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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

mrs fox i have heard that gettin fevers in early pregnancy is dangerous im sorry to say but hopefully it didnt affect the baby..did u use paracetomol or do things to bring it down?? it is also why we cant have hot showers and baths..
i read that fevers more the 39 degrees are harmful. maybe u could visit ur doctor to see what he/she thinks xx

by the way ur guinea pigs are so cute. u will have to post pics of the babies when they are born smile

Mum to 4 kids
Ethan Joel William
Jake Alexander
Emmalee Scarlett
Callum John

Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.

Hi Everyone,
How is everyone??

mrsfox- I am with carmyz any fever over 39 is not good, and you should definately contact your dr. I spiked a fever when pregnant with my youngest and had to be monitored for 2 days in hospital. I was on a drip to keep my fluids up,as it turned out I was severly dehydrated. Just to be on the safe side I would get checked. I'm not trying to scare you but its definately worth contacting your dr over.

AFM- Well I don't have m/s I have all day sickness. I was expecting it to be worse this time around but I didn't expect it to be this bad. I'm sick all day long and everytime I stand my stomach starts to gurgle. So, so far today I've been laid up on the lounge.

Well I had better go, I have kids to pick up from school shortly.
I hope everyone is well.
Belly rubs

OMG the tiredness has set in!! I was literally falling asleep at work (and i havent told them yet so its getting hard to hide especially when i have regular customers coming in and saying im starting to show lmao)
well, its feral hour here at the moment so im going to go and hopefully get to bed early smile
we're all sick here too sad its going around at the moment so im thinking of you all
Big hugs mwah! smile

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

im struggling to make dinner its spag bowl the smell of meat is makin me feel really yuck..i think im goin to just make chicken dinners from now on..i love chicken so it doesnt bother me lol..

dave&mattmum - i feel the same i am so tired i just want to lay down all day and do nothin lol its so hard cause i have to do cleaning and crap lol but i dont wanna!!

this part doesnt last for long so i ll use it up lol..sorry to here ur family is sick xx

Mum to 4 kids
Ethan Joel William
Jake Alexander
Emmalee Scarlett
Callum John

Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.

mrs fox i hope you are feeling better soon.
krissy i have all day neausea and then night sickness least once a night it sucks. i have found sucking on buttermenthols or mentos helps or chewing gum... just doing something but not actually eating. but i also eat quiet regularly.
carmyz i lold at your post. i got DP to cook spag bol last night cos i couldnt stand the smell. but then i couldnt eat it anyways lol im the same i love chicken my diet consists mostly of it.
oh and im really tired too.. doesnt help that i have 3 kids that are sick lol DS is holding onto his, he has also just cut 2 molars so he has been great... last night he woke up every hour!

anyways i gotta go hope you are well

Hi Ladies,

My name is Kylie (25 years old) and have known for a week now that I am pregnant with #2.
Our first born Son, Ambrose was born in August of last year (a 10lb 3 oz bubby delivered by CS after 24hrs in labour) and we took 2 years to conceive him, eventually through 2nd round artificial insemination (IUI).
DH, Andy (31 years old) and I have been married 4 years this September.
This pregnancy was def a bit of a shock as we hadn't been careful since Ambrose was born but this month was our first actual month of ttc.
If I go by the first day of my last period I would be due 24th Feb, but because I have a long cycle it should be the 6th March.
My more accurate date that I am sticking to at the moment is the 28th Feb as we used a urine ovualtion kit which detected I ovulated on day 18 and also my intitial blood tests to confirm the pregnancy were a level of 52 (which they expect at around 4 weeks).
I have a dating scan on Monday 5th July, so will know more accurately then.

Look forward to speaking with you ladies and getting to know you all.
I am still in contact with most of my Huggies girls from Ambrose's pregnancy and we have a page on Facebook, so I hope to form some special friendships this time around with you ladies.

We moved to Melbourne from NZ in March 2008. Is anyone else from Melbourne?

