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Due Xmas Day!! Aaaggghhhh! Rss

Hi everyone,
I know there is a "due in December" post, but I thought I'd narrow it down to the one day we all dread....Xmas Day. Im due with bub no. 2 on this day and am so anxious for it not to happen, although I do know that only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date. As you can imagine, this would be the worst time to spend in hospital away from family and friends and my 17mth old in particular. I would really like a Dec 20 or 21 birth so does anyone know of any "old tricks" to bring on labour (that's if he hasnt arrived by then anyway)? I've heard of sex and brisk walking......any others? Anyone else due on Xmas Day?

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

hi well i am due in december to on the 16th though so thankgod before x-mas day just hope i dont go over or anything but i went 3 weeks early with my first so hopeing to go abit early umm as for inducing labour my mum told me to go for a bumpy ride in the car some where hope everything goes well for you did your first come on the due date? anyway takecare seeya nat.
Im due on the 16th aswell and i went over with my first so iam expecting to go over again im really hoping it wont be xmas day too. Ive told my hubby that we will have to have xmas day late if i end up in hospital then as i am not going to miss out. Dont try the cod liver oil thing for labour. My midwife suggested that last time and apart from tasting revolting it just gives you gut ache. I hear spicy food is supposed to help, i think they come when they are ready. If you do go in over xmas, see if your family will be sympathetic enough to wait a couple of extra days for the big present opening day. It wont hurt and then you will still feel part of the celebrations. I know there is no way chloe ( my 3 year old) will be opening her pressies without me even if i have to take them to the hospital to hide them!!!!! Cheers Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

hi Sophie's mum,
im not due on christmas day, but two days later on the 27th!
i dont want to be in hospital on christmas day, but i would love my baby here to share the special day with his/her family at home. so i am interested in knowing some earliy bub tips!
on the other hand i dont know how early is safe and some bubs are going to come when they are good and ready so it makes it hard.
look forward to hearing from you bye

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

i also read somewhere here about starting a job that will take you longer than a day or two coz you wont get it finshed and have to come home to a mess!
i like that one best!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

They say 2 weeks either way from your due date is normal (and safe) Im happy to have him 2 weeks before xmas if that's the case. My first was born 2 days before her due date, but I actually went into a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long labour with her 4 days prior to her due date. That made it nearly a 40 hr long labour. Not happy for that to happen again either let me tell you!

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

2 weeks before christmas would be great!
tasmin was due on the 22 nov which was a friday, that morning i started with the twinges and went in to hospital on sat morning and gave birth to her 3:59 sun morning on the 24th so i take it she was two days late!
just enough time to have bub and come home would be enough for me

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

hi there
i had my 2nd boy on xmas day lol
and my 3rd son on the 1st dec
so as u can see gets very expensive for us that time of year
but what we do for our son who was born xmas day we let him have his bday early
like the end of november so he gets to enjoy his bday or we wrap his bday pressies in bday paper and xmas pressies in xmas paper so he knows he is getting seperate pressies
hi Flick
that is a great idea about different wrapping paper ill keep that in mind!
ive already 'told' close family and friends no cheating on that side of things! LOL

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

well im not due till feb with my second but my birthdays xmas and might i let you know in advance never write happy birthday on an xmas card......... but never fear theres one birthday worse then that my best friend is born on 1st of jan he says no one rembers...., my son will get easter every few yrs thats not to bad and this ones due the day after valetines day.... ahhh what was i thinking any way i love being born on xmas any questions about the ups and downs please email me im hapy to chat

Mother of Bryce and Jake

hi im due on christmas eve im sort of hoping for an early birth also

21, first pregnancy due 24/12/2004

baby dont really cum on they due date my son was due xmas day but came on the 28

Rebbecca mother of 1 and due on 17 jan

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