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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Well I thought I would join this group too.

Here is a bit about myself... I am 25 and DH is 40 and we are expecting #1 on 12th September. We were TTC for 1 month and couldn't believe it happened straight away.
Feeling some light cramps at night and very sore boobs at the moment. Still very early days so am a little nervous but trying to trust that my body is healthy and will do what it's meant too smile

Hope everyone else is going ok and enjoying the early stages.
Welcome Gabs and Teegs;

Congrats Gab, i remember you from the TTC dec and jan thread, how exciting and you didn't even think it was your month.
Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy; i'm sure everything will be fine.

Well i went to my GP today for a referral to my OB; and she is just as confused as i am about my due date due to ? m/c last month or bleeding of who knows what; anyway cut a long story short i have an early appointment next saturday 16th with my OB to have an ultrasound and sort out my dates; so not long to go now as i think i am only 5 weeks this week but potentially due to my cycle and what happened i could be 9 weeks; so we will find out next saturday.

Hope everyone is feeling well; just wondering if anyone has started to think about how they are going to deliver their exciting news this time around and when you plan on telling? I think we will wait until next sat and get an u/s picture and put it in a frame for the grand parents.

Alisha xxx

We have told our parents, brothers and sisters etc. We also told our eldest son tonight. Got a mixed reaction. 3 out of 4 sets (both from divorced families) were happy, one not so impressed as apparently I dont handle pregnancy. I have had a few problems in the past.
DS 1 - devoloped a rash called PUPPS all over my body including places that are not nice. Got induced because of it. He was 8lb 15oz
DS 2 - developed Gest Diabeties and possibily Pre-eclampsia (not confimed but suspected)Induced due to size,he turned out to be 8lb 5oz
DD - Polyhydramnios (excess fluid)and suspected Gest Diabeties - Induced due to Polyhydramnios, she was 8lb 13oz.
In saying that I had all natural births, so it cant have been that bad.

Hey Nic I know how ya feel. We are waiting until the 10 - 13 week mark to tell my DH family because all this year I have been saying a wanted another bub and have been told "remember how sick you get" and "be thankful for the 2 you have" and other stuff like that, so we figured they can wait until the tradional time. My family on the other hand were over joyed! Of course my Mum worries about my health and all that due to the fact that i had pre -eclampsia with my 1# and High Blood Pressure with my 2# but it looks like its not so bad with each pregnancy so this time FX I'll be fine. (I had VBs with both bub too)

What about everyone else have you told all the family yet or are you waiting?

Any cool birthing stories?

well i went to the doctor yesterday and i have tonillitis which sucks im not meds so i hope it clears up fast i feel a little better today still cant eat tho
Hi everyone, i went to doctors appointment yesterday and i feel much better she reassured me the cramps i am having are fine. When they took blood at 4 weeks 2 days my HCG level was 101. Does anyone no if this is good? and everything else was fine. Now just looking forward to ultrasound on Monday!!! very excited but scared at same time.

Hope everyone is going well with their pregnancy.

Hi All,

Well, we're only telling a couple of people at the moment. Because of what happened last time we decided to keep it to ourselves for the most part until after the first scan which i have on the 19th, Jan. We're not even telling our other kids yet.

Regarding birth stories, all of mine were pretty ordinary except for my first. I was induced at 13 days over, cause i guess i looked after her too well and she wanted to, thats what i say anyway). Total labour was only about 9 hrs but 3 and a half of that was pushing. In the end I ended up having, gas, pethidine, epidural, forceps and the vaccuum. The OB told me if she didn't come out in the next 5 minutes i was going to theatre. That was the last thing i wanted so i put in everything i had and she made it out with about 1 minute to spare... I found out then why it was so hard. She was 10lb 4 oz (4.65kg), 53cm long and a h/c of 38cm....not bad for my 1st.

But, at least they are getting smaller as they go. 2nd was 9lb 12oz(4.4kg), 3rd was 7lb 5oz(3.5kg) and my little man was only 130g cause i was only 22weeks...hopefully this one is only about, say 7lb? But i guess when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter as long as everything goes well, and bub is born healthy...

Ok, enough chatter, take care everyone..


Hi, Amanda - My HCG at 4 weeks 1 day was 300 and my dr said it was a bit low so did another one at 5 weeks and it was 4634 so maybe it might be worth doing another one in a few days but If you have a U/S monday I wouldnt really worray about the HCH cos they will do the dates by U/S.

For birth stories I had DD at 38 weeks Drug free natyral birth and she was 3.290 51cm long and healthy. as for DS my waters broke at 33weeks had to stay in hospital untill I want in labour at 35weeks and he was born 1 month prem. he had to stay in SCN for 2 weeks and was 2.43kg 45cm long, but he was healthy and breathing and feeding on this own with is good. He was also a drug free natural birth.


Hi all you pregnant ladies!!
Thanks for your welcomes!

We decided not to tell anyone yet after the MC last time. I also have know idea how I am going to tell my brother and sister in law. I had a friend come for a play date today and she said " your pregnant aren't you". And I thought I was being a good actor.

As for birth storeys DS was 13 days over. I was induced by balloon and that horrid drip! I was 2cm when they broke my waters. After around 15 hours of labour they took me for an emergency c- section as I was still only 2cm and he was in fetal distress. He was whisked away by the pead and was in the NICU for a week due to a suspected infection.

Hope you are all well

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[Edited on 06/01/2010]

Hi thanks for your reply. i was feeling better today but after reading yours was 300 i got really worried. i called my doctor and she said 101 was well within normal range, so im not sure now wether to be worried or not.
Hi Amanda sorry the last thing i wanted to do was worry you, I read up on it heaps when i got mine re done and everything i read said that the numbers didnt really mean a lot, as long as they doubled every 48hrs then it was ok.
all the beast with your U/S Monday im sure it will be fine.

My labours were pretty uneventful, just fast,

DS 1 - 7hrs with episiotomy
DS 2 - 4hrs 35 mins, dialated from 3cm to 10cm in 15mins, 1st degree tear no stiches
DD - 1hr 36 mins, labial graze, she had cord around her neck and there was merconium in the waters.

They predicted if was to have anymore kids, I would have a 30min labour, so heres hoping I dont go into labour when I home on my own with the kids.

Had a long day at work today, Morning sickness is driving me nuts, does anyone have any ideas on how to ease the chucky feeling?

jennylee - Jenny 25 - DD 7yo, DD 5yo, DD 3yo and DS(born
sleeping 20.5.09) - Due 2nd Sept - NSW

Chrispe82 - Chris 27 - DS 5yo, DD 3yo - Due 2nd Sep - S. A.

jaimerose - Jaime 26, DS 17 months - Due 4th Sept - NZ

Mum of 2 under 1 – Nicole DD 3yo DS 2yo – Due 4th Sep - Vic

fanda2 - Amanda - Due 6 Sept - ?

Clairplus3 - Clair - DD 6, DS almost 4 - Due 6 Sept - ?

Abikate - Abi - DS 18mths - Due 6 Sept - N.T.

maf_08 - Mel 28, DD 16 months - Due 6th Sept - WA

Jess28 - Jess 28 - DS 18mths - Due 8th Sept - Vic

Cosmo - Alisha 28 - DS 14/12 - Due 11th Sept - NSW

Mumtogirls - Belinda - 2 DD - Due 12 Sept -?

NicS83 - Nic 26 - DS 6, DS almost 4, DD 2 - Due 13th Sept - Vic

Gab 1ds - Gab 26 - DS 2.5 - Due 13th Sept - Tas
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