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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Hi. I hope you don't mind me jumping in but i got my BFP yesterday.....on my BIRTHDAY best birthday present ever. I was so shocked as i new it was early to test so when the line showed up (even though a bit faint but def there) i was in shock.

So a bit about me. I have 1 DS who is 2. We took well over a year TC him. This time round we have been trying for 10 LONG months. End of last year i found out i had PCOS and hadn't been ovulating. FS put me on 100mg clomid...and well obvisouly it worked. I can't believe it worked first time round i was just happy to have actually ovulated. So now am really excited.

Had a bit of a panic today. Went to the drs, she did urine test and it came back negative so she sent me for bloods which were meant to be ready this arvo. But pathology stuffed up so won't get them till tomo. My dr did ring though and say that after i left she rechecked the tests and they did come up with a line...faint but there. Apparently i think there tests are not as sensitive. I was a bit hesitant about saying i was pregnant as didn't want to jinx myself but now am just looking at everything positevly. So now will go back and catch up on all your posts.
Lisa, have added you to the list.
Saffronhill have added you too. Congrats. What part of Melb are you in? I'm in western suburbs, ex SE suburbs.
If you want to add anything all you do is copy it and paste it to your post gasp)

jennylee - Jenny 25 - DD 7yo, DD 5yo, DD 3yo and DS(born
sleeping 20.5.09) - Due 2nd Sept - NSW

Chrispe82 - Chris 27 - DS 5yo, DD 3yo - Due 2nd Sep - S. A.

jaimerose - Jaime 26, DS 17 months - Due 4th Sept - NZ

Mum of 2 under 1 – Nicole DD 3yo DS 2yo – Due 4th Sep - Vic

mouse27- Due Sept 4

fanda2 - Amanda - Due 6 Sept - ?

Clairplus3 - Clair - DD 6, DS almost 4 - Due 6 Sept - ?

Abikate - Abi - DS 18mths - Due 6 Sept - N.T.

maf_08 - Mel 28, DD 16 months - Due 6th Sept - WA

mmth1 - Maddie 21 - First child - Due 6th Sept - NZ

Julzxx - Julie - due 7th Sept

Jess28 - Jess 28 - DS 18mths - Due 8th Sept - Vic

M Jay - Due 9th Sept

0millz0 - Lisa 30 - First Child - Due 9th Sept - QLD

Cosmo - Alisha 28 - DS 14/12 - Due 11th Sept - NSW

Mumtogirls - Belinda - 2 DD - Due 12 Sept -?

teegs75 - 1st child - Due 12 Sept

saffronhill - 1st child - Due 12 Sept - Vic

NicS83 - Nic 26 - DS 6, DS almost 4, DD 2 - Due 13th Sept - Vic

Gab 1ds - Gab 26 - DS 2.5 - Due 13th Sept - Tas

Zachary25 - Ana 32, DS 2 -Due 18th Sept

Amaliesmamma- Kristy 25, DD 8months - ?
[Edited on 15/01/2010]

Welcome and congrats jdmum. I hear you on the doctors pregnancy tests. According to their test I wasnt pregnant with my 3 DC...when all the early tests said I was, had many arguements over it. Low and behold I was. Thats why this time around I didnt even bother with the urine test, I asked for a blood test straight off the bat. Hope your blood test comes back tomorrow for you. Feel free to add yourself to our growing list

Hi Ladies,

Well, Its been about a week and a bit since i've written but i've still been reading all the posts. There's so many in here now, its great!!

Well, i've still got 2 days before my next blood test but its starting to really freak me out. Just to refresh, my first blood test came back and my HCG levels were only 120, which my doc said would put me around the 3-4 week mark. if thats the case it means my dates are out by 2 weeks!..and i don't understand how i could be that wrong cause it would mean that i fell pregnant when AF was due, or just after...which is impossible, right?
Anyway, doc said the other reason could be that the bub just isn't viable( i really don't like that word). The scary thing is that this is the exact same thing that happened last time with my little boy, who we ended up losing. Now, i feel that its happening again. To make matters worse i have NO symptoms whatsoever. No m/s, no sore boobs, no tiredness, nothing!

