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DUE OCTOBER 2010! Lock Rss

Hi Guys!

Got MY BFP yesterday. Not sure if that makes my EDD the 28th of September or the 1st October. Either way. Look forward to more October mummies smile

Hi congratulations. I got my BFP yesterday morning - based on dates due on 3rd Oct. Have 3 kids at the moment so will be number 4 for us. Have DD just turned 4, DS 2 and a half and a 10mth old DD. So far just a bit of nausea but don't have much time to think about it with the other three keeping me busy. Hope you are feeling well.

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Hi SlingShot! Congratulations to you!!!

I have just been to the doctors and have had my bloods taken, so i should have a better idea of due date soon.

I have a DD 2.5 and a DS 1 so this will be #3 for us!

I have the NAUSEA!! OMG!!! But i actually like it. Reassures me that everything is going ok.

Look forward to getting to know you! grin

Fingers crossed for Sticky babies for us !!!

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Dans did you get morning sickness with the other two? I didn't get it at all with my first or second but definitely felt a bit sick with number three and this time around I am already feeling a bit queasy!!!! It is pretty reassuring though!!!

I hope you have got your results back and they are all good - you are going to be busy too with three kids - it is hard work ah but definitely love it. Having your kids close in age is great.

Well I better go and pick oldest DD up from kindy. She is at afternoons at moment - hopefully going to mornings soon - we are in NZ - not sure if you in aussi or nz??? I just managed a 30 min sleep on the couch while youngest in be and DS watching a DVD - doesn't happen very often that I get to have a sleep during the day!!!!! I definitely needed it though!!

Defintiely crossing those fingers for sticky babies for us!!! Thought that there might of been more people joining us!!! Hopefully soon!!!

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I did get morning sickness with my other 2 kids, but not quite as early as this!
I am totally tired, nauseated, and actually feeling a little heartburn which is bizarre for this stage of pregnancy!!

You're lucky! I totally missed my nanna nap today. Kids wouldn't have their sleep together :-S Maybe tomorrow.

I am in Aus smile

I am trying to get my DD into a kindy over here. Just waiting for an available spot! Everything is so chocka block full these days!!

Hope you are feeling well!

oh yeh, and got results back POSITIVE blood test grin

She didn't do the test with all the levels though, so i have a referral for that, and a dating ultrasound to do in a couple of weeks!

Don't know if i can wait that long!!!!

Where are you October mummies??

Thought there'd be a few more by now grin

Hi Ladies, I think I might be an OctoMum (lol). Due on the 1st, but who knows what may happen. I also have 3 kids. DS1 is 4 1/2, DS2 is 3 1/2 and DS3 is 4 months.

I am in Australia, and have DS1 starting pre-school tomorrow five days a week for half days. That should keep me on my toes!

I am feeling queasy which I had with DS3 as well. Here's hoping for another boy smile

Hope to get to know you all.
Yah - another October mummy.

Welcome TaraAnn and congratulations. Wow three boys - are you thinking it will be easier with another boy - it would definitely be cheaper!!!! I'm sure you will enjoy DS1 going to pre-school - it will definitely keep you busy dropping him off and picking him up - I find the hardest thing with taking my DD to kindy and picking her up is having to wake the youngest up to go all the time - no wonder she is not that great at day sleeping - she doesn't get a chance.

Well all well here - a little bit queasy but not too bad - i keep forgetting that I am pregnant - it hasn't yet sunken in!!!

Think I will make a drs appt for next week to confirm and sort out my care etc.

Hope all well with the both of you.

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Hey October Mummies!

I'm hoping to join this thread soon! I think I had some implantation bleeding last week & have had some slight cramping, period is due next week so fingers crossed gasp)


Welcome TaraAnn and Shayla's Mummy!

Fingers crossed that you get your BFP next week Brooke!!

Looking forward to getting to know you guys in the coming months!

I was meant to have a dating scan today - but some how wires got crossed and now it is next Monday. ANOTHER WEEK TO WAIT! But we should be able to see a bit more by then grin

Have a good day ladies!

Hi, I'm going to be an october mummy after 20 months of trying. Still can't quite believe it but the morning sickness helps remind me.
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