Hi Everyone,
Hoping everyone is doing well just wanted to share my MIRACLE for ms. I had been really sick in mornings and all days nausea. With DS I had ms and dr prescribed maxalon which did absolutely nothing. So at my appt the other day he suggested the blackmores morning sickness formula. OMG it's great still getting a lil bit of nausea but not 24/7 like it was and no more being sick in the mornings. For those of you suffering ms could be worth a try. The tablets consist of ginger and vitamin B6. It's working well for me!

Hello everyone..
Welcome to the newbies grin

Awww thanks ladies for looking out for me smile Your all sweet to care smile
I am feeling like poo still but luckily am no longer spiking the temps. That was only for the one night.
i went to the doctors yesterday with layla as she isnt getting any better either and we both have throat infections. Layla also has an ear infection. but they cant give either of us anything for it... So we are just fighting it with Nurofen and Panadol (for her) and Panadol for me.... Grrr

Cause she isnt well she isnt sleeping through the night and i am exhausted!!!! sad it sucks...... Oh well joys of it all i guess lol.. the worst part about it is i dont even know where it came from!!!!

Well how is everyone????
Hi Everyone,

OMG...I am so tired, sitting at work now but really falling asleep. Lately I just dont have the energy to do anything I just want to lie down all the time, and like you all it is hard when we have other little ones to take care of and clean the house and cook.....

Luckily enough this time round I dont have any m/s I am going to my Dr this Thursday to get my blood test results. So looking forward to that. For me I have not reacted to any smells etc yet maybe because I dont have morning sickness. Or it could kick in next week!

The dating scan - can you go for that at any time or does it have to be at the 12 week ultrasound?

Hope you all are well.

Hi ladies,

How cold was it today. Visiting my parents from Nth Qld, i had forgotten how cold it can get!

All is still well. i even sometimes forget that I am pregnant as I have no ms, no reactions to smells and really get a little tired.

Went for a massage and facial yesterday and it was sooooo good and relaxing and so hopefully it will keep me relaxed for the next few weeks (until I'm 12 weeks anyway).

I have my first visit with my Ob on the 12th july and so looking forward to that.

Off to Sydney tomorrow to go to Taronga Zoo (DS loves animals) and then staying the night in Sydney before catching the plane and heading home - hopefully to the warmth!

Well hopefully you are all well and will chat again soon.
Good Morning Ladies!

How are we all today? I had my first doctor's visit on Monday and he confirmed that I'm pregnant. YAY! That's 3 positive tests. I've been given a due date of the 20th of Feb but have an ultrasound tomorrow to confirm. Has anyone had an ultrasound this early? I guess it's because I had a m/c 3 months ago, so just to be on the safe side. Will there be a heart beat this early? I should be around 6-7 weeks.

Well I think ms is kicking in too. I feel quiet seedy in the mornings, seems early on this time around (didn't get sick til I was around 8-9 weeks pregnant with DS).

DS has been a handful this morning! He keeps pulling his socks off and it's freezing cold here. I think i've put them on him about 5 times already, he thinks his new game is so funny! Not for me.

Hope you all have a nice day!
luv my baby there most certainly will be a heart beat. an internal ultrasound will pick it up from about 5 weeks onwards (most of the time) i had my scan last week (6weeks) and bub was measuring 5 weeks 4 days and there was a heart beat.
im going back to the docs today to get the results for my scan and just a check up also taking DS cos i think his sickness might have turned into a chest infection...
im also going to book in at the hairdressers and get a trim eyebrow wax and lash tint. im sure thatll make me feel better.
while im at the docs i might go to the pharmacy and get some blackmores morning sickness pills see what they are like. my MS isnt bad but its enough to make me not wanna do anything and when you have 3 other kids thats not good

welcome to all the newbies congrats on your BFPs

anyways have to go put some washing on before heading to the docs
hope you are all well
talk soon

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