My DH just keeps saying that its all in my head, and that everything will be fine. But i feel deep down that its not. Aaarrggghhh! Maybe i am just analysing it too much....

I'm really sorry for dropping all this on everyone but i'm really lost and confused and can't get my head around it at the moment. Considering i already have 3 beautiful girls, i can't understand why this is happening now......

Anyway, take care all of you, and i'll write again soon...



Congratulations JDMum; i'm so excited for you; i was in the ttc thread with you; well done i knew you would get a BFP soon.

Fingers crossed everything stays sticky.

Take care and look forward to hearing your journey along the way.

ATM - feeling a bit nauseous at times with certain smells; we are currently getting a deck built out our backyard and this evening the smell of the timber nearly made me heave.
I'm definatley starting to show, which is a bit tricky when we haven't told anyone yet; but not long to wait as we see our OB on sat 16th and have our first u/s, so hopefully if all is ok we will tell our family on the weekend.

Hope everyone is feeling ok;

Take care Alisha xxx

OMG jdmum congratulations!!!!

I squealed when I read your post!


Sorry, I'm very happy for you!

I'm glad all you girls are doing OK.
I'm going back to my GP tomorrow to get my blood results and my referral to the OB we have decided on, FINALLY.

Take care all

Congratulations jdmum Im so happy for you and glad you made it to the Due Sep thread thats fantastic that the Clomid worked so quickly for you smile

Booked In my U/S for Feb 18th I have to wait a while as its my 12 week one but Im looking foward to it.

Im loving this cool change and so are the kids, they have been sleeping a lot better now its not so hot.

Take care everyone

Nicole (Nic)

Hi Guys I just wanted to add Im getting rid of a few of my baby things I have way to much that this one wont need. ill be listing on ebay under nicoleandrewsmith if you would like to have a look.

If you would like anything just let me know and ill give it to you cheaper. Im listing a navy Blue Buba Sling today as I have 2.


Hi everyone!

Well finally made it to the GP and got my referral to the ob and my first lot of blood work done. Yay!! Will see the midwife at the ob practice next week and wont see the ob himself until early march.

I am feeling really good at the moment, only slight waves of nausea VERY occasionally. My 4 year old asked me last week when DH and I are going to have another baby!!! DH and I have not told a soul yet!! We will wait till 12/13 weeks to let everyone know. It's amazing how kids pick up on things!!

CONGRATULATIONS JDMUM!!!!!! I am very happy for you and remember you from the TTC thread.

jennylee, I hope you are feeling ok today. All the best for your next lot of blood tests.

Talk to you all soon

Thanks for the welcome. I have to say i am still in shock and won't admit how many HPT i have done LOL! Just hoping that the lines get darker then they are smile When the dr did urine test yesterday it was initially negative Blood results today confirmed it was positive i am pregnant!!! Little disappointed i didn't get quantitative HCG levels cause wanted to know that to make sure all is good...but it was just qualitative so yes/no positive negaitve. So glad def a positive. GOt follow up bloods tomo. So hopefully will get more info then.

can't wait for my first u/s that just makes everything seem so real...but gotta wait a little for that smile I really want a girl this time but gut feeling is it will be a boy. With the clomid there is the possibilty of twins...but my fs was sure i would be lucky to get one good egg pop out smile
Hi my name is Julie. On my daughters 3rd birthday we received the fantastic news that we are expecting our 2nd bub. Bub is due on the 7th Sep, by dr calculations. 1st day of LMP plus 7 days. I have a 34 day cycle so I wont find out exact date until our dating scan.

My fist OB appoint is 27 Jan. I cant wait to see our new addition.

Congratulations to all the other mums due in Sep. I wish for you a happy and healthy pregnancy.


HI girls
Sorry I haven't been on in a bit. I feel as sick as a dog.....Been sleeping most days it has been as hot as anything here (in SA) until a few days ago. It has really knocked me out. gotta go be sick.....

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