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1st Time Mum Lock Rss

Hi All

My name is Marianne and my DH and I are both 28. We are both expecting our first bub on the 25th of September. Both are very excited as it seems time is just flying by now!

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself and hope to get to know other 1st time mums out there.

hi i'm Tracy, i'm 17 and my partner is 21 we're expecting our first on October 2nd.. time sure is flying by now it feels only like last month we found out we were expecting. xo

Hi Marianne and congrats on your pregnancy! I'm Amanda, 29 and DP 30 expecting a wee boy on July 22 (not long now!) We live in Nelson, New Zealand. Are you in NZ or Oz?

I've been chatting to the lovely ladies on the "first time mums" thread. Feel free to come and join us : )

HI Amanda

Thanks for your reply, I am in Alice Springs, Australia.

How exciting that your due date is just around the corner. I cant believe how fast the weeks are flying now, at the start it was a bit slow but now is a whole different story.

Thanks for the tip about the thread, will check it out!!

HI Tracy

Thanks for your reply. Congrats on the bubs, its so very exciting!!

I know how you feel, the start of our pregnancy felt a bit slow but now its seems that if I blink I would have missed a week =).

Marianne and Tracy, I swear the further on you get the FASTER time flies!!! I can't believe we'll meet our wee bub NEXT MONTH! : ) Although I'm still working full-time for 3 more weeks and that's a real drag but gotta be done.

Are you guys finding out what you're having?? We had a midwife visit last night and apparently baby is in perfect position, head-down and low in my pelvis. She said he could even come a bit early but not sure if that's good or bad news..... : )


HI there!!
Yup definitely a bullet train ride now smile. I am sure your next three weeks will be a definite whirl and next thing you know you are at home for needed rest.

We decided a while back to not find out what we were having and we were actually thinking that we would have been tempted at our 19 week scan, but the sonographer (hope thats the right word LOL) didnt ask us if we wanted to find out so the temptation never came. I guess its a good thing because I know that if the question was asked it would have been a "yes please" from me hahaha.

Had a midwife appointment as well last night and heard the bubs heartbeat again and Iam 22 cm (which according to them is right on track). Its so amazing hearing the little bean.

Anyway better get back to it - have fun in your last three weeks at work!!

hello hello

Im lex 21, dp is 27 and we are expecting our first nov 30!
Like amanda i have been chatting to the girls in first time mums for awhile now.

We are still deciding if we want to find out or not, i really really do but DP is a little more hesitant! I guess we will find out one way or another hehe

I have found that since i hit 12 weeks it has been going quick, every says the second trimester goes the quickest. Feels like yesterday i found out lol

talk soon

Hi Lex! : )

"have fun in your last three weeks at work!!" ha ha, thanks for that but I'm not sure "fun" quite covers it! At least I have a job where I can sit down pretty much all day. Are you working full time? When do you plan to finish?? All those months ago 36 weeks sounded plenty early enough but it's rough when you're so tired all the time and I feel like I still have so much to organise....grumble grumble

I really respect that you're not gonna find out sex of bubs. I just honestly don't know how people can wait (I'm so impatient)! In fact we've been really lucky coz a good friend of mine has an 18 mth old boy and has given me sooooo many baby clothes and blankets etc. To be honest I had very strong feelings early on that we were having a boy and it turns out I was right but being 50/50 who knows! ha ha Do you think you're having a boy or girl??

So, I hope everything's well and I guess I should get back to that thing they call a "job" : )


Hi ladies,

I'm 28 and my partner is 33, we live in auckland and our princess is due 20th september. I'm still working as a teacher and just can't wait to give it up.

We tossed over the idea of finding out bubs sex or waiting... obviously we were too curious. however my brother's wife is june end of this month and they haven't found out. We both wonder how they did it and how their curiosity didn't win. Good on you that are having it as a surprise, we thought just having a baby was a lovely surpise.

How's everyone going with the aches and pains that come with pregnancy? and the comments about how big or little baby bump is... and gosh you sure you're that many week and how's your exercise going? These are all the fdelightful questions I got asked today.

Hope everyone is having a nice evening and feeling lots of movement from bubs smile

Hi Paula. Nice to hear from another Kiwi lady on here : ) I definitely hear you on waiting to give up work! I have 3 more weeks myself so finish at about 36.5 weeks. When do you plan to finish?

Aches and pains are not too bad, it's juts getting lots harder to roll over in bed at night! lol And now that bubs is getting bigger he's getting caught up in my ribs (or that's what it feels like)!

I've had loads of comments about how little I've been showing throughout this pregnancy. Didn't really show much at all until maybe 24-26 weeks. Definitely popping out now though.

Have a great weekend : )


Hi Amanda smile

I agree it's so nice to talk with another kiwi mummy. I'm so glad I'm not alone in my thinking about work and being so over it. It's probably because I am a teacher (don't get me wrong i love teaching) but this year I've been teaching junior kids and it's just full on and so exhausting that i feel like there's nothing left at the end of the day. (sorry for going on about it) What about your job? I have 4 more weeks till school holidays, 2 weeks holidays and then another 2 weeks back at school. I'm finishing at 33 weeks. Wow you're finishing late. Is there a reason for that? How's your pregnancy been? Have you suffered the morning sickness?

haha yes rolling over in bed at 33 weeks I can imagine is a hard task. I sometimes struggle at 25 weeks. How's all your baby prep going? What do you still need to get? Have you chosen names and decided on one?

I think with people it comes down to their oppinions and the kiwi attitude of having to say what you think! Or the old foot in mouth disease haha. YAY for definitely popping out now. I was kinda the same it was about at 20 weeks when people started saying to me, oh the baby is growing now or are you just putting on weight! I just about hit those endearing people.... guess some people just love to say what they think all the time.

what did you get up to for the weekend? We've just bought a house so went to see it on saturday and try to picture where all our and bubs stuff is going to go. We take over it from 20th june. Yay not long, i so can't wait.

wow i've said heaps. hope you had a great weekend too smile

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