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Anyone due in February 2005???? Lock Rss


is anyone due in feb 05?

i am due 25/2/05, and would love to meet others who are going thru similar experiences to me.

look forward to hearing from you.

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi Kristi

I am due in Feb 05 - with twin boys. I am starting to enjoy my pregnancy now as i get into Week 18, as my very rare morning sickness disappears (thank goodness!). We have been busily getting ready because we are moving states in 8 weeks and have so much to get ready. All in all i have felt pretty good all the way through, which surprised my obstetrician as he thought with twins i would be very ill, but i haven't been - i hope its not waiting for me around the corner!!! Let me know how you are feeling and if you want to see if i am feeling or anything is going on with me that is happening with you! Isn't pregnancy the weirdest thing!! I am just starting to get the feeling that i have two babies in my belly, especially when they decide to kick me and its like a competition as to who can kick the most!! I can tell they are going to be little devils, but at the moment i can't wait til there born.. i may change my mind soon after they arrive (LOL).. Anyhow hope to chat to you soon,

Rachel, ACT, Twin boys due Feb 05

hi rachel,

so good to hear from you!!!!!!!

it got to looking like i was the only one expecting in feb 05 so i went and gate crashed the due in march group!!!!! lol

i am now due on 25/2/05, at the 12wk scan my dates got brought forward 3 days.

my 12 wk scan showed a 1 in 4,500 chance of anything. so i am low risk, which is really good.

congratulations on expecting twins, u llucky thing, i would love to have twins. and your so lucky to get so far with hardly any morning sickness.

i am now 15wks 1 day, i started feeling movements at about 10 wks but they havent become regular yet and i keep worrying if its ok in there.

so do u have any names picked yet?

well, hope to hear from u soon

Kristi 5 kids.

Hey Kristi and Rachel,

I am also due in Feb 05. This is my first child and its all so scary and exciting at the time. Every hospital visit and every week brings a new surprise. I am coming to my 18th week and only a few times felt the baby, so I cant wait for the coming weeks to feel it more and more.

I think the hardest thing I have found is eating. I suffer from Celiac disease (an intolerance to gluten) and that together with the things in pregnancy we cant eat its all a little hard. But slowly I have managed to find something to keep my tummy from rumbling.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

hi kirioko,

welcome to you too!!!!!!!!!!! just when i thought i was the only due in feb girl, everyone starts to pop soooo happy!!!!

feel free to ask any questions you may have about anything and if we can we will try to answer them.

this is my fourth baby, i started feeling movements at about 10 wks but they still arent regular and it drives me nuts cos i worry about it.............looking forward to those regular movements thats for sure.

its unfortunate that you cant eat gluten, it must make things very hard for you.

anyway, welcome again and i look forward to getting to know you much more over the months.

Kristi 5 kids.

hello again,

Well we have names picked out so far (may change) but at the moment they are: Aidan Shaun & Conor James. My partner is Irish, so he really wants "real" irish names. I like those names, and since we were told they are boys hopefully they will come out as boys and not surprise us!! We are having our next scan next Friday which i can't wait for. We are so excited! We have been going crazy buying stuff. It is SO expensive!! We have bought nearly everything so far except car seats, as we are hiring capsules for when they are first born and then buying seats when they are big enough to use them. I have been feeling heaps of movement these past few days, a lot more than before which is cool. One of the boys is right up near my ribs and it is quite painful, but whenever i feel him i think that its good (after i get over the pain) because if i couldn't feel him then i'd be worried!! Anyhow we only have 7 weeks til we move to Canberra (can't wait!), so that is great. I just want to meet my new Ob and get to check out the hospital and of course start nesting in our new place - once we find one!!
I am so excited about chatting to other Feb Mum's to be... it makes it so much more real talking to others going through it!!

