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DUE IN JULY 2010 Lock Rss

Hey I know its early but I am going to start a post for all the ladies due in July.
I just got a BFP this morning and am very excited.
We already have a DS so this bub is #2 and will be due July 3rd.

Feel free to join and have a chat.

Yay and congrats on your BFP, just wanted to say all the best my bub was born July this year and we wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Linda oxo

DS 11/3/07 DD 2/7/09

Hay there, I just got my BFP this morning!
My name is Kylie and Im 25 from Perth.
I already have
DD almost 4
DS 2.5 yrs
DD 12 mnths
So another little boy would just be the icing on the cake. Looks like Im due July 4th, but that will probably change. Took me 3 mnths of TTC this time around. My other 3 were all in the 1st month. How long did it take you to fall pregnant this time?


Hey Kylie
Congrats on your BFP, its so exciting, I'm hoping for a little girl as I already have a boy but I'm happy with either, I love being pregnant its the best.
It also took me 3 months to conceive which was the same with my son.
Well good luck with everything.

Had my blood tests on Friday and the person was not very gentle, I have a massive bruise on my arm.

Hope to hear from more mummies to be soon

Hi girls
Great to hear your BFPs . I think I will be Due in 1st July.

I have DS 21 months. I had a m/c in july so I guess i have been ttc 3 months since then.

I will go to blood test this week. only used hpt so far.

Lets hope we all have sticky babies!

Hay girls,
Goosmum mum, excellent news on that BFP! Was your first bub early or late? Im the 4th July so Ill probably go June as Ive had my other 3 a week early.
What do you girls get bloods done now for? My 1st bloods have always been at 10 week mark to go with the nuchal scan. Are you guys booking in for a dating scan ( 7/8 wks)?
Usually I do, so Ill probably go to the drs in a fortnight or so to get referral.
Take care

hello all,my names katie and i just found out i am expecting #4 after 3 months TTC.
and EDD is tuesday july 6th but will booked in for c-section at the end of june.
look forward to chatting to you all

Hi Katie, Im also on no 4 as well after 3 mnths ttc! I thought I might start a list so that we can keep track of everyone. Feel free to add or change anything..

July 1- Goosmum #2
July 3- Pinn7907 #2
July 4- Kylie84** #4 (kylie)
July 6- my3kidsplus1 #4 (Katie)

Anyone got any symptoms yet? Im feeling a bit tired, but thats all so far. Only had morning sickness with #1 so hoping it stays away!
Have a nice day girls:)

How come my tickers not changing? Im 4+1 today.hmm...

Hi kylie

I get my bloods done early cause I have had 2 eptopics. If the level stays low for a week or so there is a chance it may be again. they can't detect it on ultra sound before week8-9 and if we find out early I have a better chance of keeping my tubes.

I am going to see if I can get my progesterone level checked as well. This may be my reason for many m/c.

No real symptoms yet. maybe a bit of m/s and stronger sense of smell.

Hi to every one else

goosmum- fingers crossed u get ur positve.

Kylie84- congrats on ur BFP, thanks for starting the list, I get bloods for everything HIV, AIDS, Rubella and the rest also HCG levels. I will probably also be having bubs at the end of June but offical DD is 2nd July.

my3kidsplus1- congrats on #4

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