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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

well my DP just scored a job woohoo...
but it means he is away 4 days a week, maybe 5 depending on overtime.
but the money is good so thats a plus, because we need a new car, not to mention a few other things.
i have been thinking a bit, DD1 starts prep next year, so i will be walking her to school with 2 kids and heavily preg/ or newborn lol its a 5 min walk that should be fun.

also with you girls having cramps it is quite normal to get cramps in early preg, but should they be worse or have bleeding should get checked out! the normal cramps are just stretching of the uterus and they are more pronounced in subsequent pregs (trust me i know lmao)

i think i might ring docs now to make an appt. i think most of my preg im just going to go to my GP and the occasional appt at the hosp. its easier that way docs is a 2 min walk away where as hosp is 15min drive
are you going public or private? im public, i have had 2 kids at the hospital here, so i know what they are like.

what preg vitamins are you all taking?
im getting some tomorrow, i usually get the blackmores ones
anyway off to hang some washing out and take the kids out to run around for a bit

Hey there Bek smile
Oh that is great that your hubby got a job!!! That is great news!
My husband is away all week this week!!!! Not looking forward to night times! Layla starts a tantrum at 7.30pm every night when Allan (hubby) is away! It sucks! It goes for about half an hour then she is ok. But it breaks me heart seeing her look for daddy and he isnt here sad

Umm i am taking the blackmore's pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamins.. I was on the conception ones then once found out i was pregnant swapped smile

Oh thank you for putting my mine at ease a little more about the pains. They have seemed to go away today which is wonderful! lets hope they stay away smile I thought they might be normal but yeah always better to ask and find out i guess... I have had no bleeding or anything which is always a good sign right?

Is it still cold here you all are? I am in Central QLD and in the sun it is nice but inside the house it is bloody cold still!!!

I am going to get my hair trimmed and my fringe cut tomorrow i cant wait smile
I am using Elevit. Took it with my last pregnancy and am doing the same for this one.

can someone help me with my lilypie ticker. I last did it 2.5 years ago and it seems to have changed a little. I get to the code section but no matter which one i click on they don't seem to have the img - img part.
Heya was just browsing and saw you needed help with your ticker.

you use the PseudoHTML, UBBCode and BB Code and Don't use the complete sentence in just use [img]........[img] cut out everything outside of the [img]'s <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span> I hope that made sense lol

Sorry edited because the ticker came up instead of the code lol so had to rephase it.

lol Mrs Fox i so know what you mean about tannies, except here they start as soon as they wake up and realise daddys not here sad
he hasnt worked for a year and a half (i was doing some work) then they have had us both for the last 6 months so it is going to be a shock for them lol
the pains are a worry, with my MC i had spotting for 3 weeks which was a heamatoma, then i was at the movies and i had labour like pains (no kidding it was like being in labour) which is when i MC.
but like i said it is NORMAL to have some pains, but if you are worried at all, they get worse or you start bleeding get checked.
im such a nervous wreck atm, i cant wait for 12 weeks mark sad

where bouts in central QLD are you? im in that region too!!!
not so bad here today. was cold out till bout 12, then we have been playing outside for a bit so im kinda hot now lol. i was laying on the tramp and the girls were jumping i feel real queasy now
DD2 is tired as so is cranky and sooky... whinging non stop. but it is way to late for her to have a nap.
so going to go find something for her to do...

Thanks rileysmummy for your help, but i have tried cutting a few parts away and still no luck. if ypu look at my signature at the bottom of this, it's the whole pseudoHTML. Where abouts should I cut?
thats the HTML code hunny, whats the PseudoHTML, UBBCode and BB Code? it's the last one on the forum signatures line.

it didnt make sense lol

Jaycemummy..u still have the wrong one lol and u can just copy it all u dont need to do the cutting out anymore rileysmummy smile.

u have to select the bbcode one like rileysmummy said..scroll down and u ll see forum codes..ur selectting myspace.

havent been gettin much cramps here a bit of ovary pain but thats it..saturday my boobs felt twice the size they are lol and were so itchy i was at a kids party so i couldnt itch them lol..i got home and took my bra off straight away..

im goin public iv had both my boys there and they were good to me smile
im takin fefol when its finished i might take there multivitamins..its hard enough to eat properly now with kids hounding u and when i get m/s it ll be even more annoyin to eat lol..

Mum to 4 kids
Ethan Joel William
Jake Alexander
Emmalee Scarlett
Callum John

Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.

Awesome thanks for that! that's so much easier than before! lol no more cutting and pasting!

Congrats to all of you grin I'll stop invading your thread now lol tongue

Hello everyone, we just found out we are having a baby and due on the 1st of feb 2011. This is my first and im 30 so have wanted this for a long time.
oh thanks so much to you all - I feel such dill! But I have got there in the end. I don't know how I missed the right code.
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