Haven't started solds yet but may look at doing towards the end of the week because she is starting to wake at night after sleeping through the whole time darn it.
Well must go but will check in here a bit more often now smile

Marlene (AKA mummy2jaydenandhunter)

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Marlene (AKA mummy2jaydenandhunter)

so glad you put that there was a bit stumped!!!!!
so glad to hear your little girl is going well!!
and i cant even imagine how busy your hands must be now your little boy has been diagnosed...i hope the respite is helping and all is going well!!!

i put harri on the floor today and went to get a drink....when i came back she had done a 180 and was looking so proud of herself!!!
i had to tell charli off tonight...she put a pillow near harri head and jumped on it!!! missed luckily!!!! the sisterly love has started already!!!

have to go baby is wanting something!!! (is getting harder to tell what she wants these days....very hope not [email protected]!!!!!!!
) liz

Hi ladies

Just thought I'd pop in and let you in on the gorgeous news that I finally made Ashton laugh, it was oh so gorgeous!

He's been for his 4 month vaccinations, a few side effects but nothing abnormal that we were'nt ready for. He's gaining weight well and everything else is going very well. Bought a high chair for when the next exciting step arises, he doesn't seem to be interested yet, even though DH is testing him with cut pieces of fruit.

I find when he hasn't done a poo for 3 days, I eat 3 or 4 dim sims and the next day voila, 2 big ones. lol And yes he does get upset a lot quicker if he hasn't done a turd, but now I think he's getting use to the idea of not having a sloppy nappy!

Congrats with the rolling around and the vocals, there's definitely a baby in the house!!!

speak to you soon.....

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wow nic how funny that dim sims make ashton go!!!!! also very cute about him giggling!!!!!

harri has discovered that with feet down she can wiggle around on her but which she looovvveeeesssss doing at he moment!!!
also have discovered she has tickly armpits!!!!! hehehehe

Hi girls - been away from here as the dreaded stomach flu went through the entire house just in time for our holiday. Will went Saturday night (were leaving on Sunday for holiday), then Me on Monday night, DH on Tuesday night....thought Soph was okay - so went on hols the following Saturday and 1 hour after check in....she started....she was so brave!!! Not nice for a 4 month old to have a vomiting flu!!! Sadly then you feel like you have been hit by a truck for about 5 days!!! So a couple of days ago - household finally feeling better and DH has to go back to work 2morrow....SUCKS!!! Butt, hey, that is life!!

On a brighter note - Soph rolled twice for the first time yesterday from her tummy to her back...Yay Soph!!!

Liz - I tried solids a couple of days ago too - 1 teaspoon of rice cereal and she too vommed it up!!! My DS just gobbled food from day 1 and never looked back - seems she isn't ready. I only gave it a go as she is still waking at night very hungry so thought it might alleviate some night feeding. Soph has also found her feet and loves playing with them...she is also v v ticklish - underarms, feet, neck, tummy!!!! Liz - I am a DP of a big Primary School so talk to kids in big audiences as well as community and parents...keeps me busy (but not this year - Yeah!!!!)

Marlene - So glad to hear you have some respite care organised to assist.

Nic - Yay Ashton on laughing (it's the best, hey Nic!!). Nic I am so naughty - I still haven't been for my post GD blood tests!!! OOps!!

Hi All!

I haven't been in here for a while - household got very hectic all of a sudden! My son has a weak inner ear and it makes him prone to getting middle ear infections when he is sick. He got a slight cold a little over 2 weeks ago, and sure enough it developed into a middle ear infection. Straight into the docs, and on antibiotics. He is only just on the mend now.

Then I got sick with a cold.

Then I've had hubby in and out of hospital all of this week just gone with kidney stones. I had to call an ambulance for him Monday night, and he got home Thursday afternoon. They were going to send him to theatre, but he managed to pass the bigger of them, so he has to go back and have tests done in 2-3 months and potentially have it lazered to break it up. This is the 4th time he has had them.

