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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I went to the doctor today and got my blood results and my HCG levels were only 120. By dates i should be 6 weeks today and my doc said that the levels were more in line with 3-4 weeks, so either my dates are way off or it could mean the embryo isn't "viable". Now, i'm terrified. With my first 3, all my levels were well into the late hundreds, right from the beginning, but with my last one the levels were nearly the same as this one, at 117. He ended up having some abnormalities which meant he didn't survive and was stillborn at 22weeks.

My hubby is telling me not to stress, but i can't help but feel that history is repeating itself. I can't understand why, after 3 perfectly healthy babies, things are now going wrong.
I've got to have another blood test, but the doc said to wait till next friday. I'm hoping that by then the levels have drastically increased and that things are fine.

Anyway, i'm really sorry for going on but there's no one else i can talk to......


((hugs)) keeping my fingers crossed for you. Dont stress, we are here to listen, thats what a forums for. gasp)

Hi everyone, hope all is going well with your pregnancies.

I have my 6 week ultrasound on Monday. My husband is really looking forward to it but I'm not. Feel really scared and worried that when we go they will say something is wrong, not sure if I'm feeling this way because of previous miscarriage.

Also is it normal some days for symptoms to disapear or not be a strong as day before?

Hopefully everything will be ok i haven't had any bleeding or anything so fingers crossed. Sorry to go on just feeling very unsure and scared this week.

Hi ladies,

Jenny - sometimes levels are just low for no apparent reason; i would'nt read into the numbers as they are exactly that; just a number; i know of many women who have had low numbers on HCG reading and had perfectly normal pregnancies and babies; so try and stay positive, although i understand you are scared due to previous experiences; we are all here to listen when ever you need to vent. take care and fingers crossed all will be good.

Amanda - I understand you saying you are scared; i am in a similar boat; however at the moment i am trying to stay positive and thing that everything will be fine; From what you have said you haven't had any negative concerns, eg. bleeding, pain etc, so fingers crossed i'm sure things will be just fine and you will see you little bundle next week.

Take care ladies, have a nice weekend.
Alisha xx

Hi ladies my names Maddie, im 21, from NZ, pregnant with my first, oh so scary but exciting!!! add me to the 6th as well.. funny to think our babies were all made on the same day.. trust me to think of something like that. anyway ita pretty cool there are sites like this out there as an extra support for us pregnant women!

Welcome Maddie. Have added you to the list. gasp)

jennylee - Jenny 25 - DD 7yo, DD 5yo, DD 3yo and DS(born
sleeping 20.5.09) - Due 2nd Sept - NSW

Chrispe82 - Chris 27 - DS 5yo, DD 3yo - Due 2nd Sep - S. A.

jaimerose - Jaime 26, DS 17 months - Due 4th Sept - NZ

Mum of 2 under 1 – Nicole DD 3yo DS 2yo – Due 4th Sep - Vic

fanda2 - Amanda - Due 6 Sept - ?

Clairplus3 - Clair - DD 6, DS almost 4 - Due 6 Sept - ?

Abikate - Abi - DS 18mths - Due 6 Sept - N.T.

maf_08 - Mel 28, DD 16 months - Due 6th Sept - WA

mmth1 - Maddie 21 - First child - Due 6th Sept - NZ

Jess28 - Jess 28 - DS 18mths - Due 8th Sept - Vic

Cosmo - Alisha 28 - DS 14/12 - Due 11th Sept - NSW

Mumtogirls - Belinda - 2 DD - Due 12 Sept -?

NicS83 - Nic 26 - DS 6, DS almost 4, DD 2 - Due 13th Sept - Vic

Gab 1ds - Gab 26 - DS 2.5 - Due 13th Sept - Tas
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Maddie if you have facebook i think its a group (i had a invite sent to me so im not sure where to find it) called CIRCLE OF MOMS its a great place for support or advice from other mothers if you want to look into that
YAY I finally got my lilypie ticker working!!!

My DH and I are not telling any of our family until we have to, we live interstate so that kinda helps, but after one m/c we don't want to rush it. We have told a couple of close friends near we live for support in case things do go wrong but keeping it pretty quite.

I will be heading home for a visit with my DS when Im about 13wks so will probably tell the family then.

As for birth stories my 18mth old DS arrived 12 days early on his baby shower day - Id been studying at uni and didn't want to have it too early and everyone had told me first time mums always go over so i really didnt expect to be early or at least not that early.

It was a natural birth, with only gas and was about 10hrs long. I had a pretty normal health pregnancy and only saw a midwife through group practice for the whole pregnancy. I am hoping for another natural birth but not thinking about that too much till after my first ultrasound and i can see that little heart beat pumping away! - it will definately put my mind to ease.

umm how do you get the lilypie ticker... i cant get it to work so im thinking i must be doing something wrong.

Hi can you help me to work out how to get my lilypie ticker working?

Hi girls

To get the ticker working on the last page of lilypie, click on the PseudoHTML option.
Copy and paste it to your signature on huggies
Delete everything before the img ] and everything after the /img ].

Hope this helps

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