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Due In DECEMBER 2010 Lock Rss

Quote westygirl
I haven't gone off food per say, chocolate isn't loving me at the moment which is devestating! But I got the hungry bug yesterday and ate everything in sight, lucky I have a lap band or I'd be massive after this!!

Hi westy, i too have a lapband, i havent been to see my doc as of yet, but was wondering if you had and what the go was? did you get any fluid taken out? my pre pregnancy weight is 61.5kgs so scared i will put on heaps while being preg!

Well I'm in the car right now going docs to confirm sooo scared wish me luck!!!

Welcome to the new expecting mums!! Congratulations on your BFP's!

Tamstaar - So so so sorry for your loss... Hopefully you get a sticky bub soon! Good luck with the testing. Your symptoms sound promising! Let us know how u go! smile Fingers Crossed for you! x

queenbee1979 - Thanks. I am trying not to stress to much about the cramps, but am finding it hard especially since I had a mc in 2008.. and didn't get pregnant till now afterwards. But trying to think positive!

Marinela - Welcome!! Good luck at the docs! Hope it all goes well for you! smile

AFM - Last day off before heading back to work tomorrow.... and feeling pretty ordinary today. These damn cramps are still bugging me, and I have started feeling even more nauseous... Which is a good sign!!??

Spoke to my FS nurse yesterday and am booked in for a scan on 22nd April... Don't know how I'm gonna be able to wait that long!!

Well I have a pile of ironing that needs to be done so I better get to it!

Have a great day smile

Bec x

Hi my name Eve - found out last week that we are now expecting #2 after over 40 months of trying and 6 months of clomid.

Our baby is due on 2nd Dec , and we are having a scan in a few weeks to determine how many? due to the clomid there may be multiples! and the positive line on the test was as pink as the control - unlike thr test with Josh witch was very feint.

Congratulations to everyone xxxx

Eve , & josh ( 05.10.05) NSW

Ok so all was confirmed yay! Came up faint on her test but it's still early.. Doing bloods tomorrow and seeing her on Monday smile..

Thanks for support

Hi Girls

I think you can add me to your list, I am pretty sure I am pregnant which will make my due date in December too, will find out over the next week!! I already have a step son who is 11 and also a nearly 4 year old boy!! So my life is going to be even more chaotic, just when i thought the 'baby' stage was over!!!! Alteast I will have two fantastic helpers once number 3 comes. Here's hoping for a little girl smile Hope to join in with your group and meet some great ladies to help me out with the ups and downs! Will keep you posted once I have a due date!
Tamstaar - how's it all going? my fingers are still crossed for you.

Marinela - What did the doctor say? As for the sleeping? I went to bed at 1:30 this morning because I had to go to the airport and I woke up at 6 like I had slept 12 hours! When DD woke up at 8:00 I just wanted to sleep for the rest of the day. I have 2 weeks off work so I should take advantage of this time off but there's just always something to do!

JellyBelly - April 22 sounds so far away....the same way 12 weeks feels like it's going to be forever.

- I had the same result! 7 days before my period was due I did a test and the line was faint. But 4 days before my period was due the line was as dark as the control. Right now I'm showing like I'm 4/5 months and I'm only 4 weeks. It's insane and I'm having so much trouble hiding it!! are you showing??

Belly rubs to all smile
Congratulations to Perth_Mum, Marinela and Eve. Our little group is growing each day.

As for sleeping I have been the opposite. Since having DS1 I have become a really light sleeper, waking a few times at night for an hour or so each time. In the last week I have been sleeping like a log. In fact, for the past 3 nights I have fallen asleep on the couch within 20mins of sitting down to watch tv. Hubby will wake me up when he goes to bed and then I will sleep soundly until the alarm goes off at 6am.

Even with all this sleep I felt tlike a zombie at work today and was very tempted to curl up under my desk for an afternoon nap! Guess I better make the most of it because I know how little sleep I got in the last month of my first pregnancy and the 3 months after DS was born!

Just wondering when everyone is having their first appointments with their OBs? I'm still deciding which way to go (private, public or shared care) and am thinking that I need to make a decision quick so that I get an appointment in time for the first scan, blood tests etc. Can't remember what happened the first time round, seems so long ago.
Jaclyn - I'm going on Monday to see my GP. I went public with DD so I'm going to do it again as I had no problem. I had DD at the Royal Womens and loved it. Clean rooms and awesome staff despite the busy period with some arrogant staff. We'll not go there smile Wish I was sleeping like a log!! I'm so wide awake with 4 hours sleep! go figure!?
Shavarn: Ohhhhh i just got a little excited that i have a fellow lap bander/preggy mummy! I havent seen my doc yet, and unsure on fluid, i am not at goal weight, but have lost 60kgs, and still have a fair 20 if not more to go! I had mine done a month before i met DH so nearly 5 yrs ago, and have had it re done since then as it had tilted! right now i'm ok with food, if i eat small and frequent i'm good!I'm sure an obstetrician will guide my surgeon!

I had my blood test today, and got a good healthy number of hcg, so im pretty happy tonight! Could do without the headache though!

Hi to all the new mummies to be!

Just read about public v private....i'm so torn! I have no idea! Considering we went IVF the idea of spending another massive amount worries me, but mum is lecturing me that i have gone through so much....but is there really anything wrong with public????
Queenb- everthing went well pregnancy was confirmed doin bloods tomorrow, then seeing doc on Monday to get results plus she sent my urin away because she seems to thunk I have a slight infection, which dosent supprise me as I get uti's so frequent.
As for my sleeping patten I'm so over it!! I'm in bed right now trying to force myself to bed and considerig I'm here it's oviously not working tongue....
Have been better today not as sick so I piged out!!! Boobs still very tender still crampy but all and all feel good smile

well good night lovely ladies I'm going to try sleep wish everyone the best til next time sticky babies for all mwah!

Just wondering if there is any other NZ mums one here or just me. I have my first midwife appointment on the 20th April, still seems like a long way away. Saw the Dr last Tuesday, she didn't do a preg test as she said the home ones are as good as the ones they have so it wasn't necessary. She sent me for 1st Antinatal blood screening, I went to pick up a copy yesterday so I could take it to the midwife and reading over it, she didn't even test Hcg level.

If all goes to plan this time, I will have this baby at the same birthing unit as DS was born at, as they were really great. Just wondering how many people have OB's involved in their care? I only had midwife last time and plan doing the same this time.

Nausea has started to kick in in the mornings, but feel ok once I force down some toast. Other then that things are good at the moment.

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