Maddi is the only one who hasn't been sick! Although, she has developed a bit of a worrying cough over the last couple of days. But other than that - she is doing well. Her normal self really. I have been giving her some food over the last 4-5 days. Gave her farex to begin with, but she wasn't all too impressed with it, so mixed in other food. She seems to love anything with sweet potato in it. She has become so vocal lately! It's hilarious! I started patting her mouth when she got vocal - now she does it deliberately and its funny because she starts laughing whilst trying to make noises still. Still hasn't rolled, but has gotten close a couple of times. She holds her head up at full arm's length now; she does it in her basinette and watches tv over the edge when hubby and i have it on. Bad girl!!!!
So cute watching tv in bed Tracey!!!

So cute watching tv in bed Tracey!!!


oops sorry didint mean to yell!!!!
Harri is teething i think she is very very angry and sooky!!! she is loving teehing rusks tho and is not sooky all the time....jus whenever i need to do anything!! lol

mum2willie it has been busy in your house hasnt it!?!?!?
hope all are on the mend now!!!
tracey hope all is settling down woth you guys to!!

back to said screaming child i go......hope all is weel
chat soon!!!!!!! (i hope)

Hi ladies, doesn't time fly!

Liliana is 21 weeks now, will be 5 months old in 3 days. Yikes! She is the absolute love of my life lol! At her 4 month check up she was 5.6 kgs (though I thought the scales said 6.6 but anyways...). Still bf really well which is delightful after not succeeding with the first two DD's. So much so that still reluctant to introduce other forms, such as a bottle though it would make it so much easier ie family could look after her for a little while to simply go out for dinner and movies, or solids. But as she still watches us like a hawk when we eat and is holding her head up well it won't be long till we do start. She still sleeps in our bed, works for us both atm. But musical beds going on with DH and our DD's. Liliana's recently started holding and reaching out for her toys. She cuddles into this pink elephant thats like a soft rattle or waves around plastic links attached to toys. We borrowed a jolly jumper from a friend and she loves that, she ends up spinning around in it! We also borrowed a playring, where she sits (hangs?) in the middle and is able to reach toys on the outside. Figure its good for her neck and back support.

Had professional photos taken a couple of weeks ago. We have had Kidshotz photograph each of our DD's at app 4.5 months old. We find them great, they come to your house so its more relaxed and interact really well with the kids. They're coming back tonight for the viewing. I wasn't in the room when they photographed Liliana as I was dressing the girls in the clothes they were to wear for the group photo so really hoping all went well! They are a bit pricey but compared to some other service we have received from photographers, the fact they come to your house and cater a package to suit you and the quality we have received so far, they are well worth it! We had the free vouchers for pixifoto's in the bounty bag - has anyone used theirs? Heard mixed reviews (as you do) re pixifoto and as they are not local (1.5 - 2 hrs away so have to plan a day trip to Melbourne; excuse for shopping!) not sure its worth taking up?

Liz - also think Liliana is starting to teeth. Can see them moving around in there and a couple of days ago two spots on the bottom jaw were quite swollen, so we used bonjela to help sooth her. She gnaws like mad on whatever she can get her hands on which seems to keep her content.

Tracey - How is Maddi's cough? Liliana took a while to get over hers but all is well now. Liliana's almost sounded like croup, from the little I have heard about it, but mainly cos it apparantly worsens at night. But read about it after the fact. And your poor hubby - ouch! Do they have any suggestions as to why the kidney stones keep coming back?

Mum2Willie - Glad you're all feeling better now! Its been a shocker this winter for the flu. But on the plus side; Sophie started rolling! YAY!!! Its so cute to watch them. Liliana rolls from her back to her side and lays there watching you or the TV! But she's quick to flip from her tummy to her back.

hi all

so glad to hear that liliana is doing so well!!!
we havent had any photos done because i know that i will get sucked in and want to buy all of them lol!!!!!
i have been sick this week and a lovely dh has been doing just about everything trying to help me get better......i start my clinicals on friday for my course and the cdlassromm part is pretty much flown.....time has just flown!!!!!
harriet is moving lots!!!!!
on her tummy she does 360!!! spins around and is very good at wriggling backwards. i have almost got on top of her has been really bad on chest back and arms to the point of being able to see the skin flakes inside her clothes. i had to change completly and moisturise 3times a day...poor little thing would scream alot but it was for the best.
bloody teeth are still in head but she has settled a bit more so hopefully they have stopped doing whatever itwas they were doing inside her little head!!!
time to go and get some more rest..
hope lil, soph, maddi and all the other bubs are coming along beautifully!!!!!!!!!

