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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies Well My Baby Girl has arrived grin Lacey Marie Smith was born 30/8/10 at 1:54am weighing 3.360kg 49.5cm about about 4hrs natural labour & birth

Congrats Mum of 2 under 1!! Hope you had an easy and smooth labour. I cant wait to be holding our little bundle of joy.. I am currently 38w + 4d. So I am hoping that he/she comes anytime now.. smile


Well our lil girl Caitlin Veronica arrived on the 28th of August and in a hurry to.

After a 10hr labour with DS I was expecting a bit quicker but geared up for a long one just incase. Contractions were 4mins apart and consistent at 9pm, DH dropped DS off with friends at 9.30pm, and we went to the hospital at 11pm. I was 5cm dilated at this stage, and Caitlin arrived 2hrs later at 1am after pushing less than 10mins! (I was pushing about 2hrs with DS so this was surprising!).

Scary though she was born with a true knot in her cord - due to pulling, tugging etc on the cord during labour this can tighten and cause a baby to be stillborn! Such a scary thought, so glad I did not know about the knot till after she was born - I would have been a mess with worry otherwise. Two things that prob saved her life - her cord was exceptionally long so there was less tugging and also her quick delivery helped.

She was 6 pound 8 or 3.1kg, 49cm long and has a very tiny head 33cm! She is feeding and sleeping well and we are both doing well.

Hi Ladies,

A huge CONGRATS to Ollie&TadpolesMummy. Sounds like she was in a hurry to get here. Hope you are well and everything is going great.. smile

As for me, today is my last day of work!! Yipee!! smile

I am 38w+5d today. Head wasnt engaged at the ante natal appointment this week, little bugger was 2 weeks ago though. I got woken last night with cramps and shooting pains down my left leg, so hopefully thats a step in the right direction towards labour. smile DF would love a son/daughter for Fathers Day, but I dont think he is going to get his wish this year. I have bought him a little present and card though to give him for Fathers Day.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am looking forward to my time off over the next 3-4 months and spending that time getting to know our new baby, once her/she locates the exit sign and arrives!! hehe


Hi Ladies,

Home stretch!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

This sounds really terrible but I am so over being pregnant I am secretly wishing prematurity on my lil baby boy...I know! Bad Mother! But there seriously isnt any room left and I am soooooooooo uncomfortable!!
I am exactly 37 weeks today, last week I was driving home from work and had to pull over on a busy road due to major braxton hick's contractions I was trying to keep myself together and started to drive when they became less intense which didn't work so I pulled over called my husband who was also racing down the highway to get to me and to pick up our daughter from day care!! Long story Short went to the hospital, I was n false labour, contractions where intense reaching 76?? on the contraction machine thingy they had me strapped to and apparently real labour is like 80-100. I was not dilating so they sent poor me home and I have been at work/home/driving really feeling I am about to go into labour!!

Bubs head is engaged and low apparently and all my dear collegues who are old time mothers have said that I have definantly dropped (this was a week ago) so as much as I would like to get to that 40-41 week mark I would be so happy to go at 38 weeks. ( I went 42 weeks with DD) I am desperatley trying not to get my hopes up!!

Congratulations Ladies who have had there babies....I am so excited I cant wait another day!!!!!!!!

And to the ladies that are still awaiting there arrivals...Good Luck and hope all is safe and well and speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!

round 2 mumma

Congrats to those who have been lucky enough to have their bubs! Although I'm sure I've already said it on the WHAB FB pages. Quite a few bubs born over the last week grin

I haven't been here in ages!! Everything seems to be going well. Bubs had been breech up until 36wk checkup, where it was discovered she is head down. Still plenty of room for her to flip around though, so we'll see how we go!

Been having some fluid retention & have had cankles every afternoon/night. I'm just a big puffy heffalump! lol I believe I've now put on 22kgs blink and am certainly at the heaviest I've ever been. I'm sure it will disappear eventually.

My craving is ice. Much to DH's disgust. I've been crunching on ice cubes for about 2 wks now, and have done this in my last 2 pregnancies as well.

Hope everyone is doing well & aren't to uncomfortable.

My Baby Girl arrived on the 1st of September. Chloe Isabella, 8lb 15oz, 50cm long and HC of 37cm. I was induced with gel and then had my waters broken at 12pm. She was born at 2.23pm, with the cord loosely around her neck. I had so much fluid I heard it 'splash' on the floor, there was even a puddle under the bed. lol

Good luck to all those waiting to hold their little bundles and Congrats to those who have had them.

pleased to annouce the arrival of Miss Charli Grace, born on the 6th of sept via c'section at 9.19am weighing in at 2.9kgs or 6 pound 3
mum and bub at home and doing well. charli has a full head of hair looks alot like her sister and alittle like her dad.
happy days.

Bit late to post this...

Our baby boy Max arrived on 27th August (3 weeks early) he was 6lbs 10oz and no complications. Been at home a week now, he is feeding well and gaining 50g a day at the moment!

good luck everyone!

Well its been a long time since I logged in here,I have been using the facebook group.

I would like to announce the arrival of

Oliver Mason

on 09/09/10 at 8:33am via c-section weighing 7pd 6oz and 51cm long.

Great to see all these babies being born!
Congrats to all who have welcomed there bundle and good luck to those who are still waiting!
Congratulations to EVERYONE. What an exciting time for us all.

I would like to annoucnce the arrival of my little girl

Cleo Annette

Born 14 September at 3:11pm 7 pound 7 ounces and 51 cm. A lot bigger than her sister who was only 6 pounds.

2nd delivery was so much easier. No complications so I was discharged after 2 days. Was so nice to come home with my princesses

Hi Everyone

Well has been almost 2 months since I was last in here so havent caught up on the babies that have been born but congrats to everyone who have had their babies!

As for me, its my due date today which feels a little funny as my little man arrived 6 & 1/2 weeks early at the beginning of August! So after a pretty difficult pregnancy we had to hang out in the neo natel ward for 26 days before I could bring him home. Best part was my labour which was only 3hours from start to finish and soooo much easier second time round! So far he is doing wonderfully, just on the small side for his age (he was 4p7 at birth and just over 8 now) so technically as it is my due date he's perfect size for a newborn lol.

Anyway just wanted to say and congrats to all, (plus goodluck to everyone still waiting) will attempt to catch up on all (well as many as I can) of the posts now...


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