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Due in March 2010 Lock Rss

I thought it was time to start a thread for all those March bubba's. Looking forward to having many more join me. My EDD is 7th March



hi claire

how are you feeling? smile
Im actually due 28/2/10 but babies never arrive on time!! so I thought i'd join in with this thread.
I already have a little girl who will be 3 in november


mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

I'm jumping in with a massive BFP!! Yay!! So weird, I had totally ruled it out cos my symptoms are nothing like my first pregnancy, except that I am crazy tired and crazy hungry.. Pity I have to fit into a bridesmaid dress in 3 months. Ha!

My EDD is 8 March.. Claire we are gonna be on the journey together!

Congrats to you too Patricia, I hope your DD is being good to you!

Bel x

Yay! Friends! Hehehe welcome Patricia, and Bel - I thought I'd see you in here before too long wink.

All is good here, went to the dr today and had my antenatal bloods done, so hanging out for tomorrow arvo so I can find out whats going on in the insides. Looks good tho, doc wasn't worried at all.

Full of the cold tho, thats not very fun, but coping well.

Like you Bel the symptoms are go.... I've never pee'd so much in my life! And the hunger, lordy.

Hope you are both doing well too

Claire xxx

Patricia, due 28th

mum of prem ??
Charlie, due 1st
Woosie, due 2nd
Rosie, due?
Amber, due 4th
Billie, due 5th
Deany, due 6th
Claire, due 7th
Bel, due 8th
Tanzie, due 8th
Tess, due 8th
Carolyn, due 10th
mumofkayla, due 11th
Daniela, due 12th
Laticia3Jaydan1, due 18th
Snitzi (Claire), due 19th

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hello everyone...can i join too? im due march 12th 2010...hope to chat to all of you soon......


Welcome Daniela - wow we are a growing bunch smile
Talk soon


Hi ladies! I got my BFP this morning! I will be due March 8. Where abouts are you all from? I am in Dunedin NZ. Looking forward to getting to know you all! Oh this will be my 3rd bubba!

thank you claireyo99......

congratulations tanze3 you are due 4 days before me tongue in melbourne AU....


Hi ladies, good to hear from you! All is well here, hope you are all doing ok too. I'm in Hamilton, NZ - looks like we are spread far and wide smile.

hey ladies

hope everyone had a lovely day...I am sooo tired
Im working fulltime at the moment and already feeling worn out haha
Im from perth.
might I say its lovely to see our bunch growing

talk soon
Patricia x

mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

Hi ladies

I'm not due in March (actually in due in July thread and being induced tonight he he) but was in the March 07 thread when pregnant with my little boy. I just wanted to wish you all happy healthy pregnancies without morning sickness and to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Linda oxox

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

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