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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Well looks like i'm the lucky 1st person to be due in September.

Well i'm Penny 25 and this will be our 2nd baby as we already have a beautiful 3yr old daughter Jazmin. I have been TTC since June and after 4months of just going with the flow no pressure at all we have our BFP. It's very exciting!

I hope I will have some lovely ladies to experience this journey with soon.
Hey Penny, I was with you in the TTC threads and noticed that you started this due september thread. Biggest congrats on you BFP......YAY!!!!!!! smile

Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and no doubt there will be lots more ladies joining you soon.

When are you due?
Congrats on your good news!!!

hello penny i'm Jaime and iv just got my BFP today (being TTC since June also) so that means ill be due 4th September this will also be my second child Logan my wee man is now 17 months

I got the best christmas presents ever
Congratulations Jamie!!!! You must be so excited and relieved that it's finally happened. I know I was. Best Xmas pressie ever hey.

You know I thought i'd be due in Sep counting from ovualtion but when doctors ect calculate it they go from first day of your last period which would make me due 24th Aug apparently. How did you work your due date out? I'm going with Sep anyway lol. If baby comes early then Woohoo lol.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies for the Congratualtion posts!!


im just going off my last period which would make it the 4th of september i went early last time so i think ill go early again i havnt told the family yet not to sure when ill do that i may just leave it a few weeks because my sister in law has just found out that she is pregnant again we were pregnant at the same time last time and had our babies on the same day we live in different areas so we dont see each other much

Hi Ladies, My name is Nicole (Nic) Im 26 and Just got My BFP this morning which will make me Due 6th of Sep as AF is not due for a couple of days but i couldnt wait I had to test smile

I have a Hubby who is 28 and DD who is almost 3.5 and a DS who is 2.5 so this is our 3rd. We were very lucky as this was only my 2nd month off the pill and we fell.

My DD was 2 weeks early and DS was 1 month early so I hope this one sticks around longer and I can go to full term.

Look forward to talking with you as our pregnancys progress.

Hi There,

Well, my name's is Jenny and I am 25. My DH is 30 and I have 3 DD's, Rebecca is 7, Haille is 5 and Natasha will be 3 in a few weeks. I was actually in the "Due Sept 09" thread, but we lost our little boy, Matthew, back in May, when I was 22 weeks pregnant. No idea why, the doc said it was just one of those things. We decided to try again and I got a BFP this morning, which will make me due Sept 2nd. I hope to get to know everyone well, as we share this amazing journey....good luck and take care...


p.s Also, i'm trying to get the ticker from working but i can't...can anyone help???

you can also get tickers from i dont know how to put them on here tho
Hi ladies,

My name is Kylie, Im 30 and DH is also 30. We have recently seen a fertility specialist for recurrent miscarriages and all our blood tests came back normal.

We have been working out ovulation dates for some time now and I think I may have finally got it right. So far the only syptoms are feeling really sick in the tummy but not being able to be sick and extremely tired. AF is not due for at least another week but something tells me it might not come at all.

Fingers crossed I get to join you all soon, I think I worked out a due date of around 13th September....when would be the best time to test?

Hi Jenny, sorry for the loss of your little Boy it must have been so hard for you, it turns out I will be due Sep 4th so we will only be a couple of days apart smile

Hi Kylie, I hope all your symptoms are what you think they could be and you get your BFP soon. I tested a couple of days before AF was due and got a positive but some tests say you can test as early as a week before AF is due. Baby dust to you and fingers crossed we will see you in here soon.

Congratualtions Kylie, Jenny and Nicole. I wish you all a very sticky 9months.

Well ladies I have my 1st doctors app on Wed and I have a feeling i've defiantly worked my dates out wrong which means I should be in the Due August thread. Stupid me got to ahead of myself lol. So I think i'll be leaving you all unfortuntly. Will let you know how I get along on Wed.

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