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Due September 2010 Lock Rss

Hi all,

Thanks for asking how u/s went. I'm not sure how i feel a bit teary at the moment. The ultrasound tech found the yolk sac and said i was only measuring at 5w 4d not six weeks and all looked fine but could not see heart beat she said it was too early and to come back in two weeks. and the yolk sac is high up which was good. Does anyone Know if this is all normal or if i should be worried? Maybe i'm just teary cause i had my hopes up to see that heartbeat for reassurance but now i have a long two week wait.

Hope everyone else is doing well.
((hugs)) I'm sure everything will be fine. I have no idea if its normal or not. I will be nearly 7 wks when I go for mine on the 23rd. I'm getting impatient!!!! lol, we can countdown together gasp)
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I have just found out my due date this morning after needing to have an emergency scan due to cramps and slight bleeding which started last night - pretty scary and quite an emotional rollercoaster

September 4 - day before fathers day is when our first bump is due to arrive. Both hubby and myself are extremely excited and overwhelmed by the whole experience so far, and its only just begun

First time mummy, ridiculously excited. Roll on S

i dont know if its normal but i wouldnt believe everything the u/s tech says anyway with my first pregnancy i had to have a amniocentesis and there was nothing wrong all the person who done my amnio wondered why i was having one and my second scan i got told there was something wrong with his heart and there was nothing wrong at all
i have to wait till im about 12 weeks before i have a scan so thats not till next month i hate having to wait
Hi everyone, A bit hot over here today 43deg but its ok im one of the lucky ones that has airCon.

Amanda- try not to worry maybe you ovulated a week latter in your cycle which is why buby is measuring 5 weeks and not 6 and it would also explain you HCG levils. Im sure the next U/S you have you will see a little heart beating away its probably just a bit early.

Im not having A U/S till 12 weeks so I have a long wait yet but doesnt bother me as long as i only have one in there and not 2 I will be happy.

Mum of 2 under 1 - Thanks for you reply, it helps to hear positive words. I'm trying to reassure myself all is ok. I still have pregnancy symptoms, i have had no bleeding and the doctors don't seemed to be concerned. I think i might be over thinking and worry about everything due to miscarriage last time.

Wishing you and everyone else best wishes and hope you all see little heartbeats.


Hi Amanda,

I think if you read a few websites re: u/s and what you will see i am fairly sure that this is why many doctors dont like doing u/s too early as this is what can happen due to you having conceived later than you thought and all it does is freak you out for two weeks. I'm sure everything will be fine and you will see your little heartbeat next u/s. Did they do an internal u/s or just on the outside of your belly? Sometimes they can see more if they do an internal u/s at this early stage.

Keep your chin up; i'm sure you will be fine.

Hope everyone else is taking care of themselves in this hot weather.

Counting down til my u/s on saturday 16th.
Take care
Alisha xx

Welcome mouse27,0Millz0,Teegs75 & M Jay, have added you to our Due in Sept 2010 list. Feel free to add your details tho. gasp) 17 of us now!!
Will go back through the thread and make sure I havent missed anyone. Think I have got everyone apologies if i have missed anyone.

jennylee - Jenny 25 - DD 7yo, DD 5yo, DD 3yo and DS(born
sleeping 20.5.09) - Due 2nd Sept - NSW

Chrispe82 - Chris 27 - DS 5yo, DD 3yo - Due 2nd Sep - S. A.

jaimerose - Jaime 26, DS 17 months - Due 4th Sept - NZ

Mum of 2 under 1 – Nicole DD 3yo DS 2yo – Due 4th Sep - Vic

mouse27- Due Sept 4

fanda2 - Amanda - Due 6 Sept - ?

Clairplus3 - Clair - DD 6, DS almost 4 - Due 6 Sept - ?

Abikate - Abi - DS 18mths - Due 6 Sept - N.T.

maf_08 - Mel 28, DD 16 months - Due 6th Sept - WA

mmth1 - Maddie 21 - First child - Due 6th Sept - NZ

Jess28 - Jess 28 - DS 18mths - Due 8th Sept - Vic

M Jay - Due 9th Sept

0millz0 - Lisa 30 - First Child - Due 9th Sept - QLD

Cosmo - Alisha 28 - DS 14/12 - Due 11th Sept - NSW

Mumtogirls - Belinda - 2 DD - Due 12 Sept -?

teegs75 - 1st child - Due 12 Sept

NicS83 - Nic 26 - DS 6, DS almost 4, DD 2 - Due 13th Sept - Vic

Gab 1ds - Gab 26 - DS 2.5 - Due 13th Sept - Tas

[Edited on 13/01/2010]

Hello Everyone,

Haven't wrote in a couple of days so thought I would check in and see how everyone is? I am not feeling too bad at the moment. I tend to be getting a little bit nauseous and tired later in the afternoon but other than that not too bad. As this is my first baby I am very nervous about getting through this first trimester. Is anyone else worrying every day about it?

Any feedback would be great!

hi girls

just a quick one tonight. Just got home from work in a bakery and it was 40 degrees outside and god knows what inside.
I have the worst headache.

Amanda- Chin up Hun, I'm sure everything will be fine.

hope your all well


Hi everyone, hope all is going well and you are all coping in this heat, especially if your feeling nauseous. (not fun!!)

Gab - Thanks for your positive words it really helps. I will keep my chin up, I decided until told otherwise everything is fine. and i still have all my symptoms. Hope you are going well too.

Teegs75 - congrats and best wishes with your bub. I'm shore all will be fine. but i know what the worrying feels like, i think about everything over and over which i think makes us worry more. We just need to be positive and i'm shaw we will be all holding our little bundles in september.

Look forward to a cool change soon......I hope
Hello All

First time mum, had ultrasound today and the due date has been revised from 27th Aug to 5th Sep (or anywhere in between!) in saying that I am guessing September, hence joining this group.

Have been feeling sick every day and at the moment only green cordial is helping!!!

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