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Hi i thought i would start another thread as we are all just starting out and i guess that it will get longer and longer just like this one i hope.
Anyway i am introducing myself.
I am kellie i am 25 dp is 22 and our daughter is 4 mths old.
this is a shock to us both, and we have decided to keep it a secret and not tell no one until we find out the sex so a while to keep this big secret... smile
I did 3 tests hpt and all three came up positive, it was funny coz the the first one i did took a little bit longer to show up so i chucked it in the bin.. they say not to read after 10 mins but i did 2 days later lol it was as clear as day with the 2nd line there, i then did the other one it came up as clear as day again... i went to the docs got a blood test and it is afirmative i am pregnant ringing up on monday to book in for u/s to get a correct date...
anyways enough of me talking for now i guess progress will keep us all up to date...
talk soon...

Hi Kellie,
I am Ricki, and have just announced that my DH and I are expecting baby #5, in or around January 12th, 2010.
I have had it confirmed via a blood test, and have a scan booked for Thursday to see if we can get more accurate dates...
hi im ally i havent posted much so am quite new to this
Wow baby number 5 thats great!
we are on #2
my son is nearly 2 1/2
total shock we have bearly been trying for 3 months and because i have endometreosis thought it would take alot longer
having an early scan in 4 weeks hope all goes well morning sickness has just kicked in
wow.... this is so exciting....
congrats to u both guys... i (touch wood) have not had morning sickness yet... i have been getting the dizzy spells really bad... my daughter gave me morning sickness all over the place all through till i got till about 30 wks so yeah... smile
we just got approved for another house so we will be moving in 2 wks... i want to ask family for help but then they will know something is up... i dont want them knowing yet lol... hrmmmmm!!
i dont know what i am having i guessed that #1 was a girl so i feel this is a boy... not sure if is coz a boy would be good but i would be happy with either... smile

Allynz - not sure if #5 is great or crazy.... ask me again in 12 months and I will let you know! lol

Up the Duff Again - I am having the dizzy spells too, m/s has kicking in, and nausea at different smells and sights is happening too. Hopefully it will pass....

#5 wasn't exactly planned to happen yet, but not unwanted, bit of a shock that it happened so soon - my baby is only 9 months now.
My boys are 7 yrs, 5 yrs, 4 yrs, and then my DD is 9 months, so this new baby will sure test me.

I hope we can share or journey's, should be an interesting few months ahead.

Best of luck and sticky dust to you
hi, im sarah and im expecting number 2 in jan 2010. i have a dating scan tomorrow.

my son kody has just gone 5 months, and this too, is a very big surprise. we havent told anyone yet.

morning sickness has just hit today!

phewww thank gawd im not the only one out there doing the deed and makin another baby so soon... lol let us know how your scan goes... i am booked in for thursday for one.. first one so see how that goes... smile my partner doesnt know i am writing and telling people on here lol.... so at least i can talk about it lol he cant.. and we havent told anyone so he forgets that i am pregnant half the time lol... no morning sickness still but dreading it when it starts....
dizzy spells to the max still wondering when they will die off??? maybe they wont but i never had them with baby girl not that i can remember ne ways... smile
hope all are keeping well....

I am also posting on the other Due in Jan thread lol but hey I can talk under water so all is good. Congrats to you ladies. I am 33 DP is 40 and DD is 14!!! Huge gap between babies unlike you lot hehehe. I am currently going through a few hiccups. Dating scan last week put me 1 week less than what my LMP dates are. Have one lot of bloods done on Sat with hcg reading of 6700 and another one was done today.. get the results tomorrow when I go back to doctor. No heart beat was found on scan and this left me a little down in the dumps but I know that the heart beat cant always be heard this ealy.

Sending sticky dust to all smile

Diana xx

wow... well at least u forget the pain??? lol
its ok anyone is welcome here...
hope your pregnancy is going good no morning sickness???
i hope i am not going to get it... :)never wish it upon anyone...
well not long till i go for my ultrasound... i am on thursday... i am excited but with my daughter i was excited alot more??? prob coz she was my first and i know the labour pain is terrible lol...
let us all know how everyone is going?


Well my HCG levels went up to 8870. They didnt double as we had hoped but they are still rising.. so I am looking at the positive side of things smile Have another blood test tomorrow and then another scan on Friday 12th.

Let us know how your scan goes Kell

Diana xx

well this is weird...
had my scan today... it said i was only 5 wks 4 days but when i had my bloods done last tuesday went to docs and he said i was around 5 to 6 weeks then... is my baby growing slowly?? is bloods wrong?? or is my baby not going to be there??? sad i have no idea and i am so scared...
i AM worried to the max....

Hi there,
Congrats to all!! Im new to this, i am expecting my first on 23rd Jan 2010, ive done four tests which have all come back with a strong reading of positive but I still cant believe it. I have no morning sickness or nausea. All i want to do is eat!! Oh and my breasts are sore. I went to doctors on Tuesday and she has done all the bloods and other tests that she has to do, but i still don't believe i am. The doctor said i should most definently believe it as i showed her the four tests. My partner is excited and in shock. So anyone willing to give me advice feel free.
Cheers smile BEC
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