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me and my man were wondering..... Lock Rss

hi every1,

i am 21 and my man is 26. we r both first time parents-2-b who r expecting our bub 16th july.

i have learned alot through reading different msgs that you have all posted, and chatted to a couple of you about different things. and i think it's excellent that these sorts of chat sites are available to us. we were just wondering if any1 knew of chat sites for dads and dads-2-b. or if there is any dads out there that wanna chat to each other for the same reason us mums and mums-2-b do....

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

I've seen a few posts by men in different areas on this site. Other than that I don't know of sites specifically for dads.
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