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45 and pregnant :) Lock Rss

hi. Is there anyone out there who is finding it hard to find any positive info on older mothers... is there anyone out there who is going to become an older mother.. would love to hear from you.

Kim expecting 5th 26 Oct 06

Hi There

I'm not an older mum-to-be but I say good for you and congratulations on being pregnant smile I hope you have a lot of support from family and friends and that your pregnancy goes well.

Hi I am nearly 39 and having no.4 and yes there isnt enough pos info for us older mums. I get dont you have tv in your house. I am due 21st july at the moment it cant come soon enough i am lucky to get 3hrs sleep a night and my 20mth doesnt like to sleep during the day, the emotions are running wild at the moment , I hope your pregnancy is going well for you .

KAREN - R 16/94 M 31/96 L 8/04 L 12/06

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