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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Hi all!

I haven't been posting here for sooo long but have been using the WHAB facebook page instead.
My precious bundle was born on the 16th September. We are both great although she was posterior so it was a bit of an effort to get her out!! Bit sore and sorry for myself this week!!
Congrats to all the other new mums and good luck to all those still waiting for their bubs xx

Well I am pleased to announce the safe arrival of our son Isaac John.

He was born Monday 13th September 2010 @ 11.12am. 7lb 4oz, 56cm long.

Hope everyone else is going great and for the ladies who are still waiting, best of luck..


Hey ladies, I am another who has not been on here for AGES, love the facebook page tho, Just thought i should come on and announce the birth of Jack David on Friday 3rd sept, 6lb 7oz 46cm long and 33cm HC at 9:03am via planned c-section. It all went really well and we went home on the sunday. He is 3 weeks old now and such a good baby. His sister Loves him to bits.

Mum to Tayla and Jack, Expecting December.

Hi all!!

Can't remember the last time i was on here and posted...if i get any spare time i jump on WHAB.

Better late than never....

Lani Jessica born 4 weeks early on 13th August 7lb 3oz

She's now 6 weeks old and going great. Isn't sleeping to well at night atm but i'm sure we'll get there.

Goodluck to the mummas stll waiting to pop!


I am proud to let everyone know of the safe arrival of little Jack Dominik on the 13th September at 5:44pm via semi emergency c-section.
His weight was 3kg's. Were both doing great! Settleing in at home, trying to get into some what of a routine.

Just letting all the mummy's know that it is normal to cry uncontrollable sometimes & to wonder if your doing everything you should its perfectly normal... Lack of sleep & hormones is a nasty combination with the additional pain thrown inthere really doesn't help. Just battle through, it wont last forever, you will look back & smile.
It is true all the screaming/grizzling/pooing/spewing is all worth while when you get one little smile from your precious bub (even if it is wind!!!) hehe!

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