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Mums to larger families Lock Rss

Hi there I am mum to three great kids , also 4 great stepkids , foster mum to a adorable 1 yr old and 3 months pregnant with our first baby together , we are from NQ and have been married 5 months . looking to chat to others in this situation or adults raised in similar situations.

Mary mum to 9 kids baby Kailyn 2nd dec2006

hi there
i also have three kids from my 1st marriage but no steps or foster kids however i m also 6mths preg with twins these are my partners first kids poor bugger got a whammy first up i share custody of my 3 and i am in vic this preg is a lot harder being twins and i m on almost complete bed rest except to take kids to and from school and hospital visits
not sure if that s classed as similar to your situation but i d be more than happy to chat with you
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