Rachel, ACT, Twin boys due Feb 05

Hello All,

Today I had my first ultra-sound.....ooowwhhhh it was so exciting. I was mesmerised all day looking at the photo from the scan. Its just so amazing. Its funny, even though I know Im pregnant and my belly is growing, because I cant yet feel it move, I was questioning whether it was there or not. So anyway, from the scan, they told me Im actually 2 weeks earlier than I thought, so instead of being 19 weeks, Im only roughly 17. It makes me wonder because before I was 3 months I had already started to show - I thought that was uncommon in your first baby - so now that means that I was showing around 10 weeks - was actually even starting to think that I was carrying twins. But in any case, its a healthy baby and hubby and I are just over the moon.

Can anyone suggest good cream for stretch marks? I have been using simple body lotion at the moment, but would like to use something specially for stretchmarks. Can you tell me whether they work or not.

Thank you

hi smile

congratulations on your ultrasound kirioko!!!!!!!
everyones body is different with showing, take me, im on my 4th baby and am barely showing now at 16 1/2 wks.

im glad the baby is fine, im hanging out till my scan, it should be in about 2 1/2 wks or so. did u find out the sex?

ive been getting heaps more regular movement..............its so special!!!!!!!!! smile

stretch mark cream............have u tried palmers cocoa butter stretch mark cream? u can get it at the chemist in the baby section. i used it with baby #1 and it seemed to work. its funny though cos when i tried using it with baby #2 and #3 i was allergic to it and came out in a rash on my tummy, its funny how ur sensitive to some things one pregnancy and not the other!!!!!!! when i was allergic to it i used body lotion with apricot oil and this seemed to work well too. specifically nutrimetics nutri rich body lotion. apparently nutri metics nutri rich oil works well too.

twinscanberra- ouch to the baby under the ribs, its bad enough having one kicking around ur ribs let alone two kicking everywhere!!!!!!! you poor thing, they are only going to get bigger and kick harder...........u will be bruised when u give birth smile i bet its cool though smile

good luck for the move too, why r u moving there?

talk soon smile

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi guys... Im new to this website, seems like quite a hub of info tho!!

Im due with my first bub, Valentines day 2005 which coincidently is the day before my birthday - pretty exciting stuff...

Being an Aquarian myself (not that I follow astrology that much anyway) but, I'll be glad for my baby to be same - same also as my dad and sis.

Im loving this whole time so far and am looking forward to my 20 wk scan next Monday (20-09-04)

Would love to hear/talk to anyone at th same stage to compare notes!! ;o)

Cheers to Y'all
til next time

Sophi, Brisbane - Mum to Phoebe Skye born 17/02/05

Hello again

Well i had an appointment today with my ob which was good. I am rather sad to be leaving Adelaide before the babies are born because i would like him to deliver them, oh well! can't help it. I am moving to Canberra due to work reasons, both my partner and i got transfers (which is great for family and work reasons), so we decided to push them forward til before the boys come, because it would be too hard to move with two babies! Anyhow today at the appointment the boys were kicking each other which was pretty funny. I can only imagine that it will only get worse once they are born!! We have our next scan this Friday, which we are so excited about, so i will fill you in on what happens then.
Also for stretch mark cream, i have been using Coconut body butter from the body shop, which is fantastic. It is so smooth and i don't have one stretch mark yet... lets hope it stays that way. Also the funniest thing, i was in a baby shop the other day and was talking to this lady and she was due on that day, and the funny thing is she looks smaller than i do and i'm only 19 weeks!!! I just thought, how big am i gonna get??! Oh well.

Talk soon

Rachel, ACT, Twin boys due Feb 05

hi smile

how are we all? smile

ive had a sick toddler over the last 5 days so thats my reason for taking a while to reply to you all.

sophi- welcome smile i am due 25/2/05. congratulations on being a first time mummy..............this is my 4th. i understand what u mean about astrology, i like to think about all that stuff too. my 19 mth old is aquarius, and my DH, my 4 yr old is pisces, same with me, and my 3 yr old is a leo. feel free to ask us any questions u might have. look forward to talking to u. smile

well, i bought some maternity pants today from pumkin patch.............they have nice stuff smile

other than that not much has happened.

p.s thats sooooooooooo funny the twins kicking each other smile

Kristi 5 kids.

my names kylie im due with my second on the 15 of feb, my first is a three yr old boy named bryce i come from brisbane but i live in sydney now,

Mother of Bryce and Jake

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