Hi girls...been a while since I posted and a lot seems to have happened.

Took Soph for a measure and weigh - she is 6.6kg (my son was this at 8 weeks - big chubba he was!!) - but her growth is good as she was tiny (2.9kg) at birth and is still 60th percentile - so happy....has just come out of a growth spurt and has some rolls on the tops of her legs - so cute!! She was 75th percentile for her length - can't remember exactly the cms (63 maybe??)

Soph is just an absolute delight of a baby - I am so really never cries! I guess this makes up for my beautiful son who was a crier!! At nearly 2.5yrs he still cries more than she does..LOL!!!

Soph is rolling front to back and rolled back to front earlier this week!! I am impressed with this as her tummy/ground time is limited to times that it is safe due to boisterous toddler boy!!

Sorry someone was talking about when crawling will start - and I agree with Polly - it can happen at any time really up to 12mths. In fact, my DS was sitting completely unsupported by 5 months but he didn't roll at all until 6.5mths. He was walking at 11months, but didn't crawl until 18 mths (just copies someone else)...his development was ad hoc...he commando crawled for a while then went straight to walking and skipped crawling altogether!! So it is going to be a surprise to see how Soph approaches things.

Soph has started moving herself in her walking...she is so proud of herself rolling about the house - thing is she can only go backwards!! LOL!

Mel - I was wondering when to use the jolly jumper - might whip it out today!

I had a sleep and settling nurse come and visit this week (it is a free service so thought I might as well), as I was concerned that Soph is a catnapper. It was good - in that she reassured me that she is truly a catnapper. My settling techniques etc are fine and since she never cries or has an arsneic hour - then I just have to accept that she is like that! Fortunately she is very easy to put to sleep - although not a self settler to sleep. She gave me a few tips - in letting her lie in her cot after she is awake until she calls for me so at least she is having quiet time and then if she does want to go back to sleep eventually she this was a good tip. As she was also a lactation consultant - I talked to her about Soph's feeding and I am trying to stretch her out to more like 3 hours in the day between feeds - instead of every two...she seems to be asking around 2hr 45mins - and is less spewy.

Soph has three catnapping sleeps per day - morning around 9.30am, then around midday and then 3.30. The morning and afternoon sleep are for about 30-40mins. The middle of the day sleep is around 1 hr.

She then goes to sleep between 6.30pm and 7pm. I usually have to resettle her once of twice in the 90mins after she goes to sleep. Then she seems to be waking somewhere between midnight and 2 for a feed. Then she is up around 4-5am and very unsettled - so I usually bring her bed with me. Soph is still sleeping in the basinette in my room..The nurse suggested starting her day sleeps in her cot soon and try to move her by 6mths...might try soon. She is going to grow out of the basinette soon.

Soph had needles this week and coped really well - she was awfully sick for a week after her first lot - so that was a big relief...sadly toddler is sick again! Can't believe it - so he is home with me today and not at kindy today (my one day rest)...He is also suffering from pain with his two year molars cutting...

Anyone with other kids - he is off his food - chews and spits it out - is this common with cutting the molars...what else for relief??

Tracey - tough time for you!!!

Liz - luv your pic!! How are you feeling?

Mel - Glad to hear Lilliana doing so well!!

Anyone with other kids - he is off his food - chews and spits it out - is this common with cutting the molars...what else for relief??

Charli teethed terribly and even tho it is cold icy poles helped her a liitle bit.

so glad to hear soph is coming along so well.smilesmile
havent had harri weighed or measured for a little while might take her in soon tho jus to have a look at her skin
that sounds like good advice from the sleep seetling nurse especially the part about leaving her untill she cries out...on my list to try!!! also i use a playpen so harri can still get lots of floor time and toddler is pretty safe to cary on being her usual self without me having to worry to much about being trampled on!!!

next week will be super busy for me as am doing 3 full shifts of work plus 4hrs in the class room....will be interesting to see how my boobs handle it!!!
harri is still bf really well and very reluctant to takwe a bottle...she normally prefers to wait untill i get home. on the subjet has anyone else boobs actually gotten bigger as the baby grows??? in the past few weeks i have gone up another cup size and can only assume its because she is drinking more??? charli was already on bottles and feeding only twice a day at this age.
any who thats enough babbling for today

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