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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

Yep we found out last week that we'll be adding again to our family, we're due 9th Feb 2011.
welcome to the group smile

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

a friend of mine keeps telling me this is a girl and not to worry so much lol smile

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

Oh yes i am exactly the same.. this time around seems different but VERY similar... I feel sicker than with my Daughter. But still craving the same things and being super tired and turned off by "doing it" lol and Meat.... So yeah... i am confused lol... I hope the sickness goes away ASAP!!! But not bubba.. she has to be a sticky bean!!!!!

this is how i felt with DD2 it was different but it was also very similar craving the same things etc, so i knew i was having another girl. and with DS it was COMPLETELY different, different cravings moods etc. this one im not sure i've been sick since AF was due, boobs have been sore since then too. i think with tiredness it gets worse with each preg because you have more kids to look after, i mean come on im on my 4th and i think i could seriously sleep 12 hours a night plus have 2 hour sleeps during the day lol (but obviously it doesnt happen like that)

daveandmattsmum it could mean many things i personally think its all for fun, i wouldnt take it serious. it could also mean that bub could be dec bub? she just say not in Jan/Feb KWIM??? anyways like i said i wouldnt take it to heart.

anyways have to go get the paper because i just found out my grandpop is in it...

Hello! I thought I would join your group. Just found out i was pregnant this morning and have an appointment with my doctor on monday to confirm. YAY. This will be baby no. 2 for us and we are very excited. We have a 20 month old DS. If going by my last period, I will be due around 23rd of feb grin CONGRATS to all the other expecting mummies!!
good morning ladies,

welcome luvmybub and fleaby smile

Mummy2Malakai- yep feeling totally exhausted. Felt good when I got up this morning, but then had a shower and I was ready to go back to sleep. Lucky my DD loves play school so I could have a lie on the couch whilst I plonked her in front of the tv. My 1st pregnancy I was sick all day long (no vomiting though) until about week 18. Not feeling sick at all so far with this one, hoping it's a sign that it's a boy.

Well Mischa wants me now so bbl

I've just found out i'm Pregnant, due 23 Feb 2011. This is our first, and i'm so nervous she/he wont stick. but tryin not to think like that.
these next 7 weeks are going to be so long. Has anyone else had minimal symptoms? I did 3 test which were positive, and but my bb's arent nearly as sore as i thought they would be.. i do have to do more trips to the toilet, and am so gasey!! TMI!
lol yeah same here (re lots of gas) - its so embarrassing at work!!
Also, does anyone know when the paid maternity leave scheme starts?? I think its 1 jan 2011 so i have to last til then lol

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

When i found out i was pregnant exactly 4weeks ago (24th may) the doctors assumed that i would be due in jan 2011 and that i am 9 weeks after adding up the dates. But i then went for a scan and it said i was due in feb 2011 and i am 7weeks, how could this be ?? Help =) ..


FranShakyrah, this could be because you OV late in your cycle.
im going to use my cycle as the example here because i know it so well lol
my LMP was 6th May (going from that my EDD would be 10th Feb 2011)
my cycle is 28 days never late unless preg. my luteal phase is 9 days (time from OV to AF) when the "average" womans is 14 days. so because i OV late it pushes my dates back.
it is all guess work. no womans cycle is the same. not many women even OV on the 14th day. i hope that makes sense.
the only accurate way to determine is that through a scan but even that can be guess work, because they cant measure properly.
im a prime example of that lol. ive just had a scan and they have pushed my dates back again, but i stick to my dates cos my kids come early anyway..

welcome to the newbies... xKCx re preg symptoms i wouldnt stress i know its easier to say then do. im expecting my 4th this is my 5th preg, i had 3 healthy normal prg/births/kids and then a m/c.

i also have lots of gas and headaches

anyways i be back later i have to go... im cooking dinner in the slowy and im actually regretting it cos the smell (was so yummy before) is actually starting to make me sick...

i know wat u mean bek i feel the same something will smell really good one moment next ur tryin not to smell it as u feel like ur goin to be sick its so happens to me when im eatin dinner or lunch i have to scoff it down b4 i start hating the smell lol its so weird i had the same thing with all pregnancys.

welcome to the newbies and congrats..

Mum to 4 kids
Ethan Joel William
Jake Alexander
Emmalee Scarlett
Callum John

Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.


I got a BFP earlier this week, went to my GP today for the usual blood test and urine test I am about 5 weeks now and baby #2 is due around mid to late Feb 2011.

We are sooo excited it took us 11 months to get pregnant so we are just so happy.

I forgot what being pregnant is all far just a little tender boobs and that is about it....
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