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Any 35 Plus Mum's Out There! Lock Rss

Hi to all the expecting mum's 35+.

I'm 39 years old.
I'm expecting my 4th baby.
My EDD is the 20th October 04.
I'm expecting a boy this time.
I'm calling him Bobby Greg.

I have a 23 y/o son Daniel.
A 3 1/2 hour labour on my 16th Birthday.

A 13 y/o daughter Sharee.
A 40 minute labour.

And a 8 y/o daughter Sally.
A 15 minute labour.

I have had Sciatica, Anima, Nose bleeds, cramps in legs and Dehydration and I'm tired all the time.
He has been kicking since 17 weeks.
I think he might be a kick boxer.
The baby's head has been engaged since 32 weeks and the pressure in my bowel is unbelievable.
I feel like he is going to come out any minute.
All my labours have started with pressure in the bowel first, then my waters broke and then a few contractions and then my baby is born.

I would like to know how other mum's 35+ pregnancies are going.

Do you think it is harder when you are older?

What are your experiences during your pregnancy?

Regards KB

PS: If anyone would like to read a story about my son's life, here is the URL.
Warning: Take a box of tissue's with you!

The Life Of Daniel


Dear KB
Iam 39 and due in june 2005 with my 11th baby it is easier as you are older. my last son lee was born on the 20th of oct 2002 and he was 9 pounds 14 ozs i had a normal birth no stitches no tears. i went into labour on my son travis,s birthday which was the 19th of oct it started at 10pm less was born at 12.30am. 2 and a half hour birth. i have 3 girls 21, 13, 10. 7 boys 19, 16, 14, 7, 4, 3, 23 months.

good luck with your birth of your next baby
Hi mumof10;
Nice to meet you and your family!
Wow you would really have your hands full.
You must love children.
It was a hard for me to decide to have another baby or to become a Foster Mum.
I decided to have my own baby now.
I have plenty of time to become a Foster Mum in the future.
It has always been a dream of mine to become a Foster Mum.
I too... love children.

I hope all goes well with your pregnancy and the birth of your 11th bubby.



I'm not quite 35 but will be by the time my baby arrives, if that counts.
I have 3 at the moment - 13, 11 & 1
This one was not really a choice and we are yet to become "over the moon".
I am not too far along but feel absolutely horrid already. Felt wonderful with my first 2 & just loved being preg, last time had gest diab so am not looking forward to that - they say I will develop it.
Anyway all fun & games.
Hi, I'm glad there a few other "oldies but goodies" out there.
I'm 41 and will be 42 when the baby arrives in August.
This is my first, and a total surprise, as I thought I couldn't have children. I only found out last week, so its all been a bit of a whirlwind
My husband and I are very excited, but a bit nervous today, as we are waiting the results of the CVS test done last Friday.

Louise, VIC, Liam 9/8/05

Congratulations and good luck with gods gift.
Best Wishes.


Thanks for your kind thoughts.
Got the test results at 4.30 yesterday afternoon.
We're going to have a normal, healthy baby boy!

Louise, VIC, Liam 9/8/05

When you have a little boy,
You,re set for years of love and joy!
Bottles, blocks and kiddy cars,
Trees to climb and bugs in jars...
Boats to sail and trikes to ride,
A secret place where outlaws hide,
Red wagons full of play things too--
So many good things wait for you!


I'm 37, have a 3 year old and am about 7 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second. This pregnancy was a surprise and because of my age (I'll be nearly 38 when bub arrives - if all progresses and goes well) I have many concerns. The odds stack up against you with a multitude of defects....when can i be tested for them? i'm due around Oct 15 and am just so caustious about this pregnacy...will I lose bub, will something go anyone else this insecure/unsure? OR am i just feeling my age and have become a pessimistic old bag? Hope your bubs and pregnancies are progressing well and positively.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

Hi KB,

Just happened to brows your post. I am a first time mum of a 15 months old daughter Stephanie. I have read your son Daniel's story and I was very touched of what happened. I really have to say that I truly admire of what you have done for him. You are a brave, wonderful mother and I think you are a good writer too. How's Daniel now? The story ends when he's 21. Hope everything goes well both of you and your kids. Take care.

Kindest regards,

PS. How do you find motherhood of your 4th child? Do you think it's more tiring when you're older bringing up your baby? I am asking because my sister-in-laws are expecting their babies in July this year and they are both 35 years old and first time mother-to bes.

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

Hi KB,
I too have read Daniel's story. Love and healing go out to you, Daniel and your family. I pray Daniel finds happiness in this world...all water finds it own level and that monsters day will come.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

i couldn't get in to seee daniels story..... would love to read it though.goodluck to all of you expectant mums.

syd, daughter april 03, son Nov 05

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