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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Hi all

We haven't even started thinking about names yet.
You guys are organised!

Abikate- I had the worst all day sickness with DS, luckily I haven't had any so far this pregnancy.
The only thing I found that helped me were sea bands. They are these pressure point wrist bands for sea sickness.
I got mine from the local pharmacy.

Well I got my bloods back and they were all good.
I also got my referral to the OB and because he is going on a months leave over February I have my first appointment on the 1st Feb!! I will be exactly 8 weeks.

Hope your all well


Hi girls
welcome to all the new mums to be! I hope we all have great pregnancies.
Jenny - hugs to you. I would say ' don't worry' but I know that is helpful so I'll say ' my thoughts & prayers are that you have a health bub'. About your ovulation thing it is possible to ovulate during AF. My motther n law fell preg that way with her last bub. Can't wait til you have some more definite news.

As for names we are thinking
Rohan Jeffery
Isabelle Audrey
both are a mix of names we like& family names.
I'm so excited I have my first antenatal appointment next Thursday (21st) will be 8 weeks andcant wait for the first ultrasound, once again I have this fear that it might be twins ( theyrun in both sides of the family) mostly because I'm so sick & beginning to show alreadly and I don't usually show til 13 + weeks. Scary stuff.

hello how are we all doing??

Im also scared that im going to have twin i keep telling myself that i only have one inside me i have to wait till next month for my scan

Just for fun i done the ring/needle test the other day and it said that im having a girl so i hope that its right but im not getting my hopes up

as for names we have picked
Hayden John ( John my dads middle name )
Heidi Rose ( Rose being my middle name )
DS got DH middle name so being fair the next child gets something to do with my family
Hi Jaimerose,

What is the ring/needlel test? I am curious smile

Well I had a little bit of a worry yesterday as I had a tiny bit of light brown spotting. As this is my first pregnancy and didn't know if it was normal I went to doctor and I had a scan just in case. Feel so much better now, I could see my baby in there and even see it's little heart flickering... amazing!!

As for names for a boy we like Connor and for a girl we like Ava smile
the ring/needle test is where it tread a strand of your hair or cotton through a needle or ring and hang it over your belly if it goes round in circles its a girl and if it goes side to side its a boy

Chrispe, Twins would be so exciting. A little more work, but exciting.

Before we conceived I kept getting a twin vibe, but we have no twins in the family, so very unlikely.

Like a few other mums, I keep taking pregnancy tests, even though all blood work came back positive, because other than sore boobs and a slightly sore hip and being more tired than usual I dont feel pregnant.

I am starting to feel a bit guilty at the moment, as when I was pregnant with Tamsyn I was so excited all of the time. This time I dont know if it has not sunk in, if I am too busy to notice. I am looking forward to meeting my little bubba, but what to feel like I did when I fell with Tamsyn.

Hubby and I have deciced on a boys name but need to figure out the middle name, and girls name is so hard. I like unusual pretty names for girls.

The boys name we like is Jai or spelt Jye.

Speak soon


Hi Girls,

Hope u dont mind if I join:)
My DH and I have just found out we are expecting our 3rd bub on 24th Sept:) We have 2 gorgeous DD Lilly and Summer who are 2 and a half and 14 months:)
Its all so exciting again I cant wait to have a belly again and feel the bub move inside me again!
I hope everyone is feeling well and not having too bad MS!

I called my OB yesterday and he is on holidays in Sept - I was so bummed because he is so awesome but oh well u cant help that! He will still see me for all my appt but might get his back up, but you never know they might not even make the birth anyways (but I will worry about that when the time comes!)

Anyways so glad to be apart of this group and look forward to hearing about how everyone is travelling

Dan xxx

Just adding myself to the list gasp)

jennylee - Jenny 25 - DD 7yo, DD 5yo, DD 3yo and DS(born
sleeping 20.5.09) - Due 2nd Sept - NSW

Chrispe82 - Chris 27 - DS 5yo, DD 3yo - Due 2nd Sep - S. A.

jaimerose - Jaime 26, DS 17 months - Due 4th Sept - NZ

Mum of 2 under 1 – Nicole DD 3yo DS 2yo – Due 4th Sep - Vic

mouse27- Due Sept 4

fanda2 - Amanda - Due 6 Sept - ?

Clairplus3 - Clair - DD 6, DS almost 4 - Due 6 Sept - ?

Abikate - Abi - DS 18mths - Due 6 Sept - N.T.

maf_08 - Mel 28, DD 16 months - Due 6th Sept - WA

mmth1 - Maddie 21 - First child - Due 6th Sept - NZ

Julzxx - Julie - due 7th Sept

Jess28 - Jess 28 - DS 18mths - Due 8th Sept - Vic

M Jay - Due 9th Sept

0millz0 - Lisa 30 - First Child - Due 9th Sept - QLD

Cosmo - Alisha 28 - DS 14/12 - Due 11th Sept - NSW

Mumtogirls - Belinda - 2 DD - Due 12 Sept -?

teegs75 - 1st child - Due 12 Sept

saffronhill - 1st child - Due 12 Sept - Vic

NicS83 - Nic 26 - DS 6, DS almost 4, DD 2 - Due 13th Sept - Vic

Gab 1ds - Gab 26 - DS 2.5 - Due 13th Sept - Tas

Zachary25 - Ana 32, DS 2 -Due 18th Sept

Amaliesmamma- Kristy 25, DD 8months - ?

Jdmum - DS2, Due 23 September - NSW

Dan10 - Danielle 24, DD 2.5, DD 1, Due 24th Sept

Hi Everyone,
I am going to have a real blonde moment here but also a very innocent one as this is my first baby and the first time I have ever tried to post on a forum, so I apologise if I have done it in the wrong spot.
I am 26 years old and my hubby and I are expecting out first baby on the 10th September.
We are both very excited but I am also very anxious, being the first bub and I also have type 1 diabetes.
Can someone please explain to me what all of the DH, DS, DD means? I have a slight idea but would just like to know for sure.
Thanks smile
[Edited on 16/01/2010]
[Edited on 16/01/2010]
Welcome new ladies!

Dan- i recognise you from TTC Jan. Congrats!

Baby Boo 84- DH= darling Husband DS= darling son DD= darling daughter. There is heaps of abbreviations, it takes a while to get them all.

Well I feel really crappy today!
I hope its not a sign of things to come.


Congrats dan...our bubs are due around the same time!

Wow i can't believe you are all organised with names lol. I think i am still in shock mode haha. I get my full blood results tomo. I have been feeling pretty good just soooo tired. So taking nanny naps with DS lol. Little bit nausea but no m/s yet.

Quick question my friend has brought one of those shop kits...pretty test if her bub is boy or girl. I think its called "Intelligender" Do u know of anyone else who has used them and they were accurate? They say it works from 8wks tests from your wee and it predicts whether u r having a girl/boy.
[Edited on 16/01/2010]
Hi Ladies

Am so excited to be joining you in this thread! Got my wonderful BFP last wednesday, and am due 22nd September. I remember a few of you from the TTC threads, its lovely to see so many in here.

Bit about me, I have an 18m DS so this will be my second bub but third pregnancy. Had a missed m/c at 13w at the end of October so am really hoping this one wants to stick around.

Am feeling really tired all the time and have had nausea on and off since 3 weeks but am so excited!!!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone


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