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Due in Feb 2011 Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

We finally have our little boy!

Bailey Matthew Mumberson was born at Scone, NSW on Wednesday, 2nd March at 12:46am.

Weighed 3.48kg and was 50cm

We had a rough trot in hospital with feeding, but we are back home now and we have decided to put him on formula as it seems to be working for us fairly well. We are one very happy little family now smile

Congratulations to all the other new mummies out there xx

Congrats!! I'm just down the road in Muswellbrook (well halfway between Muswellbrook and Aberdeen).

Hope everyone is settling in well with our new bundles of joy. I am so in love with my DD2 and my DD1 is so fantastic with her which makes me love her even more then I did. Dunno how that is possible lol.
Hi ladies...

WOW been a while since Iv been on here!! congrats to all our Feb yummy mummies!!!
I had my boy on the 9th feb at 8.45am (c-section). I was due on the 15th, Was booked in for a c-section an the 11th an went into labour on the 9th an was taken in for a ceasar! He weighed 8lb 9oz, 54cm long! We named him William and is totally adorable! Alexis is an awesome big sister..just adores him!
Hope everyone is well and nicely settled!!
Take Care!!!

hi mummies

just wondering how everyones bubs are doing.

Clares doing great (15th feb)
she is now rolling both ways and can sit unassisted smile loves playing with toys and gets around after her big bro and sister in her walker.... really wants to go.
we ahve started solids which she loves and also teething rusks. still no teeth yet, which is a good thing cause im not looking forward to teeth and breastfeeding, i had to stop feeding my son cause he was biting all the time sad hopefully teeth are a while off yet...

well hope yous aer all well
just wondering is there a grupp on facebook??? i lost track on here and only got on every now and again but ive been in the march facebook group but couldnt find a feb one....

take care all smile

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