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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

Congrats RobinS!!! Your so lucky that it's all over smile

I have been feeling crap for 2 days now, woke up at 1.30 yesterday morning with pains and cramps in my side and tummy.. The pain kept up and was coming and going until 4pm that day then just seemed to disappear? Woke up again at 5 this morning same pain but a little more intense then same deal they disappeared at around 12 noon only to come back at bout 5pm..

I'm so over these pains!! I rang the hospital on the first day and the midwife said it's most likely pre labour.. Unfortunately none of the pains have stayed consistent and have just ranged between an hour apart down to 10mins apart..

I haven't noticed any change in mucus ect so I'm not holding my breath, from what i have read pre labour can last for days and even weeks sad

Hoping that something progresses over the weekend or I'll die lol....

Hope everyone is feeling better than I am smile


I started getting the same thing last night at about 9pm but of course its come to nothing and just getting some BH now. Its so frustrating isnt it!!

Hopefully your bubs will come over the weekend grin

Yesterday has been an off day for me too, I was getting really sharp pains down there as I could feel her pushing and all day yesterday I was getting the tightening of stomach on and off, it was so frustrating, but nothing really progresses from there.

So will have to wait and see.
Well I think things might be starting to happen!!

Last night I went to the toilet and I had a mucousy discharge which is continuing today (sorry TMI). I'm also getting a few very mild contractions today so hoping this baby is getting ready to grace us with her appearance in the next couple of days grin

Please send me some labour vibes and hope everyone else doesnt have much longer to wait
Aww your so lucky!! I haven't had any significant changes still, if anything I'm feeling better with the pains easing and going away sad

I had more pains the night before last and ended up on the phone to
A midwife at 3am but then nothing..

I only have 3 days till my due date and I have a strong feeling that bub won't make an appearance before then!! Every time I go to the loo I am looking for a change or any sign of being closer lol..

Ah well I have waited 40 weeks now what's a few more days!!!

Good luck mrsbullfrog I hope your bubs doesn't keep u waiting too long with all these exciting signs.. It's been fairly quiet on here lately so I hope you wonderful ladies are off meeting your bubs and we get more birth announcements soon...


baby is ready right down,i'm ready just waiting now.
i have started to clean maybe a sign.i had nothing really happen before i had the first 2.i do think it will be 2 weeks for me it wont be early.(no that lucky)
i look on here every day hoping one of you have had your baby.

good luck
hi everyone,
starting to get anxious now. but now im getting friends and family telling me i will go over due sad
i dont think its helped because im now running into my second week after finishing work, and im so bored. ive been cooking everyday which my partner thinks is great, but not sure i can hold out another 2 wks. any ideas to keep busy?
Thanks for all your congratulations guys, we are back home now which is fantastic, so busy with 3 little ones but.

I have my fingers crossed that things start happening for you all soon.

Ri-ti, don't really have any tips for keeping busy, I was completely stir crazy by the time bub came, maybe cook some meals to freeze for after bub is born, it can be a pain trying to cook a meal and look after bub the first couple of weeks? Also I was told DS definitely wouldn't come before 40 weeks and he came at 36 & then with this one I was told she wouldn't make it very far past 36 weeks & she made it to 39, so I wouldn't pay much attention to when people think you'll have bub.


Hi everyone,

Well I am still waiting for things to start happening. I have been getting a few contractions here and there but nothing concrete. Lately my balance has been out of whack, the other night I fell off the bed and today I fell down the stairs, I am fine and the baby too, but I am so clumsy lately.

Sleeping at night is getting much harder, by the time I wake up in the morning, my whole body just aches! I am seeing my midwife this Thursday and she is going to do an internal so I am hoping that that triggers things to start.

I have been doing loads of washing lately, I went and stocked up the freezer for DH so we have food for a while. I am kinda running out of things to do, one thing I dont have energy for though is cooking, I just cant seem to get motivated enough to do that!

Well, here's hoping we all have little ones soon.
Well hello due date lol!!!!!

I never thought I'd make it this far, everyone kept telling me I would go early and silly me believed the

It honestly feels like Christmas I am that excited but I don't think I will be getting any little presents today sad I have a feeling she will come on Friday or Saturday.. I have an appt with the doc on Friday so hopefully they do a stretch and sweep or something of the sort to try encourage things along ( that's if she decides to stay in that long )

I guess it's just more waiting!! Haven't had any more signs, still holding onto every little pinch or niggle of pain and checking for signs when I go to the loo lol...

Let's hope she doesn't keep me waiting too much longer.... Bubs or no bubs, How is everyone else feeling???
Hello Ladies,

I'm so happy to announce the arrival of Zachary James on the 4th Feb. He was born at 38 weeks and 1 day after I chose to be induced. He weighed a healthy 3540g (7pd 12oz) and was 49.5cm's long. He is healthy and just adorable.

The birth was fantastic (yep I had the epidural) and I was only pushing for about 15 minutes. He did need a little help with the vacuum as he was facing the wrong way so my ob was turning him as he was being delivered.

We're home now and settling in well. DH is off work this week so I've got a little help, he's actually taken Mischa out for the morning.

All the best to the pregnant ladies, hope your bubbies all arive safe and sound in the next few weeks.


Congrats mummytomischa!! I am so jealous of you right now lol.

I have a MW appointment this afternoon and I'm desperate for them to help move things along.

I been really down the last couple of days and think its just from lack of sleep and a very grumpy, naughty DD1. Having alot of problems with her sleeping and think it all comes back to when she went away a couple of weeks ago. I think she could be scared that we will leave her. She is at daycare today but I have to much to do to relax.

Fingers crossed we have more bubs arrive very soon grin
Robins- Must be so nice to be back in the comfort of your own home! Hope bub is being good to you.

mummytomischa- Congratulations!!!! Your little man sounds just lovely!What a perfect size. Hope all is going well at home and enjoy having hubby home.

TM16- Due date is such a let down! At least I thought it was with DS. It's awful when you get there and it rolls on by with nothing. Fingers crossed bub decides to make an entrance really soon for you.

Sounds like for those of us still waiting we are well and truly over it! I know I sure am. Due date for me is Sunday so I am really hoping it's soon. I had a show last night and this morning so crossing my fingers it's a sign but trying not to get my hopes up.

Sending you all lots of labour vibes!
Take care everyone smile

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