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due 21st october 2006 Lock Rss

hi just wanted to chat to people due around the same time as me, i have two girls already. a 3yr old and a 4yr old and so am really hoping for a boy. i come from brisbane and my email address is [email protected] so if anyone wants to chat and make a new friend feel free to email me or you can chat to me on icq my icq number is 241- 733- 115. i have already had morning sickness which i no longer get and i have felt the baby kicking (very faintly). i am so shocked at the differences in pregnencies. as well as the changes in ante natal care. i will not hear my babies heart beat until i have my utra sound at 19 wks. i have my first ante natal appt when i was 12 wks but the midwife refused to allow me to listen to it because she thought it would be to hard to pick up and so she wasn't going to try. i am 15wks at the moment and am already wearing maternity clothes. i have only put on 5 kgs so its all baby. anyway i'm blabbering on here. please contact me if you are interested in chating.
My name is Hayley and I'm due for bub No.3 on 30th October but will probably go earlier than this date as due to have a C-Section. I already have 2 children a 5yr old girl and 2 yr old boy so we aren't too fused with what this next bub will be. We won't find out the sex either we like the surprise at the end.

I'm on monthly visits at moment with my Obs and my next appointment is next Wednesday 3rd May, I'll be just over 14 weeks then so I'm hoping to hear my bubs heartbeat by then. I had an ultrasound at 10 weeks to make sure all was well as have miscarried before and it was so good and reassuring to see the baby moving around alot and had a strong heartbeat too.

I have also popped out much quicker with this bub and finding most of my pants are not fitting now, but so far I've only put on about 2.5kgs. With my son I didn't put on any weight until I was over 16 weeks. I'm sure to that I've been feeling my baby move around lots of flutters and the I'm sure I've felt a few small kicks.

There is a Due in October post in this section also if you want to join in there, there is quite a few of us due in October.

Anyway hope to hear more from you, take carexx

hi i'm sarah i'm 15weeks preg and i'm due on the 21st of oct as well this is my 1st baby how do you know it was the baby i felt somethen that hit my hand i'm sure that it was the baby kicking but i don't know as i have never felt a baby move or kick i have been feeling butterflies in my belly but not sure if that's the baby moving or not. my email addy is [email protected] i hope you all the best


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