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DUE APRIL 2010 Lock Rss

I am just going to start this thread and hope that many wonderful ladies come and visit me dust to all those TTC that this is your month.. I am sure i won't be alone in here for much longer..

I am due 4th April which is my first wedding anniversary...Been trying for just over 6 months so am so excited.

Hope to speak to someone soon

Yay Amanda!! Congrats!!! It's so good to see you've made it. Best of luck for a smooth pregnancy. *throws sticky baby dust into April thread*


I got my BFP today!!! Going of LMP should be due 3 april but i know i Ovulated late so think more like 7/8 april. I am only 12DPO today but got strong and dark BFP's on 4 different brands of HPT.

I am 28 DH 27 have a DS who is 14mths. We had a missed mc @13 weeks in Feb 09 so hoping this is a sticky bub!!!

Congrats on your BFP and look forward to talking with you over the next 8mths XXXX

Thanks so much for the congrats, has been a tough last 6 months but i finally got the result we were after.

Hi Kristina,
Glad to have someone to join me.

I tested again this morning and although the line is still there it isnt any darker.

I am sooo very tired at the moment and am craving some really weird foods. Get waves of neusea every now and again but that is about all of my symptoms.

How are you feeling? Sorry to hear about your m/c. Not a nice thing to have to go through.

A bit about me - I am 28 DH is 30. We got married on 4th April this year and have a 7yr old DD and a 8mth old DD.

Hope you are feeling well.

Hi Amanda,

If i didn't already know i was pregnant i would have definetly known today!!! I am soooo tired and having waves of nausea and an all day headache.

I am really hoping that the morning sickness isn't too bad this time - i was sick with DS till 26weeks all day, couldn't eat anything and just kept water down and i had to take zofran which isn't cheap. But i wont be complaining as if i am sick i know bub is ok - as with mc i stopped being sick just before 12 weeks which is when bub didn't survive.

R u planing on having a dating scan etc... i am going to Dr tomorrow as no appointments free for today. And i want to book into the hospital eary as i know the Mater books up quick!!

Congrats on the wedding!!!!

Hi guys, can I join this thread? I just got my BFP this evening.... still very scared but excited! Think I should be due mid april?? really don't know at all!!


Oh... and congrats!! can't wait to go through these next 9 months with you alll smile


Welcome Lauren !!! Also looking forward to the next 8mths.

How are we all today????

Saw Dr and all good get blood results back by Monday maybe Sat if lucky. Felt a little nausea this morning but not too bad after i ate though. I forgot how tired pregnancy makes you - it doesn't help that DS was up all night coughing and high temps, he has bronchitis, hope it goes away soon.

Talk to you later

Welcome Lauren,

Well i have been extremely ill. Starts when i eat brekkie and lasts all day til bed time. Very hard to pretend to be feeling on top of the world around everyone. We havent told anyone yet but are going to have to very soon as i am sooo off. I figure if anything happens we will at least have some support.

Tested again this morning. I was worried the line wasnt any darker so i went and brought a digital test. They require the HCG to be higher. The result in my sig shows the result....went to Dr's for bloods and they should be back this arvo...hoping it is all ok. Pretty positive though.

I am going to try and get the Dr to send me for an early ultrasound to put my mind at ease. Just wanna see that little heart beating.

How are you girls going today??


P.S. Hoping some more lovely ladies will join us soon.........
Hi everyone,
Can i join?
I'm 26 DF is 27 and we are to be first time parents.
Planned our wedding for March 2010, we now have a new suprise of a bub coming in early April smile
I'm scared and excited, unprepared and unsure of what i need to do etc so a support group would be awesome.
Looking forward to making friends and being able to chat about my concerns etc.
Any Melb mums in here? smile
Hi all - I have just found out that my DH and I are expecting our first child (due 4 April 2010). Would love to share the next 8 or so months with you and exchange stories etc.

Wishing all of the new mums to be the very best....for a safe and healthy arrival in April.

Hi Girls,

Can I join?? I thought I was due in late march, but now, looking at it, I;m pretty sure its the 3rd April. Get my bloods back tomorrow... Yay!! This is my first so am pretty nervous! But excited! Haven't been sick or anything, but have sore bb and loads of cramps and hip pains, has anyone else had this?? Anywho, good luck ladies, can'rt wqait to get to know you over the coming 8 months!!

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