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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

I found out last week that we are expecting baby #2 (due around 26th Feb). I have almost 11mth DS. Anyone still breastfeeding? My doc didn't do blood test to confirm said that my tests were good enough. This happen to anyone? It has made me very nervous.

Hi, this kind of happened to me with my 2nd preg, Dr didn't do a urine test, he just ordered bloods but due to being in a remote region they couldn't be done for 3 days and I miscarried the day before, when I seen the Dr, he told me since they hadn't confirmed it, I was never pregnant, I was just late (by 2 weeks mind you). I am now pregnant with bub no. 3 (my fourth pregnancy) and made them do a urine test, the Dr I seen this time ordered a dating scan before he bothered with any blood tests smile and I don't think he asked for blood test to confirm pregnancy just the other standard tests.


Hi, everyone, hope no one minds me joining in, just had my dating scan yesterday and am due on 9th Feb if I manage to last that long this time smile
Due in Feb
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Hi Ladies,

Bek - Fingers crossed all goes well for you.

RobinS - welcome to the group.

All is good here. Long weekend as it is show holiday on Monday - yippee.

We will probably find out the sex of this bub. Last time DH wanted to know and found out it was a boy but I wanted it as a surprise and he was able to keep the secret. This time since it will be our last i think I want to know because i want a girl and if it is a boy then it gives me some time to get used to it. Don't get me wrong, i would still be really excited if it was another boy. It was a struggle to find a boys name we really liked the first time so finding another boys name will be a challenge LOL.

Counting down the days(9) till my first Ob appointment. Can't wait. Someone mentioned about not getting bloods done. My doc didn't send me for some either. Not too worried though as I am starting to feel pregnant - bigger boobs, revisiting my teenage years - pimples etc.

Also having the thoughts of twins (they are in the family and don't miss a generation.) I have a little excess weight around the belly from last prgnancy but my stomach is always sticking out. I know bub is still down low but if it is twins could it be that extra room is needed and therefore my stomach is higher and out more??? When my mum was pregnant with my brother and sister (twins)she said she looked 6 months preg when she was only three.

Anyway probably talked too much already. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
afternoon all
hope all are well and enjoying there weekend.

i don't fell pregnant or look it,anyone else fell like that?
i just have headache and don't like coffee any more.

i go back to the doctor in 3 weeks and find out when baby due,i cant wait.theres a 2 week window the baby could be due.

its so cold....
Hi everyone,

Well I dont know about everyone else but i am starving most of the time I cant get enough of food at the moment. So far so good there is nothing I am put off.

Is eating peanut butter okay I used to have peanut butter and jam sandwiches when I was pregnant with my first.

Also, how can I get these readings that some of you are getting? Is there a website?

Hope everyone is well.

Hi Gals,

Ihope you dont mind me joining in with your conversation.
My name's Ali and I live in perth Western Aus. My hubby and I found out 4 weeks ago that we were pregnant!! This is our first so we are very excited. My due date is the 3rd of Feb. It was quite a surprise as We got Married in April then fell pregnant whilst on our honey moon!! its all a bit overwhelming, but looking forward to the pregnancy ride!! smile
welcome ali and all th other newbies!! smile

well, its all starting to become a bit more real - im trying to remain hopeful and wait for the 11 week u/s after not being able to find heartbeat but my bloodtests showed levels still going up - so thats a good sign smile

still havent told alot of people yet - just a few close friends - cant wait til i can let the cat out of the bag as im starting to show and cant of too many more ways to hide it lol

Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to 2 weeks of school holidays!! smile

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

Good morning ladies,

Well the morning sickness has sunk in, I thought I was going to be lucky and miss it this time, but I feel sick ALL day long. Not vomiting though but feel like it. Just trying to eat to keep the feeling not too bad. It's made the pregnancy more real though.

We have our 1st ob appt next monday, can't wait as we'll get a sneak peak at bubs.

As for finding out the sex, we can't wait. DH really would like a boy but I'm not fussed.


Hi Girls

Hope you don't mind me joining i've been following everyone's posts for a while now... I'm Alicia (27) & DH (28) and we are finally expecting our first bub after enduring the rollercoaster ride of IVF. I'm actually finding the being pregnant part more stressful than the actual IVF process!!

I'm really looking forward to our 12 week scan on the 23rd July : ) I was originally due on the 28th Jan but after my dating scan at 6 weeks they pushed me back nearly a week to the 3rd Feb.

I have one quick question to ask... is anyone getting stretching lower abdominal pain? I don't really notice it if i'm sitting or laying down but it seems to be worse when I'm walking... Everything is so stressful at this stage!!!

Thanks for any advice


Hi Alicia,

Congrats on your pregnancy and to answer your question that stretching pain your getting is very common. I'm a few weeks behind you and this is my 2nd bub so I haven't got it yet but I remember with my DD the stretching pain when I was walking very well. It's nothing to worry about.


Hi everyone,

I am the same, I feel sick all the time but nothing actually comes out!!! Besides having the feeling that I need to throw up, since this weekend I have diarrhoea, does anyone else have this? Because of that my hunger is just worse I am starving all the time.

Also my tummy is so sore all the time cause of all the gas I have, this is so embarrassing right now but I need to know if anyone is in the same boat. Should I be worried?

My energy levels are completely gone, I wish I could stay in bed all day, but I cant!

Hope you all are well.

U/s went great baby is fine measuring 8wks and 4days due on the 10th of feb..HB 167bps

couldnt be happier right now i cryed when i got told the baby had a hb as i was so relieved that he/she is ok.. will put pics up later hopefully pickin them up later this arvo.

Mum to 4 kids
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Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.

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