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Due In DECEMBER 2010 Lock Rss

Updating the list

jaclyn4 - 1st Dec, #2
becs22 (Rebecca) - 2nd Dec, #2
eve and joshua (Eve) - 2nd Dec, #2
littlebumble - 4th Dec, #2
jellybelly82 (Bec) - 9th Dec, #1
lotsandlotsofbubbles - 10th Dec, #4
queenb1979 - 10th Dec, #2
shavarn - 10th Dec, #2
westygirl - 10th Dec, #1
marinela - 12th Dec, #1.
perth_mum - ??? Dec, #3

Hope I got all the new ladies


well thought id pop in and see how everone is feeling???

took my bloods this moring im gonna call nd of today and see how i went FX!!

well nap time for me gasp

Congrats Marinela! Great news that all is going well for you .. and you sound pregnant hahaha.....good luck with everything!

Westygirl - I went public for DD and it was fine. I don't see the big deal with public and private. I actually canceled my private because we would have to still pay $2000+ anyways. Public you don't pay a thing plus you still get treated as a pregnant patient. Everyone is entitled to go public or private it depends on the individual and whether you do need extra care during the pregnancy.

Still feeling tired .. no sickness yet and I hope it stays that way....5 weeks tomorrow and its already feeling like forever!
Hi ladies,
how are we all feeling?
i have been so tired this past week not too bad on the morning sickness ( thank god).I finally have my Dr appointment tomorrow, it's been hard getting appointment over easter.I agree about time going slow, just hit 5 weeks today ( bring on 12 weeks plus). I guess i better cook dinner and do everything else.

chat later smile

hi girls, how is everyone going? i went to docs yesterday and got my appointment for scan,doc wants me to wait 2 weeks though,to make the heart beat is there.been feeling a little sick in the mornings until i have toast. about private v public,i had ds public and was no trouble,my friend went with a private doctor and when she went into labour, her private doc wasnt available so she had a public one anyway.anyways hope all is well with you all.

Hi everyone, It was so weired i found out i was pregnant when my perioud was due hahaha. im 4 weeks and few days pregnant. Im due on the 12th december and i already have one boy. Im on clexane and asprin everyday up untill about 34 weeks.

my first apointment with my specialist on the 5th may so im excited smile

ANYWAYS IM OFF TO BED as i work 5 days a week in a daycare centre and love it girls i work with are fantastic smile

NIGHT for now:)
night night:)
exoticflower- looks like we r in the same boat I'm also due around the 12 th...

Not much new today still cramping on and off still having nanna naps smile boobs still very sore and getting very vainy tongue.. I like to be very aware of my symtoms because with my first MC I woke up on my 12 week appointment with none and turned out baby was gone ...

Well yet again gonna try force myself to bed night night mummies may your babies stick like glu!!!¡¡¡

Hi everyone!

Hope its ok if I join this thread, I took a PT this morning & got a BFP!!!

SO VERY excited, this will be my 3rd baby, I had a miscarriage last month so wasnt expecting to fall again so easily & quickly. I have a gut feeling that this pregnancy will stick.

I think I will be due on 6 December, although I will have to see doctor next week & try to get a scan to confirm the date.

I already have a 5yr old daughter & 2yr old son.

Can't wait to share this journey with you all!!

Hi Ladies

Congratulations to all. My name is Jenny, and it looks like I'll be joining you for December.

I am 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant. My due date based on my last period is the 20th December.

This is my first baby. I have been trying to concieve for 5 years, I had 3 miscarriages during that time and added over 70 kilos. I took 18 months off, had lapband surgery and I have lost 35kgs so far, I still have another 40kg to go but I am 34 this year and I didn't want to wait any longer so I booked into see the OBGYN and we did an IUI and it appears to have worked.

I did the Insemination on day 11 of my cycle and yesterday was 14 days past the insemination and I had a blood test and the result came back as positive with a level 74HCG, in the lower range but still pregnant. I will have another blood test on Monday to see if the levels are rising.

I wish you all safe pregnancies and I look forward to getting to know you.

hi jenny and lisa!!

congrats!! god luck for mondy jenny i also have to see doc on mnday for resutls very xcited to see what m levels are!!!

Welcome Jen & Lisa!!! Congratulations and we look forward to this journey right up until December!!

I had a scare this morning, or should I say a weird feeling. I woke up and my tummy was flat as a board. From day 1 I've had a very bloated stomach and this morning it was gone. I thought I wasn't pregnant and was feeling all emotional so I went straight to the supermarket and bought a test. As soon as I got home I did it straight away, thankfully it was positive!! I'm 5 days late and despite that, it was really weird to think that I wasn't. Normally I wake up really hungry and this morning I didn't.... I guess my body is changing .. I have an appt at my GP on Monday so I'm looking forward to that.

I hope all is well with everyone. I'm spending Friday night on the couch...! I am absolutely buggered!!

Belly rubs to all!
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