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Due January 2010 Lock Rss

Hi All,

Due this Saturday 16th with 1st, Dad to be has gone back to work today and I'm a little nervous about being home on my own.. silly for someone who considers themself independant.. Trying to relax but not wanting to venture too far from home..

Any suggestions on staying occupied and relaxed in the lead up?
Hi there! Looks like we are both due on the same day with our first bubba smile

Know how you feel, DP is at work everyday just waiting for the call to come home and take me to the hospital lol.

I've been keeping myself busy reading and watching dvds. Also making sure I have everything ready for wee one and getting housework done when I can so I dont have to worry about coming home to a messy place.

Get in as much you time before your baby arrives I say.

Good luck, Steph.

Thanks Steph, I've been doing much the same.. Dad's been scoring some amazing packed lunches too!

We planted a little herb garden on our balcony on Sunday arvo, so I can add watering to my list of chores..

Grandpa to be is popping in for lunch time today and I'll treat myself to a pedicure this arvo.

You've chosen names and all!! Our wee bairn is a mystery sex and names are far from set in stone.. we'll wait to meet them and choose a name from our list to suit.

It's all very exciting now, I wish you all the best with your labour and birth!

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