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Due In DECEMBER 2010 Lock Rss

Hi all, hope everyone is well. I am constantly tired and nauseous. I don't remember being this tired last time, but then again I didn't have a toddler to look after then either. I am really glad I only work three days a week and every second saturday, because at the moment I couldn't manage any more, it's hard enough surviving at work now as it is. At least I have a day off in between to rest (kind of, hard with DS).

I can't wait to see the midwife on Tuesday, discuss when I can go for a scan, I constantly worry about m/c, and won't be happy until I am past the 12 week mark and have seen the heart beat, so at least another 5 weeks of worrying.

Hope everyone is going ok, and fingers crossed for sticky bubs.


Hi Ladies,

My names Ashley im a mum of 2 boys atm.. its still early days & very nervous cos i lost alil boy in jan this yr when i was 15 wks.. how is everyone doing? i felt i was pregnant even b4 af was due.. am so excited to be expecting again just hope that everything goes well smile where is everyone from??? i think im due dec 4 having a dating scan on tues to confirm.. fingers & toes crossed ppl

look forward to chatting with you all

Hi to all the newies! Feel like i havent been here for ages as there is so much action!

I'm still very light headed, constipated, neaseas but my boobs aren't quite as sore! Am seeing my ob today and i'm not even sure i know what i should be asking her! I'm sure ill ask alot anyway!

Anyway hope everyone is feeling ok!
Hello ladies

well not much is new, not cramping as much boobs are tender but not as sore as usual im still hungry all the time i hope its my body getting more adjusted to the hormones, i really hope everything is ok sad ...


baby dust to all
Hi Ladies
Looks like I will be joining this thread too.. YAY..

A little about myself I am 27(turning 28 this Nov) Married with three gorgeous kiddies. Aiden is 10, Keely is 5 and Riley will be 2 in June.
Did a HPT this morning and a faint positive, but still positive all the same. Will retest tomoz and then its off to the Dr's to have it confirmed. I am still in a little shock especially after having a m/c in march so I am just taking this day by day. But SUPER excited..

By my calculations my due date will be the 25th Dec. My period is as regular as clock work so I doubt it will differ. I am super tired and sick already which is nothing unusual for me. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. I have read that with every pregnancy it tends to get worse, and so far with my last 3 pregnancies that has been true, so I'm not looking forward to that.
Well congrats everyone and belly rubs all round.. smile

hey krissy welcome yay!!!!

chrismas baby wow hehehe well congrats ho r u feeing????..

well in my last post i thought my symtoms where easing off...well not long after that i couldnt keeps my eyes open i went for a nanna nap and woke up like a bus hit me; cramps boobs seemed to baloon in 2 hours omg was sooo bad..
but i just think it was funny how my body is working atm..

hope everyone is well

Hi Ladies
I am new to your group. My name is Kylie, im 34 (35 on the 20th April) DH is 35 in September. I am 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I had to go through IVF and fell pregnant my first cycle, so i was very lucky in deed! I get another blood test tomorrow, with IVF you get 2 blood tests to make sure the HCG level is rising. I will get a scan at 6 & 8 weeks and then the usualy 12 weeks, i think they are more cautious with IVF pregnancies. I see my dr on Tuesday so will know more about dates etc then. This is my first child. I am due on the 21st of December! Im now starting to feel a little nauseated and headache today, also feel bloated and light period like cramps that come and go, sore boobs mainly at night and first thing in the morning when i get up out of bed. I feel a little sick when i start to get hungry, i notice im really hungry when i first wake up in the morning which has been going on for the last 3 days. Hopefully i dont get too sick with this pregnancy, i have a long trip to and from work every day - 30 min bus to the train station then a 50 minute train ride into the city and the same back home! Im feeling quite tired too. Anyway I will have to read the posts and catch up on everyone. x Kylie x
Hi ladies & welcome to our new additions!!

Have been feeling a bit sick on & off today and VERY hungry, kinda happy to have these signs, confirms for me everything is going good!!

So looking forward to GP appt tomorrow & hopefully I can get a date scan early next week!!

My daughter who is turning 6 in September out of the blue asked me today if I was having another baby, I said well we will wait & see (we will tell her after we have the first scan), but isnt it funny when they are in tune sometimes, amazing!!

Take care everyone smile

Lis x

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all feeling a tad better? M/S is the pits. It hit me for six this morning. An I tend to get M/S ten times worse when I travel...well I travelled to Canberra today and I felt sooo horrible. I just had to keep eating all day! HA! At least it stopped me from vomiting.
My ribs are super sore...has anyone else got sore ribs? Or is that just too weird? Oh and I'm still super tired - DH let me have a nap yesterday and I slept for 2 hours until DS and DD came and woke me up smile
Anyway lots of baby dust to all
B xx

WOW!! Every time I come back to this thread there's more new pregnancies.. CONGRATULATIONS to the newbies!! I've been reading everyone's comments & I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling nausea and tired!

Right now I just seem to feel so sick after I eat. I haven't thrown up and I doubt I will because I've only thrown up once in my life ... and that was in Vegas grin I must say this pregnancy is completely different to my first. I was never this nausea ... I'm constantly drinking eno after every meal. My boobs just started to get sore and I have a few cramps in my stomach. This is where I think I'm having a boy ... but that's just a guess for now.

Hope everyone is feeling well and getting lots of rest. I'm finding it hard to rest when I have a 16 month old running around. I put my head on the couch just to close my eyes for 1 minute and she comes running slapping in the face to wake me up........argghhhhh the days of when I was carrying her and didnt have a worry in the world about resting hahahaha.....

Belly rubs to all
its starting to sink in now that I am preg - feeling all the signs i am so tired but having amazing dreams and cramping so not sleeping too well at the moment. A lady sat next to me in the lunch room with tuna I think the smell was so bad and oh my think I went a little white. Strange how smells of certain foods make me feel ill. I'm thinking that this preg is the same as the last hmm does that mean another little girl is coming my way - wow to think that I get to hold another in my arms again for the first moment all the moments. Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring on my dr appointment hmmm in mid May - too long away !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey ladies

has anyone seen or used this? it worked for DD...wondering it would work for this pregnancy??

Chinese Lunar Calandar
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