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Yay pregnant at last with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Lock Rss

Hello everyone, I would like to say that yes I'm pregnant with our second baby YAY. Wer've been trying for 3 months and its finally happened. I had many doubts due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome but have obviously overcome this. So to all those ladies trying to concieve with this syndrome....KEEP GOING!
CONGRATULATIONS...That's great news and very promising news for all others out there TTC with that syndrome...

When are you due?

hi there i lso have the same issue as you do i was told about 6 months before i fell pregnant and it put a big downer on things, i am now 34 weeks carring twins due in about 4 weeks as generally they wont let you past 38 weeks with twins. so i am really happy = ) also i agree keep trying it will eventually happen.
Omg thats so great!! you are so lucky to conceive so quickly with the condition that you have, i think you have probably given a lot of women hope and inspiration.

Congratulations again and good luck smile

Bec xo
To Gael,

Thats fantastic news congratulations !! My best friend has POCS and is taking clomid to help her ovulate, she is currently on her 4th month of trying, i pray for her everyday !

I email her all these success stories all the time !

Luv Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

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