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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

Well ladies here we are....

Welcome to February 2011 !!!!!!!

Finally it feels like we have been waiting forever for this month to come and the count down is on..

I have been feeling quite crappy this week sad have been getting BH and pain in my lower back but nothing eventuating from it, I have also been extremely clumsy the past few days and have managed to drop almost everything (then can't pick it up due to the massive bump).. I wouldn't say I'm over being pregnant just yet but I really do want my body back lol!!

I have everything ready now and will be putting the car seat in this week smile hopefully bub decides to come early but due date is only 9 days away... YAY

Congrats to all the mummies who have had their precious bundles and good luck to all us mummies still yet to say that first hello..


Congrats BeK, that is super news, he is absolutely gorgeous and looks great for a baby born at 36 weeks, he has such chubby cheeks smile

RobinS - I cant believe they would send you home whats the point in that when you just have to come back anyway, hope you doing okay and have had bub by now.

MummytoMischa - After the pics in FB we then put the blinds up and decided to paint the wardrobe door as it was this awful off white colour so now finally it all looks complete. Just waiting for a tiny person to fill the room now smile

AFM - I am getting really sharp pains down there as i can feel baby pushing, but nothing happening. I am getting alot of discharge come out now but I have been keeping an eye on it and no blood in it or anything so I dont think it is the plug stuff. My back has been killing me as well. I have also been getting a bit of cramping but sometimes I lie there thinking is this BH or the real thing I still get confused!!!! But I know when my tummy area gets really tight oh boy is that painful. I am seeing my midwife this Thursday, I will be 37 weeks, so I am going to chat to her about being induced at the 38 week mark or just after, I know she may not be too keen on it but I need to ask anyway.

Looking forward to hearing more birth announcements soon
Hi everyone,
Hope you are all travelling ok. This heat is a real killer but at least we are on the home stretch now! Although the home stretch is soooo the longest part.

RobinS- You poor things I can't believe they sent you home 5cms dialated! That's insane. Hope you are close to the hospital! Fingers crossed for you that you will be holding your bundle of joy really soon. I'm sure it will be so nice for you to get home. There's nowhere like home or your own mattress!

Bek- Congratulations! Your little man is just gorgeous! He looks amazing for a 36 weeker. He was a good weight, imagine if he had waited another 4 weeks! Hope you are both doing well and fingers crossed he gets better soon.

Well not much happening at my end except for lower back and hips constantly aching and BH that never go anywhere. I am convinced bub is going to be late again....hmm wonder how I make it less comfy in there lol. Oh Well only 13 days till due date and 18 till they will induce me, it's going to be a long few weeks.

Take care everyone and hope we are all holding our precious bubs really soon.


CONGRATS to the mummy's for their new arrivals.

AFM im ready to meet my baby im so uncomfortable now and cant sleep at all.
I went to the toilet at aroung 11 pm last night to discover i had a red tinge when i wiped down there (sorry about the TMI)so i didnt sleep at all and i went this morning it looked more like red mucus looking stuff so im hoping thats a sign.

GAAHH!! All of you ladies getting 'Signs'. Ive had NOTHING!!! its driving me mental i feel like im going to pregnant forever.

Oh Katiep I know it's sooooo frustrating! With my 1st I had no signs at all other than being tired and achy which I think is perfectly normal anyway with a great big belly to carry around! My waters broke out of the blue with no signs leading up to. It could be any day hopefully!

Thanks for the support! just at that stage i think....where i just feel like a not going to have a big sook....its my last day of work today and i should go i have lots to get finished!!
yeah i had no signs with DD either so Katiep I wouldn't worry, and the signs aren't even that good anyway, can be weeks after loosing a plug and BH's are no indication anyway sad

Not too much longer for all of us, yeay

Katie, I didn't get any signs with DS at all & so far all my signs have just got my hopes up just to bring them crashing down again lol.

Yep everyone, really sucked being sent home & sucked even more that other then the odd braxton hicks nothing has happened. My dr did a stretch & sweep today and tried to break my waters while she was at it but only managed to break the first membrane, she tells me that should be enough to kick start everything but has me scheduled for an induction on tuesday, yay finally a definite end date!

Hope you guys all get some good news or even better to meet your bubs soon.


RobinS thats good you will have your baby in a few days.hopefully it will happened before then.

Katiep with my 1st i had no signs,with my 2rd i had pain every day.this one only a few bh not many, much better this way.

my daughter started school (prep) today she was great it was her brother that was unset as he wanted to stay.i'm looking forward to the break with just one child during the day.
i'm so over it all now tried,hot,felling big and just want to meet my baby.
not long now.
hi everyone.
argh getting so close now, im actually getting really scared!
i think ive started nesting. started cooking all the time, cleaning all princess bubbles clothes and sheets etc, cleaning the house. my dad in law reckons he gives me 10 days from when i start nesting.
its so weird cos in some ways i want her out, cos its just really hard now, but in other ways, i want her to stay in there.
going to my clinic appointment today followed by breastfeeding class, so that'll keep me busy today!
congrats to all the mums lucky enough to have met their little bundles
Just got home from ob and he's booked me for an induction on friday or sat. Bub dropped even further yesterday arvo and doc says he's in position as well as my cervix is soft and 2cm's so all ready to go. Can't wait!!!

Good luck to everyone else and hopefully next time I'm here I'll be telling you all about the birth xx

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