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Due In DECEMBER 2010 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies......I know it's probably too early but I just found out I'm pregnant....3 and a 1/2 weeks to be exact with our second.

I've had so many symptoms especially from just drinking water. It left the worst taste in my mouth! Then I started eating Thins original chips every single day and night. By the second week by stomach just bloated and I had a flat tummy so out of no where it grew over night. My jeans just don't fit anymore because my hips just expanded. This happened with my first pregnancy so who knows, maybe it will be another girl. Apart from that I couldn't take a test so I just knew I was pregnant.....My instinct was right....

Hope to meet other new mums that are expecting in December.
Congrats, At this stage I am due 2nd Dec, however, with DS I worked out EDD to be 4th June and scan brought that forward to 27th May. So this one may yet be a November baby.

Good luck with your pregnany.

Congratulations mummy's!! My due date is 10 December also..... smile

I've booked an appointment at my GP the following week because hubby has the week off so we'll do the whole family thing smile I'm so excited that I want to tell everyone already....but I won't wink
lotsandlotsofbubbles. Re ticker, I used the PseudoHTML, UBBCode and BB Code, (should read [url..................[/url]) hope that helps. Load that code in the signature space in your profile and it should work - good luck.

Have a great easter everyone.


Hi ladies!

Thought I would add myself to this list seeing as I did a test today and got my long awaited BFP with #1! I think I am still in shock... but EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! Hoping this little one is sticky seeing as I had a m/c in late 08. FX!

Congratulations to everyone else expecting.. I promise I will get to know your names.. but at the moment I am a bit overwhelmed, so please forgive me smile

Haven't really had any symptoms except sore boobs (which is a usual occurrence before AF arrives)... and have been feeling a bit 'off'. But have had a cold for the past 2 weeks so I just put it down to that... so needless to say I was extremely surprised! Haven't had a chance to tell DH yet as he is at work.... Can't wait to see the look on his face!

Hoping everyone else is feeling okay...!


Hi Ladies

I did a pregnancy test Sunday night as it suddenly occurred to me that I was late and got the shock of my life to discover we were pregnant with number 2. Went to the Dr's on Monday and she has confirmed that the little one will be making an appearance around 1 December.

It's taken a few days to get used to the idea since we were discussing waiting until DS1 was 2 before trying for the next (he just turned 1 in Feb). We're all excited now but I am already beginning to wonder how things are going to go with a very clingy toddler to deal with as I had very bad morning sickness when I was pregnant with him.

Looking forward to getting to know you all in the next very exciting months.

Now I feel much better knowing I'm not the only one pregnant and expecting in December. To many people we are very early smile but it's nice to share our stories. I've told immediate family and just my 3 best friends. Everyone else can wait until 12 weeks. However, being my second one I feel that I'm showing so much more than my first! I'm struggling to hide my tummy at the moment and luckily the weather is still warm because I have lots of baggy tops....

Jaclyn - how are you finding it with a toddler and being pregnant? I'm struggling a little because I'm so so soooo tired and having to run around after my daughter who is almost 16 months is very challenging. The worst part is, it's just the beginning!! oh well we aren't the only ones pregnant and having another baby hahahahaha....we'll be fine smile

How is everyone feeling?
What are your cravings?
Are you tired?
Is this your 1st/2nd/3rd ..... pregnancy?
Have you thought about if you want to know the sex of your baby already?
How did your partner react?

Good luck everyone and look forward to sharing more stories cool
Queenb - I'm managing alright with Seth (DS1) at the moment. He's in childcare 3 days a week when I work, so I look at going to work as a mini holiday some days! He's not walking yet, just cruising around the furniture, so I guess I'm lucky that I'm not chasing him all over the house at the moment. Not quite sure how I'm going to cope with that in the later months!
Hi ladies, how are we all?
what an exciting time just finding out we are preg. looks like due date 10th of dec is popular! lol as this is my due date too! i have a almost 4yr old daughter.

hi ladies and congradulations to you all.
i think i will be due around the 4th december but not sure will make a doctors app mext week.this will be baby #2 if things go well,trying not to get too excited yet as i have had m/c but its so hard not to.good luck to everyone and hope your pregnancy goes well,look forward to sharing our experiences in this group.

Congratulations to the new ladies.

littlebumble - I know how you feel, I at a m/c at 12 weeks in Sept 09 and constantly worry that the same thing will happen this time. Fingers crossed for sticky babies this time.

Thought I would start a list of EDD

jaclyn4 - 1st Dec, #2
becs22 (Rebecca) - 2nd Dec, #2
littlebumble - 4th Dec, #2
lotsandlotsofbubbles - 10th Dec, #4
queenb1979 - 10th Dec, #2
shavarn - 10th Dec, #2
jellybelly82 (Bec) - ?? Dec, #1

Hope I got everyones details correct, if not please correct them.


Hi Ladies and CONGRATULATIONS...I started the DUE IN JULY 2010 thread and it feels like only yesterday we were discussing the same things.....
RE: pregnant with toddlers...I have a 18 month old and he has just started walking all around the house but ever since he could crawl I have let him roam the house on his own so it hasn't been that different. I have also been sick since the start of this pregnancy and it's horrible it's also hard to do those things you did with first pregnancy like sleep and rest, and on top of that you have to look after your toddler and there are the times when you just want to scream and leave the house but then I say to myself this is good in a way because at least it is preparing you in for 2 the stress I mean.
So enjoy your pregnancies for those that are having #2 as it flies by.

Take Care

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