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New to Site - Anyone from WA due Aug 06 Lock Rss


I'm a first time pregnant 36 year old who is married to a wonderful and supportive man. We have been married for just over a year and are thrilled to be expecting our first baby on 9th August this year.

Would love to hear from anyone (especially from WA) due around the same time.


Deb, WA, Georgia born 8th Aug, 1st Baby

Hey there

Just wanted to say congrats im not due still october, Just want to wish you all the best during your pregnacy:)

Take care

Ds 17/10/06

hey there!!
how are ya? Well my little bubs is due on the 30th july which puts me at 26weeks tomorrow! My fiance and i are so excited as this is our first bubs.... also we were told bubs is more than likely a girl but will have to wait n see!
We are from perth but have been living south in Kojonup for 2 years for bfs work but will be heading bak to perth in the next 2 or 3 years. Where in WA are you??

hope to hear from u!!

Hey Im Vanessa.

Im 17 years old, i am due on the 12-18th aug , i am also from Perth (rockingham)... i am a single mum.. well going to be.. i am about 24 weeks, My doc have said they think its a girl, only coz they couldnt see any boy parts but there not 100% sure.

Well hope you all th best...




if anyone would like to chat im from perth, or maybe, met up, or just talk heres my msn

[email protected]



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