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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

oh great news carmyz... =)

I have had alot of funny feelings lower in my belly.. almost like a rolling feeling.. I remember getting it when i was about 12 weeks with 2nd pregnancy.. anyone else got this..

gas.. holy dooly.. I had major gas ever since the second of conception I think,.. bloated too.. I am starting to look pregnant.. well showing.. prob looks like I have gained weight really as I have already got some padding there..

Cant wait till I can feel bubs move.. so exciting..
Had a few nausous days. but this is my third pregnancy and I have never ever had morning sickness.

and I am too eating like a champion.. looks like another boy.. hahah jokes..

hope all are happy and well..

Mother to 2 beautiful kids.

Hi Ladies,

Have spent a few hours this afternoon reading thru all your posts and I feel very priveledged to be joining you all in having a Feb 2011 Bub laugh

Im 6 weeks and 1 day 2day, due 27th Feb smile Im 22 years old and this is my 1st baby, my partner and I have been together for 5 years and had been trying for 7 months. We are both so excited, only told our parents and a few close friends so far, everyone is crazy excited for us too smile

I see that lots of you have had bubs before, Im not sure if its just because its my 1st or not, but I am PETTRIFIED something is going to happen. I panic everytime I visit the toilet, Drs did Beta HcG tests and my levels were really good, going for a date scan in a week or two but im still terrified. Is this normal? Maybe I just want it so bad!

Look forward to getting to know you all cool
how exciting for you carmyz, I can't wait to see my lil one too, I didn't really get emotional with my 1st, I reckon I was still in shock that I was pregnant, but this one is totally different so we'll see how I hold up ey smile

I'm with you to di, can't wait to feel the movements, I didn't really feel rolling but more like bubbles every now and then with early pregancy, still haven't even felt that yet.

Welcome Jayde, I was never worried that something was going to happen in my 1st pregnancy, but this one is a bit different. We weren't TTC with DD but this one was planned so we knew from very early that I was pregnant. I think this has made it harder as I'm just dying to get to the 12 week mark. I'm sure everything is fine with you but it is nerve wrecking ey.


its all getting very exciting as we're approaching our 12 week mark soon!! Its coming up quicker than i expected as i knew from very early

The boys n i have been sick again - i begged for antibiotics this time as its been the 4th time in about 6 week ive had the head cold with headaches etc - all category A so safe for bubs smile

Cant wait for tmw - 2 days off to spend with the boys - havent planned anything yet lol

Talk to you all soon - im off to bed as its been a long day.

Good Night smile

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

Oh yes, i forgot - the gas!!! OMG!!! How embarrassing!!! Glad im not the only one lol

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

Hi ladies,

I am in the same boat - gassy and petrified. Even though this is the second pregnancy i am more scared that somethnig is going to happen.

i think also i have been much more stressed out. I just snap at the smallest things. Poor DH has been ducking and diving and is lucky he's away this week. DS just doesn't seem to be doing anything right - he is frustrating me so much at the moment. Does anyone else feel this bad, I am hoping it is just hormones and not something else and it will all calm down in the next couple of weeks.

It is bad when you get stressed out and then you start stressing about stressing and hoping it is not causing the baby any halm.

For some reason i am not really hungry most of the time and only feel sick when i haven't eaten for a while.

Well off to watch Rescue Special Ops. have a good night
Oh it hasn't helped that I have a head cold at the moment. Just what you need - a stuffed up head!
hey everyone,

wow so much happening

welcome to all the newbies

Jayde when i read your post it felt like i was reading my life lol im 22 have been with my partner 5 years im terrified of something happening to this preg. only difference is i already have 3 kids lol only reason im terrified is because my last i MC.

4 weeks to go for me, im so confused about it all. today it would be 4 weeks away from my EDD and now im 4 weeks away from 12 weeks mark. going for another scan at 11 weeks. im absolutley paranoid with everything that i feel every little niggle. every time i go the toilet i check theres no blood etc. but on the whole im trying not to stress.

JayceMummy trust me it prefectly normal what you feeling with your son it is only your hormones. i know this because this is my 5th preg and i have been the sae with each of them. if im getting particularly cranky at them we go for a walk or if i happen to snap before that i apologise. they dont understand i just tell them mummy is tired and it makes her a bit cranky and that i dont mean to be. its hard cause its major mummy guilt territory lol

Carmyz glad your scan went well. i cant wait for my next one. im sure the next 4 weeks will go by quick enough

well things are all good here, we have spent the weekend shopping and cleaning as we have guests this weekend. so gonna be full on i think. going to a party on saturday night. thats going to be fun.. im tired just thinking about it lol

my BIL broke his finger last week so that was oour major even lol, wed just driven by were he works saying can you see his car etc. get home and phones ringing its MIL up at hosp telling us lol so we had to explain to the kids that he broke his finger (well they could see it because its all wrapped up) and showed them the xrays so they could see... i think they are going to grow up to be docs and nurses lol they just love it weirdos

anyways i'll pop back on tomorrow im really tired so going to go to bed
hope you are all well

Hey everyone. I am pregnant with my second child, already have a DD. Well I am 6 weeks today and I go for my scan on Wednesday. I begged for an early scan because of 2 previous miscarriages. Everything seems to be going well. My levels are all high, so thats good. I am with you all on the paranoid side if things, everytime i go to the toilet I am so scared I will find blood. I just wanna relax and enjoy this pregnancy, but it's so hard to not be anxious.
Iam pregnant too with number two!! Not telling our friends and family until we are passed that 12 week stage but its pretty hard since i seem to be getting a lil bigger round my tummy!! I am the same stressed more this time around that some thing might go wrong, very cranky, tired and hungry!!!
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Hi ladies,

Well i have been feeling much the same as all of you and its good to know im not the only one.. as this is my first bub i tend to freak out over the smallest twinges also lol..

My M/S is starting to get worse had nausea from around the 6th week and at about 7 1/2 weeks the sick feeling went away now its just straight up sick like 'get outta my way' which i find easier to handle than the constant yuck feeling

cant wait to feel bubs moving and to see the belly growing smile

hope your all feeling well


It is such a relief to know that there are others that are experiencing the same things. I came home early from work, as I am feeling terrible, getting a bit dizzy at times and just feeling yuck all day.

To top things off I have a tummy bug as well. I stocked up on some Lucozade so hopefully that will help soon, but all I want to do is just sleep, I have no energy.

Like a few of you, this is my second and yet I am more nervous this time round, I too everytime I go to the toilet I am scared I might see blood!!! I am looking foward to passing the 12 week mark. Then hopefully as well all this yucking feelings finish too.

I find around midnight every night I am starving my stomach actually makes such loud noises however it is too cold to get out of the bed so I ignore it, but then just wake up feeling sick because I am so hungry, if that makes sense.

Okay time to get dinner ready.

Take care

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