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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

lets see if my ticker works.. u can get some cool ones off that site!

yay it does smile exciting stuff!!

[Edited on 09/01/2010]

Well I had a very ordinary night last night.
William was up nearly all night which is very unusual for him. He may wake once for a drink of water but that's usually it!

Its got me worried about how I'm going to handle two at night. DH leaves for work at 2am so I am on my own from then until around 2pm.

Here's hoping it was a one of last night.

I got my bloods done yesterday and get them back Thursday so I have just over a week to decide which OB I want to see.

Hope your all well.


just seeing if ticker was working sorry
no matter what i do my ticker wont work oh i give up now
ok its working
yay dont we all look pretty now!! my bubs is nik named bean but there was no beans for the slider haha so fruit and veges it is!

Ive been doing reading now im freaking out! i admit im a bit of a drama queen, or hypochondriac (excuse spelling) this stuff is freaky >>>

im itching all over now, got pains in my tummy, shivering.. all totally psychological.. am i the only one whos pregnant with their first??

Bean is a very cute nickname.
Does anyone else have one for their bub?
William was always peanut and he has named this bub lolly banana.
So cute.


lolly banana, that is super cute! oh i love how little ones come up with the funniest ideas!!

I work in a nursery, which im not sure is the best place to be working while pregnant due to all the bugs and stuff, but i guess i'll see how it goes.

love the kids at work though they say and do the funniest things ever! god ill miss them when i leave!!

anyone else working? if so what do you do?

well i can eat again after having tonsillitis still on meds tho which is a pain coz i have to take then an hour before i eat or two hours after

i call my nothing but i do have names picked out already for when my baby is born
Yep, I work full time in a prison, not my dream job but pays the bills. lol, DH works there too.

Have been busy today its going to be 35ish so I have made sure the washing line is full. Only down side to that is I have to fold it all. Have a serious case of the CBF's today. lol

We have names picked out too. Just need DH to agree to the girls name and we'll be fine. lol
[Edited on 09/01/2010]

DH and I own and run two bakery franchises so I work 24/7.
I am looking at hiring more staff so I can lighten my work load and just work from home as I get bigger.
Bakeries are to hot to be big and pregnant in! I don't think I would survive lol.

glad u can eat again jaime!

my partners thinking up absolutley ridiculous names like king so i have a feeling we are going have lots of drama over picking names...

working in a prison must be interesting, my partners dad used to work in one..

35 my goodness, thank god we dont have to carry through summer!! although NZ summers are nothing compared to aussie

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