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Anyone due in Apr still preg? Lock Rss

Today is my due date and Im still here. I had my last AN app yesterday and they made a 41 week app for me in case Im still going. I really hope not because I do not want to be induced.

Anybody else still waiting?

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06


Im due today too and still waiting. I had my an appt yesterday they told me that if i dont go into labour by mid next week they will induce me on friday 5th May.

Im not too bothered by the whole getting induced thing, Im just over being pregnant and uncomfortable. i would like him or her out earlier rather than later...

Have you been trying all the old wives tales about bringing on labour?? I have but it doesnt seem to be working.

Waitings the hard part....

Good luck


Jasmine born 27.04.06

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